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RNC Sham 2012 Video: "Assault on America's Last Statesman"

RNC Sham 2012


The Convention is where delegates are meant to cast votes for the nominee, yet the Tampa Bay Times Forum was already plastered with embedded Romney banners, and additional signs for people to hold were also smuggled in to make it appear that many are behind him. All Ron Paul material was promptly confiscated.

Ron Paul was going to be nominated on the floor after acquiring a majority of delegates from five states, but the RNC had a quick meeting in the morning and was able to change the rules last minute and raised the qualification to eight states. A busload of delegates was literally kidnapped preventing their key input in to the early morning ruling.

Rather than taking proper vote counts or listening to objections, several votes were clearly not unanimous, but this didn't stop the RNC "leaders" from ignoring the dissent. Ron Paul's name and delegate totals were not allowed to be mentioned officially on the stage, even when he won the specific state.

The Republican Party has lost all hope, and the disrespect Paul supporters received will eventually be replied with "I told you so."

UPDATE: Further Expansion: Democracy Now! Reports on RNC Deception.

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Cheer up Chowder! Yes, they had their way and here

we are at the splendiferous crash. Believe me, it ain't over. It was the crash we've been hoping for.

You, Chowder, VERY MUCH need to see this NOW:


“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Curse the RNC! Great video,

Curse the RNC! Great video, Ron Paul delegates are heroes.

"you're a funny dude, but who gives a fuck about that? I don't care about someone's wit, I care about the courage of their heart and the honesty of their mind."

~ Congressman ron Paul is

~ Congressman ron Paul is right where he should be.
~ Returning home in one 'peace' -- no bullet holes from "friendly fire" or "CIA hatched plane crashes".
~ All of his work, all of his speeches, all of his teaching and the example of his well-lived life -- are a road map for America when it emerges from it's inevitable collapse.
~ Ron Paul would not have saved America from itself.
~ America hardly knows it needs saving yet.
~ History - both ancient and recent - tells us the empire will collapse under it's own weight just like every other empire in the history of mankind has.
~ There is no way to pay the debt. No matter new inventions or natural resources.
~ There will be insufficient productivity to sustain the physical and social infrastructure.
~ It is already coming down and will accelerate as it continues.
~ Desperation is on the increase everywhere.
~ Corruption in every institution goes un-stopped.
~ Never in the history of the world has a nation been in as much debt as America.
~ All empires have collapsed from within with just a tiny fraction of the debt we've allowed our politicians and central bankers to bind around our necks.
~ I suggest each and everyone of you find all you can from the last statesman of our time, Ron Paul.
~ You will most assuredly need and want it -- if you should survive the unavoidable demise of your country.

Song title?

Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing throughout this video?


Time by Hans Zimmer

There are a few videos of this collaborated with Charlie Chaplin's speech in The Great Dictator, I highly recommend it.

The song is from the Inception Soundtrack.

EDIT: Here's the link to the Chaplin speech: http://youtu.be/qLci5DoZqHU

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Awesome speech! Thanks bruh.

Awesome speech! Thanks bruh. Much appreciated.


to amy goodman and everyone else at democracy NOW!(the origin of most of this footage). Hope this proves to everyone not all "liberal" media outlets deliberately turn a blind eye to the liberty movement. Democracy Now! "the exception to the rulers" - how fitting.

SPREAD!! Conference at 6pm at Gate B of RNC!!!

From An Z (ANGELA9477) via textPlus group msg:
"Tell everyone press conference for Ron Paul at 6 pm at Gate B of RNC"


It looks from videos and posts that it makes no sense to be a delegate. Is a tactic focused on winning delegates a wrong one?

The more we have, the harder it is for the RNC to cheat

We just need more delegates and more committee members. With more delegates and committee members we can begin controlling the RNC.

If you thought the cheating and election rigging was bad this time, take a look at 2008!


Got Own Propaganda
Go On Pretending


Rights Not Counted
Republic Notoriously Controlled

Any more you can think of?

Reince Not Charmin Gang Of

Reince Not Charmin

Gang Of Psycopats

The RNC can be reformed...

but NOT the way we've been going about it. When I saw Boehner at the podium lying through his teeth, I wondered where all the rotten fruit was...he should have been drowned on the stage in a pile a seething cabbage and tomatoes!!!
The only way to do this is by pitchforks and torches...this Ghandhi-style crap of being respectful and polite is total BS. To me, this is war. A war for our childrens' future. War isn't polite. Why the hell are we pussy-footing around this thing? Political-correctness has sent this once-great nation down the toilet in the past 45 years...call a spade "a spade" and let's get on with it already!!! The system is corrupt...we won't win if we play within the "rules".

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Pennsylvania proud! lol

In case you are wondering who the ignorant slob is who gave 5 votes to 'Paul Ryan' it is none other than the the current governor and former attorney general of PA, Tom Corbett whose main backer and CURRENT PA national committeeman is convicted felon Bob Asher. Maybe you heard the gov's name before: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Corbett approved grant for Sandusky charity
$3M OK'd despite abuse investigation
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
By Jon Schmitz, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Gov. Tom Corbett this summer approved a $3 million state grant to The Second Mile, the charity founded by suspected child molester Jerry Sandusky, despite knowing about the sex abuse investigation that later resulted in charges against Mr. Sandusky. Sandusky's Second Mile non-profit charity spent 73 percent of its total revenue for the year ending in 2010 for salaries and benefits to employees, including the husband-wife team who earned the top two salaries.
This follows an earlier report that a large chunk of the $3 million grant Corbett awarded to the Second Mile in 2010 was headed straight for the pocket of the charity's long-time chairman and Corbett campaign contributor, Robert Poole...
Mr. Corbett as attorney general supervised an investigation that began in 2008 when a 15-year-old Clinton County boy came forward with complaints that Mr. Sandusky had sexually abused him. The governor spoke about the case in a live radio interview on Tuesday but was not questioned about the grant. He could not be reached to comment about it later.

This is

a great record of how Ron Paul got the most delegate votes and it being appropo to the Ron Paul votes in the beauty contest that were flipped over to Romney's column and Romney's measley votes flipped to Ron Paul.

But hey that's how they cheat: Calling the winner before the votes are even cast. Once again the rich person "wins" by cheating. Can you say tyranny?

Romney campaign cheated to get in BUT we still have to be rid of obama-no if's and's or but's.

I did enjoy Condi's speech. She is a class act.

On another note: The Boston rally for athiest running for office was cancelled due to lack of donations. LOL

Keepin' it real.


Why didn't Rand Paul say to Wolf Blitzer he was outraged at the way the RNC conducted itself? Who's side is he on? So strange.

Maybe he wasn't actually

Maybe he wasn't actually outraged.

It's either that or he's dishonest. I don't think he's dishonest.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I think he has probably come to expect it.


The guy from MN @2.50

Was unbelievably well spoken. That guy put into 6 or 7 sentences precisely what needed to be said.

Ok this video is awesome, whoever put it together, Kudos..

I agree!

Very articulate.

This is why reforming...

... the GOP is a total pipe dream. Just when you think you have made progress, they'll pull the carpet from under you. Join the Libertarian Party and work with people of integrity who value your freedom and individuality. Never ever will I cast a vote for a Republican.

Plano TX


the way the RNC treated ron paul makes him seem like a martyr.. If they tried to give some semblance of fairness, their fraud wouldn't be as noticeable... So I'm kind of glad in a way, it will be easier to demonstrate the corruption of our election system now.

If you want to fight back then don't vote for Romney.

Vote for a third party candidate.

The difference between Romney and Obama is small. This is a low risk strategy to protest against these Republican thugs.

I personally don't think it matters who is elected because I think we are headed to financial, economic and political collapse and any voting you do in your future will be done with lead. But if you feel the need to do something now, don't vote Republican or Democrat.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

In the current environment,

In the current environment, divided government is better for liberty. I can't bring myself to vote for Obama, but assuming the house stays strongly GOP I'll be rooting for the current emperor to win.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


That's the message of the GOP. Plain and simple.

I hope this video (and others like it) are seen by ALL Americans.

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Can't listen to this at

Can't listen to this at work...Is this guy standing up to the fraud and tyranny shown at the RNC? Of is he another one for it?