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What Exactly Do We Need the Federal Government For?

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have” – Thomas Jefferson

In the days of the American nanny state in which almost half of the population receives some government benefit, Americans have totally lost grasp of one of the most important principles upon which the nation was founded: individualism. The idea that a citizen should take responsibility for his health care, retirement, or savings in case of unemployment or other emergency is now called “barbaric” and “lacking compassion”. Today, pandering politicians promise to not only preserve unsustainable programs like medicare, medicaid, social security, food stamp programs, and welfare, but to expand them. When confronted with the reality of a $16 trillion debt, another $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and a trillion-plus deficit, most Americans bury their heads in the sand and refuse to support any substantial government cuts. Although many Americans theoretically admit that something has to be cut, they are unwilling to give up any programs that directly benefit them. Even the most aggressive of the mainstream Republican plans, like Paul Ryan’s “maverick plan”, only ventures to balance the budget in 26 years. In reality, this “radical” plan doesn’t actually cut a thing. It would only eliminate the future growth of government expenditure. To make matters worse, Ryan’s plan operates under the faulty assumption of untenable and unrealistic growth.

So what can America realistically cut? Liberpublican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul proposed one trillion in cuts in his first year of office. From an economist’s perspective, that is about the only credible plan to hold even a sliver of hope to save America from its crushing debt load. This video explains why a debt default is not just probable, but a certainty, unless drastic cuts are enacted.

But what exactly does Ron Paul’s plan entail? Paul would disseminate almost all of the current federal responsibilities into the hands of the state governments, as the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution expressly dictates. For the majority of Americans who have forgotten, or never learned, what the Tenth Amendment says,

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