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Why Didnt We Rush Down To the Floor As one Body?

Why didn't we rush down to the floor as one body when they refused to address the POINT OF ORDER BEING SHOUTED!!!!!! WHAT GIVES? LIVES THREATENED?

Ridiculous.. sorry I cant help it I am mad after finding out what happened

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Time for a revolution folks

There are no political solutions to our predicament. There are no solutions short of a full-scale revolution. You cannot look toward the government to fix this. The government is what needs fixing. Tyrants don't come down easily and we have hundreds if not thousands of them in positions of power. It is time to revolt.

Physically impossible.

There are too many people to get anywhere quickly on the floor.

I would have. But I would

I would have. But I would have been alone. Or thrown my copy of R's rules of order at the stage. Then I'd be billyclubbed and dragged out by my feet...

Southern Agrarian

Hate to say it but that

Hate to say it but that would've made a HUGE impact on the world had they been billy clubbed. I was hoping all would go lay down or sit right in the middle of the convention floor and get dragged out. I didn't want anyone to get hurt but at the same time, it says a lot when people who peacefully protest or engage in civil disobedience get bullied. Our forefathers suffered all out war. I think the supporters of Romney would've sympathized more with how they were being treated (maybe). When injustices are committed, usually there is a lot more outrage. I've been reading all over the place in the "blogosphere" and on social sites (even from liberals) how badly they thought the Paul delegates were treated at the convention. Can you imagine the backlash had they been billy clubbed or dragged out? But what's done is done. They tried. I was watching Cspan and the live feed on the internet by a supporter. You couldn't hear the protests hardly at all on Cspan. They definitely had some kind of directional microphone on the stage. When Boehner asked for Ayes and Nays, you could hardly hear the nays on tv. But you could hear them clearly online. They all looked nervous like someone was telling them to keep going and ignore it. I have no doubt they heard it. But it wasn't being heard on MSM. I have no good words for anyone who condoned the actions of the RNC/GOP Tuesday. None. The words "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" came to mind as they railroaded delegates out of their chance to nominate probably the only true statesman who'll come along in their lifetime. The world was watching.

If I'd made it as a delegate I'd have been right there with you!

I was ready to rush it, but the fact it was on my tv made it difficult :/

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

And I Would be Right next to you as well!!

Moving To The Front Would Still Have been Peaceful! And if they wanted to club us then GREAT because it makes them look like the bad guys that they truly are.