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The Absolute Insanity Of The Romney/Ryan Budget Plans

Summary of a previous post, in order to better appeal to a non Ron Paul audience.


Massive budget deficits circa $1.5tn p.a.
No cuts to spending, only a slight slowdown to planned increases in some areas.
Tax hikes for the poor, tax cuts for the wealthy.
Romney would personally save circa $90m from Ryan's plan (in his first term), paying less than 1% tax.
Both budgets are full of holes.
Ryan states that he will close $700bn p.a. of tax loopholes by 2022, but in 98 pages of rhetoric he cannot name a single one.
Both plans are wildly optimistic about future growth rates, which simply won't happen.
Neither plan would EVER get to a balanced budget, both would rack up MASSIVE debts.
Romney/Ryan policies are EXACTLY the same as GW Bush.
GW Bush has the worst record for job creation since WW2.

GW Bush must take the great majority of the blame for the current poor economy, with his disastrous policies.
The housing bubble and bust were under Bush's watch. Interest rates being set too low to get Bush re-elected was a major factor.

The hypocrisy of Paul Ryan knows no bounds.
In his speech tonight, he blamed Obama for a deficit mostly created by programs he himself voted for – from two wars ($5tn+), new Medicare benefits and TARP.

Income Disparity
The largest income disparity since the late 1920's would be exacerbated under Romney/Ryan. Economic growth is fastest when this disparity is relatively small.

Massive military spending
The Ryan plan spends 41% of ALL government spending on the military next term.
The Romney plan spends 48%.
By 2050 (if we take their statements at face value) 97% of ALL government spending would be on the military. 3% would be left for everything else.

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