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RNC Transportation (bus) Memo I received today

From: Maggie Boyd
Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 2:24 PM
To: Undisclosed recipients:
Subject: COA Memo on GOP Express Transportation System Improvements
Importance: High

To: Members of the Republican National Committee

From: Alec Poitevint, Chairman, Committee on Arrangements

Bill Harris, CEO, Committee on Arrangements

Re: GOP Express Transportation System Improvements

We apologize for the significant and unacceptable delays in returning delegates and guests to their hotels post-session last night. There is no excuse for what occurred. We have put into place a set of new operational procedures that will rectify these issues. Below, please find a description of the actions we have taken and an outline of what we need you to do to assure the system operates at maximum efficiency. On the positive side, we were able to remedy the transportation problems surrounding the Noon inbound in time for the evening session.

Actions Taken at the Forum

1. We are distributing hotel locator cards to all hotels and delegations at their respective hotels. It is imperative that you know your route color (red, white, or blue) and exact name of your hotel property prior to arriving at Raymond James Stadium. For example, there are five different Hilton hotels.

2. We have increased the amount of personnel directing individuals to the appropriate location for their respective bus.

3. We are increasing the amount of signage throughout the process of leaving the building and getting to your appropriate bus.

4. We have added the capacity to reinforce directions with a bull horn system.

5. Individuals will be located at all exits of the Forum to help those who leave the building from an exit other than West Plaza to quickly get people where they need to be.

What We Need You to Do at the Forum

1. With the exception of delegates and guests staying at the Hyatt and the Hilton Garden Inn Ybor, all GOP Express buses will depart from the West lot and Eunice Street lot (see map below and attached). Go directly to any bus in either of those two locations.

2. If you are at the Hyatt Regency Tampa or the Hilton Garden Inn Ybor, you should proceed to the corner of Morgan Street and Channelside Drive on the north side of the Forum.

3. If you are on a Charter bus, go to the Starship lot outside the security perimeter (east side of Forum).

Actions Taken at Raymond James Stadium

1. At Raymond James Stadium, a new flow has been put into place to remedy the length of time required for buses to enter and drop-off individuals.

2. We have put a new lighting system into place to assure people can clearly see the signage and where they are going.

3. We have significantly added the number of personnel (50 more) on location to direct individuals as they seek to get to the appropriate bus.

4. We have added a bull horn system for audio directions.

5. In addition, we have increased signage throughout the Stadium.

What We Need You to Do at Raymond James Stadium

1. Be prepared to walk as much as one-third of a mile. This increase in walk travel is central to reducing the length of time to board buses back to your hotel.

2. Follow directions to the proper bus.

3. Please remember having your locator card that indicates the proper route to your hotel (color-coded) is critical to your getting home as quickly as possible.

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