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Roger Stone to GOP: Payback's a Bitch

"Johnson is polling at 9 percent in Arizona [according to PPP], and it's all gonna come out of Romney's hide, and he's at 6 percent in Wisconsin (according to the Reason poll), which is all out of Obama's hide. I am helping Gary figure out where to put his emphasis." He points toward the convention floor. "Snubbing Ron Paul's people today, and not counting their votes, was just magical, wonderful for us," he says beaming, arms spread wide as if to say come to papa. "A bunch of people are gonna leave here very angry. To not announce Ron Paul's total from the chair is an insult. He won those delegates, he's entitled to — shall we say — be defeated gracefully. They are angry, and we are going to pick up those people."

Which is not to say that there isn't friction between the libertarians Johnson and Paul.

"I hired thirty hookers and sent them into Ron Paul's speech at the Sun Dome wearing these really skintight low-cut Gary Johnson T-shirts — they weren't hookers they were dancers, exotic dancers, pardon me. I sent them because they wouldn't let us in."

Why wouldn't Ron Paul let you into his speech?

"Because Ron would like to hand the franchise off to Rand. The Pauls are about money. They raised $47 million, and at least 5 of it was spent on the campaign. And a lot of the rest of it went into the pockets of Rand Paul family members and other hangers-on. It's a great franchise, so we're gonna try to hand the franchise to the idiot son. It's not going to work, because when this is over, I think Johnson will have greater cache.

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