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The Ron Paul Historical Project

I would like to ask people here if they would wish to coordinate for a giant Ron Paul historical project. In other words, we need to archive, date, and research for all of Ron's public speeches.

This is a monumental task, however, looking forward I feel this is appropriate. I, also, think this is important going forward. This will be a sort of Ron Paul documentary where we show Ron in his own words. The goal of the documentary is to further Ron's ideas on war and Austrian Economics. I would also like to make this documentary as friendly as can be to all audiences.

I think this is long over due because of how extensive it would be.

I am willing (with what little I have) to get the ball rolling on the project if I have dedicated members for the long haul.

You can contact me through my gmail which is posted on my profile.

If we pool our talent, I am sure this documentary will be completed looking super polished.

Also, please comment on ideas and considerations. I am open to all of them. There is no such thing as a stupid question as well.


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