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Video Update: Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/12

Update/pics: 9/17/12

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So Ron Paul didn't lose the Republican nomination, it was stolen. Ron Paul never conceded his delegates or endorsed Romney, and as the media presses his "loss" of the Republican nomination, he will appear in front of millions on September 4th, 2012:


He is getting more attention for his steadfastness to principles than he ever has in his life at this moment...
Show Dr. Paul in person your support for him to keep up the fight - SIGN BOMB Starts at 1pm - Outside the Jay Leno Show Studio, Burbank CA

Shine on Ron Paul and announce your Independent(ce) run...
You will win the presidency if you do!

Flashback: Rally for Ron Paul outside Tonight Show - with Golden State 12/16/2011

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He's on after the break.

He's on after the break.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

What's happening. Is Ron on yet?

In Australia on smartphone and relying on these comments :)

Billy Jack's picture

Coming up next

Coming up next

Cos Cob, CT

no, still Kevin Hart


We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

Man, Kevin Hart is real funny


☁ ☁ ☁ ☁ ☁☁☁☁
_‟[]______▓_▓_▓__[[]]≔ .... .... ....✷ittens
__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉__◉___[[]]≔ .... .... ....✷bummer
░░░░░░░░U.S.S Ron Paul░░░░░░░@◤

This link is working

It is Over

You lost. Evil won. Ron Paul was our only chance. Gary Johnson just gonna get ridiculed just like RP did. The media won't show him and the rigged machines will just go to Obama. The Ultimate Demon. It is over and I wouldn't be surprised if this site was a sham for Romney.

Your name seems to be a bit

Your name seems to be a bit of a misnomer with that kind of attitude. I submit you change it to LibertyOrGetMadAndQuitIfThingsDontGoMyWay. Buck up there kiddo. Win or lose, spreading the message of libertarianism is in my blood and I'm going to do it with a smile on my face until the day I die.

Our only hope is to enlighten

Our only hope is to enlighten people and hope they turn against the government.

He is right. It is a lost

He is right. It is a lost cause. I even said Ron Paul wasn't going to win the RNC nomination months back because it was rigged, and people said the same things to me as you are to this fellow. I was labeled Defeatest, Ron Paul is going to be president in 2012, and all other sorts of BS. We are already pretty much living in a dicatatorship.

damn skippy baby beeotch


isn't your DP call name


was i supposed to think of you in another way?

My final words on Ron and Rand

There is less there than meets the eye.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."

care to explain?


don't provoke IT.

Just seems like a really

Just seems like a really random and shitty thing to say...


because it was a random smarmy post.


i hear you

but you already know what that's all about

Lets Be Perfectly Clear

The only way Rand Paul can or even will run in 2016 is if Mitt Romney loses this election


If Mitt Romney wins this election...

A) No audit of the FED
B) Further Stimulus: "To save the free market I have to abandon the free market principles" - Bush 2.0
C) Attack on Iran is Guaranteed (his lawyers will sort that out)
D) Wall Street Walks (If the Justice Department of the Obama Administration is going to let the bush era cronies walk, Romney in stride will do the same for this eras)
E) And do you really think he is going to protect our rights if he thinks "Corporations are people too, my friend".
F) Remember Maine!!!!
G) Oh and This

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

And Mitt Romney can't win

And Mitt Romney can't win this election without our votes. Gentlemen, I think you know what to do.

no, actually

please explain wtf you're implying.

RU joking?

Need everything spelled out? Gigabyte did IMPLY not to vote for Romney so Rand could run next time, right?

(Or, tee hee ... could it be Gig means vote for Romney so Rand (the guy who gave the crap sell-out speech signifying NOTHING at the RNC) will have to wait until at least 2020? :) )

hey screw you dude

yeah. sometimes having "it" spelled out is a little helpful.

calm your fingers down man.

and why THE F*CK would any of us vote for rand?



no workie for me, than again, it wont let me turnoff all the frickin scripts


trojan warning on that site too

I've only watched Leno's horrible show three times in ten years

...and all three times Ron Paul was his guest.

given that we don't own a tv

we seem to have a commonality.

Just trying to follow the

Just trying to follow the comments online to see how it is going. Hopefully everyone is on the phone calling their friends telling them RP is running third party and jumping for joy and not posting on here. I can hope...

Live stream links

Is it just me, or do these livestream links suck?

"Give me liberty or give me death!"