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Video Update: Ron Paul on Jay Leno 9/4/12

Update/pics: 9/17/12

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So Ron Paul didn't lose the Republican nomination, it was stolen. Ron Paul never conceded his delegates or endorsed Romney, and as the media presses his "loss" of the Republican nomination, he will appear in front of millions on September 4th, 2012:


He is getting more attention for his steadfastness to principles than he ever has in his life at this moment...
Show Dr. Paul in person your support for him to keep up the fight - SIGN BOMB Starts at 1pm - Outside the Jay Leno Show Studio, Burbank CA

Shine on Ron Paul and announce your Independent(ce) run...
You will win the presidency if you do!

Flashback: Rally for Ron Paul outside Tonight Show - with Golden State 12/16/2011

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hah! so funny..

go back to copying/pasting news from other websites?

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Where are you hearing that

Where are you hearing that there is going to be some sort of announcement?

The voices in their heads

The voices in their heads told them.

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k, got it.

k, got it.

Don't they tape the show

Don't they tape the show between 5-7pm PST? So we should get leaks coming out around then, am I correct? So we shouldn't have to wait to 11pm EST to see it live.

no big announcement

a good interview though

Too excited...

Remember Doug Weads "big announcement" a while back?

True, but...

That was Doug Wead.

This is the Doctor himself.

OK, people need to stop with

OK, people need to stop with this stuff.

Neither Ron Paul nor anyone who can be vouched for to know his plans has said that Paul will be announcing ANYTHING on Leno. It is a RUMOR and should be treated as such.

I'm hoping that Paul will make some kind of announcement and that it's a big announcement and that it is that he will run on the LP ticket.

But lest people get their hopes up, not only may the announcement be something minor, there might not be any announcement at all!

OK, I stand corrected. Ron

OK, I stand corrected.

Ron Paul 2012 just shared an image on facebook plugging the Leno appearance that says "Ron Paul's big announcement"

(checks watch) damnit! four hours to go!

I saw that too

It's not the official FB page though...

post a link

I don't see it

Ron Paul running on the VP ticket

really wouldn't excite me. In fact, if he's going to run he should be able to choose his VP.

I agree!

If he's going to run, we want him as President. Also, running as VP is just going to get people mad; but what real good will it do? Only he can pull a win on a third party as President.

One more thing: there are a ton of republicans I know who can't vote for Johnson as President because he's pro-abortion, so pro-life Paul would need to be the President to garner more votes. I guess it depends on our purpose - are we just trying to get the Establishment back (Johnson/Paul) or are we trying to win the Presidency (Paul/Johnson)? If the Libertarian Party is open to Paul as President and his choosing a VP, I'd LOVE to see Judge Andrew Napolitano!!!


anyone in LA

have any updates ... what the crowd is like ... what the vibe is?

photos and videos always a plus ....

some text info at least.

Bump for an excellent question!


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


None of those streams will show the live show.
The only working stream is West Coast.
I am working on finding more and if so, will post it here

Working East Coast NBC Feed

require a yes, or allowed permission on flash player for a peer to peer stream


Best I can find for now, will try again later.

Run 3rd Party Ron !

Thanks for trying, but we can't

get the feed - will anyone please post the whole interview after it is done? Thanks!!

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I'll bet

...we're about to get our new marching orders tonight, on national TV!

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Apologies on behalf of the people who are missing that

you're being facetious with this comment.

How Stupid! Just Sit Around And Wait While Others Plan For You

Plan your own future. Be your own leader. Do not follow others. You have others follow you...Understand?

You don't need Ron and Rand to tell you what to do. Do what you do best, whatever that may be. Start you own party, be your own news media..


It is about a unified strategy

Leadership is not authoritarianism.


due to name calling, but your point is valid

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Get off your high horse

I don't have to wait for anyone to tell me what to do.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

anyone have a source

for thinking that RP is making some kind of announcement tonight?
This very well could be just a chance to shed light on the corruption of that lame party. Plus chit chat. Perhaps RP will once again encourage the public to vote third party. I have not seen any print or heard anything that he plans on making an announcement other than those who are trying to garner views. (of course we all hope he will) but one can't hold their breath. Perhaps he will talk about a new book or the liberty pac meeting coming up - Leno will probably get him to talk about the Democrat convention that just started today ..... who knows?
At least there will finally be something good on tv for a change.

Ron Paul as VP?

Ron Paul as VP? You never know what will happen. Check out the video at http://vimeo.com/48778115. There’s support for Gary Johnson from the Paul camp.

you guys

do know that Johnson's VP is Jim Gray .... right?



There's a reason that they pick their VP. If Ron Paul decides to run he should pick his own VP, if the LP does not offer this, then ok, I guess that's their choice, even though it would be the best thing for Liberty.

Remember he supported the Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin back in 2008, Bob Barr threw a hissy fit and shuned Ron Paul over it. So why does everyone assume he will support the LP over the Constitution Party

Because Chuck Baldwin in 2008

and Virgil Goode in 2012 are very different men. Chuck Baldwin is more consistent with Ron Paul - in fact he spoke at the Paul Fest.

Has Ron Paul said anything about Virgil Goode?