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Brian Doherty: Ron Paul's Followers and the GOP: Where To From Here, and How?

By Brian Doherty | August 29, 2012

The Republican Party doesn’t want Ron Paul activists. But do they still need the GOP?

It has been a tempestuous month for supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) in the Republican Party. In the lead-up to the Republican National Convention now unfolding in Tampa, deal after deal was made involving challenges to (or from) delegations sent from states dominated by Pau supporters. The Paul people lost most of those fights.

Many Paul delegates were raring for a floor fight as the convention was set to begin. They wanted some victories in their efforts to get represented at the convention. That's why they wanted the original Paul-dominated Maine delegation to be seated, not the last-minute substitute chosen by the Republican National Committee.

The Paul forces lost that one as well. According to Maine delegate Mike Wallace, a hoped-for floor vote to reinstate the delegation wasn’t even allowed to be held, leading the original delegation to leave the floor in protest.

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