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When people ask why I keep wearing my Ron Paul shirt and hat -

considering he's not the nominee, I'll simply tell them that it's about "the message" - an idea whose time has come. NOTHING to be ashamed of and EVERYTHING to be proud of! What we all accomplished was AMAZING when you consider everything that was thrown at us:

The MSM bias (when Dr. Paul wasn't blacked out), the BIG MONEY, the rule breaking and changing, we all know I could go on and on.

If I happen to write his name in, I WON'T be throwing away my vote, for my conscience WILL BE CLEAR. Besides, it's WHO counts the votes that matters, right?


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I'll always wear my Paul shirts.

And I'll never remove the Ron Paul Revolution tag from the front of my car either---it's the spirit of the Revolution that will carry on.

My yard sign stays, even if my husband brings home a Romney sign. I'll just have to put His and Hers on top of the competing signs.

Truck Magnets

Someone told me I would have to take the Ron Paul signs off of my truck soon. This got me to thinking. Perhaps leaving them on for the future would be the best thing I could do. When the tree of liberty is finally stripped and then someone asks me who is Ron Paul. I can tell them, "he was the Lorax of politics." Trying to protect the people and the constituion, but no one listened, and "Unless" people care a whole awful lot, things will not change, no they will not.

Still have my two yard

signs up. They serve as a warning to other politico 's not spin their yarns at my door. Also I want people to remember their choice.
Every neighbor made a choice, wether in lack of action, or picking the machines candidates.


Liberty = Responsibility

I still wear my Ron Paul shirts!

I still have Ron Paul sign in my front yard.


I don't think I'll ever take off my Ron Paul wristband.