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Grassroots Republicans' Address to the RNC Leadership (Press Conference at RNC)

(Sorry for any typos! I typed this on my phone! I really had nothing to do with organizing this event. Several of my friends from Texas did though.)

Here's the press conference video.

August 28, 2012 Tampa Florida - Republican National Convention

Many Republicans have experienced frequent disregard for rules in the caucus and convention process. These experiences demonstrate that we all must redouble our efforts to uphold the integrity of our party's caucus and convention process.

The following grievances must be addressed promptly:

1. Duly elected delegates were not properly seated.
2. Rules that diminish the importance of grassroots Republicans were adopted through a voting process that prevented participation by the body.
3. A legitimately filed minority report was ignored and was not presented to the body for consideration.
4. A legitimate nomination was obstucted.

In addition, a number of state delegations have specific grievances. (Other states spoke on those.)

The openess and integrity of the caucus and convention process is essential to American Liberty. The United States of America was founded as a Representative Republic. Some in the party leadership have acted in such a way as to deprive the American people of an essential part of the representative governance upon which America was founded.

Grassroots Republicans are essential to the health and unity of our party. We must all move forward to bring our party together. We are enthusiastic about removing Barack Obama from office, but we are concerned that the actions of some in the Party leadership are jeopardizing our opportunity to get this done.

The grassroots movement is attempting to restore the Republican Party to its platform. As national delegates, it is our duty to represent our states and restore this essential reprentative process on behalf of grassroots Republicans across the country.

One of the principles of the Republican Party is fair and transparent voting processes. During this convention, that principle was violated on a voice vote that was too close to call. We must return to our principles in order to unite the Republican Party and win in November. We invite the RNC leadership to initiate a mediated discussion in the RNC rules committee to resolve disagreements about the rules changes.

Our Party must uphold the integrity of the caucus and convention process, including free, fair, and transparent voting processes, and impartial chairing of meetings. As Republicans we all have a duty to restore the grassroots' trust in the Republican Party, and strengthen our faith in each other and in the American spirit, so that together we will win in November.

Contact Info:

Troy Christiansen

Christopher T. Haley

Luis LaRotta

Justin Carro

Scott Shock

Bobby Eikenberry

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This is from the press conference held by ron paul delegates from several states...

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!