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Ben Swann on the Jerry Doyle Show

RNC Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul Delegates


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Wonderful interview! Thanks

Wonderful interview! Thanks "Ben & Jerry" :)



Heartaches By The Numbers

When you listen to the interview with Ben Swann - AND LISTEN CAREFULLY - you will hear a guy telling you what a lot of people, including me, have said since 2008...the GOP is trying to shut down the grassroot movements across the country to ensure the two-party political wrestling matches continue every two to four years. It's a numbers game, and the GOP are some of the best bean counters in the world...and when the numbers don't add up, they cheat or use "new math" to recount the beans (anybody remember 2000 or 2004???).

I hate to admit Joe Biden was right about anything - especially since the man hasn't had an original thought in his entire political career...but the GOP is trying to put everybody in chains - and so is Biden's boss. If you're chained to a two-party system, you've always got the same master - bankers, special interest groups, and foreign countries waiting for another handout.

It's time to walk away before Master Mitt or Master Barry get those shackles on you - it's time for a REAL REVOLUTION, not the cheap plastic one most of you have been following for the past 8+ years.

Be seeing you.

Cheers for Ben Swann!

I love his stuff!

Ben Swann NAILS it with host Jerry Doyle!

I think Ben should also give radio a try. He is great to "listen" to. How did he get this good so soon? He doesn't miss a detail!

Jerry is a great interviewer as he let Ben make his excellent points free of interupption.

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Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

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This was my favorite

This was my favorite interview so far on this sight. Ben Swann touched on a lot of the highlights and did a great job explaining them and why they are wrong. I am going to forward this to a couple people that I'd like to see open their eyes a little.

Gotta love Ben Swan!

Can't wait to see his piece on the RNC tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be epic!

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Ben Swann

is a last glimmer of light in the dark shit hole we call the media.

Ben Swann is a warrior for Liberty!!!

God, I love this guy. I really do. Thank you Ben!!!!!!!!

Man, it was good to hear this. I hope everyone will listen. Ben Swann is the truest journalist in the country these days. Keep reporting the truth, Mr. Swann! Thank God for people like you, which are very rare. God bless you.

John F

Too critical for me!

After all, Rand Paul said everything was just fine! RIGHT?

The Winds of Change!

Awesome interview, should be heard by all.

BTW-Ben Swann spells his last name with two n's. A correction in the title would be appropriate so that this post can be searched more easily.

Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.

Thanks for making the correction...


Cuimhnigh orm, a Dhia, le haghaidh maith.



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