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The Revolution Party...

... is my idea for a new party. Make it a huge umbrella where people of all political leanings can join whether they be conservative or liberal.

1. The platform and objective would to remove every single incumbent from office REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT alike. Overthrow the system by throwing every arrogant criminal who call themselves our representatives out and starting fresh every election cycle.

2. Declare the national debt - NULL AND VOID. Abolish the Federal Reserve and free the American people of this odious debt that the criminals in the government and the banking industry have burdened us with.

3. Arrest and convict the criminals who have betrayed this country and it's people. Confiscate any property or assets stolen under color of law.

3. Restore the Constitution and install a new guard.

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The symbol for this party should be the guilliotine.


"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.



The likes of the Koch Bros,

Fox 'news', Zionists etc. would run interference on it, and ultimately hijack it just like they did the Tea Party without serious watchdogging. Even then, their language is LOTS of money. Corporatists have billions/trillions, the grassroots has dickety doo-dah, and soon there will be no middle class. Nobody is going to stop a train like that throwing peanut shells at it.

I apologize for my lack of confidence...But fiscally conservative 'regular folk' already tried this... Then comes Citizens United, and a new RNC rule that enables them to change the rules on the fly. The GOP is fully a top-down operation now, and obviously, they'll tell YOU what their statist 'platform' is, and WHO they demand you vote for.
Lucy still has the football...Try, try again? I don't think so.


Don't you think the third party thing has been tried fruitlessly longer than a 2nd tier strategy? One of the goals of the 2nd tier could be to help give 3rd parties a stronger footing and a chance to debate.

Anyway, the state conventions still send the members of the RNC and as you saw the RNC is the top down control tool. So if we take the states and control the RNC we can dismantle its power and give it back to the grassroots.

Agreed, but...

maybe it's just the part of the world I personally live in, or the majority of the people I know, but the 'grassroots' are hopelessly addicted to the framed narrative/propaganda of Fox 'news', etc. They just don't get that they're simply regurgitating the talking points and adopting the views of statist corporatism through slow osmosis. Nevermind this death-cult war without end on Islam mentality, and continued other racial phobias...They're fooled, and their pride won't allow them to recognize it. It never changes.

I chime in on forums in my community all the time, discuss with friends and family at great length my Libertarian views, and WHY...I'm either scoffed at/dismissed, ridiculed or ignored. Sound familiar? They're bots, and literally everything they say in rebuttal is some authoritarian or authoritarian submissive twaddle they heard O'reilley or Hannity say. It's disgusting! When I bring up REAL issues like The Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA, Citizens United, ...that all goes in one ear and out the other. Over their heads, and Fox never talks about it, so it can't be important.
My liberal friends will always be statist 'Robin Hoods' which is predictable, and think 'their' form of statist government would be just terriffic. As liberals, they cannot be convinced that a government bureaucracy typically wastes 90% of it's revenue on overhead, etc, and the beneficiary gets squat for the taxes paid in. They don't care. They cannot accept that there are many better ways of 'helping' the disadvantaged, or that at a federal level nearly all the money is wasted or spent on something else. Then there's always the 'change the subject' tactic of carrying on about what an awful person Ayn Rand was, or whatever....And this never changes either.

Maybe it's me, but I feel VERY alone in my old farm house here in NE Indiana surrounded by new McMansions to one side, and 3/4 of the county living in house trailers, working for $8 an hour on the other side of the tracks.
My point being, NOTHING will ever change here, unfortunately. I live in hope there's a LOT more open mindedness out there somewhere, and the courage and desire for REAL change, but I'm just not seeing it to the extent that even on a state level anything will change much.

Where do I sign?

Where do I sign?