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Doug Wead: Romney Threatened Ron Paul With PR A-Bomb

This is an important interview by We Are Change with Doug Wead, that fills in a lot of gaps. Romney threat is discussed at 15:20 mark.



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I'm going by what Ron Paul has said.

There was a newsletter he apparently started. His name was in the title, but he wasn't the only writer. This wasn't what he did for a living; he was a doctor. This thing ran for years. There was a staff, and articles were written by various writers. And, over the time that it ran (many years), there were apparently one or two articles in which some racist things were said. When the media somehow came across this (it had occurred over twenty years ago - if only they'd done a tenth as thorough a job looking into President Obama's background), they accused him of being a racist. He was continually asked about this in interviews (not only in '08, but '12, ad nauseum). Repeatedly, Ron Paul said he had NOT written them. (His name wasn't on those articles; no one's was.) He said he was not AWARE of it at the time. And he said he DISAVOWED what had been said. The argument then switched to that he was responsible anyway, since his name was on the newsletter. And, so what? What could he do about it now? Other than what he already had? Explain that he hadn't been the writer, he hadn't known about it at the time, and that he didn't hold such views - then or ever.

There was never evidence to the contrary, and so in a court of law, for example, (where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty), if something was to be decided based on someone's word, what would come into play would be a man's credibility and character - based on his record. While the same can't be said for either Obama or Romney, Ron Paul isn't someone who has continually said one thing one time and something else at another, or who's said one thing and done another. Ron Paul has been consistent. As Newt Gingrich recently pointed out, his convictions run deep. In Congress, he is respected for his integrity. It's why he's a candidate whom people feel they can trust.

Furthermore, specifically concerning race, his actions have proven him to not be any racist, such as within his ob/gyn practice, or in his stated policy views (such as concern for the disproportionate number of blacks in prison for drug-related, non-violent crimes). He's a "disciple" (my word, not his) of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as am I. He's quotes King elsewhere, but what I'm thinking of here is that Ron Paul doesn't judge people "by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." And he is not WITHOUT support from the black community - those who have taken the time to actually look into his record and his current platform. There are those who've posted you-tube videos standing up for him, and I've heard AT LEAST one individual say (and I agree), EVEN IF he actually did make some racist remark at some time in the past, they'd STILL vote for him, because (aside from the fact he obviously doesn't hold such views now), they agree with what he says about the economy and need for sound monetary policy; because they want these wars and other interventionist military involvements to end; because they share his beliefs about individual liberties and the Constitution; and because it is HIS policies that would most HELP the black community, including but not limited to views about drug laws and disproportionate number of blacks in prison.

I've never heard anything from Ron Paul to indicate he considers himself some saint, nor that he wished to be viewed that way, although some might have that opinion of him (as apparently you but for this continually dredged-up accusation concerning an event that occurred decades ago). He's expressed amazement at his appeal that has drawn such enormous crowds unlike other candidates and generated such energy and enthusiasm unlike for other candidates; he doesn't take credit for it, personally, but attributes it to that the ideals he represents are "an idea whose time has come."

I have no "specific and demonstrable proof" as to who DID write the racist remarks at issue, again, two or by now maybe three decades ago. The onus isn't up to Dr. Paul nor his supporters (of which you are obviously not one) to supply such proof. And what proof would even exist, short of the actual writer (if he's still alive) owning up to it. The onus would be on someone to prove that Ron Paul was the writer. And I'd ask you, do YOU have that "specific and demonstrable proof?" Except I couldn't care less, as already explained above.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

There is proof of

newsletters that contain his name at the top, his name in the signature line and first person references to his home in Lake Jackson that have some highly questionable references in them.

If Paul's campaign is going to make this movement about Paul and not the liberty movement as they've indicated through their truce with Romney, then I think we are entitled to know more about Paul, like does he really hold those views? If he didn't write those letters then who did? He made contradictory statements about who wrote the letters in the late 90s, even taking credit for them in some instances and saying there's nothing in them offensive.

They are trying to lionize Paul, and I think he's a great man, but if this campaign is going to be about him, I'd like to know who wrote those letters.

As I said, I don't care about newsletters from decades ago.

I don't need to know any more about Ron Paul than I already do. If you do need to know more than what it is currently out there - what Ron Paul has said, what his colleagues in Congress have said (not to mention his Congressional record), and what his biased detractors have said looking into things since '08 (the mainstream media and other presidential candidates), feel free to do further research for yourself. You keep saying the campaign has made this movement about Ron Paul and not the liberty movement. I have no clue what you're talking about. I don't see a difference. (That a man should be so closely identified with an ideology is not the case with our inconstant president or Romney, for whom their ideology is unclear.) Ron Paul reflects what the liberty movement is about: sound monetary policy, fiscal responsibility, ending the wars, and a renewed appreciation for the Constitution and individual liberties. Our DP friend pmchanjr, well not likely your friend but mine, expressed it well: http://i.imgur.com/nSeHz.jpg

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

I'm glad you don't care....

because Jesse and Ron sure do. That's why they didn't go after Romney.

That's not why

The two major party elite are in bed together and wanted Obama for a second term, Romney ran to lose because the GOP ran to lose.

I voted Romney not because I wanted Romney to win, or Obama.. Romney was the protest to Obama though most here, who I agree with, say it's the same.. it is with different corporations coke-pepsi..

Romney did n't have signs or stickers.. everything was way overpriced and then they wouldn't send it, so a Romney campaign is rare stuff..

And finally, I believe that Ron's runs were to fill the seats for Rand.. because that's what happened. My committee went from two people, to last week we had 14 show up.. 4 if the newbees are Ron paul Republicans and we have the majority of the vote, but I can see that the GOP is working to take our lkead away, and now one of the leaders in the state want to campaign against medical marijuana.. of course we want to end his career.. but his supporters are now showing up to meetings.

Doug Wead praising Jesse Benton? WTF?

Jesse Benton is a snake in the grass rat. If Doug Wead is praising him so much it makes me suspect Doug Wead is not the man we think he is.

Jesse Benton helped to take down the Ron Paul campain from the inside. He cares more about money than saving our country.

It has become clear that Benton and others have been “handling” Ron Paul for a considerable portion of his campaign and attempting to divorce him from the elements of the movement which are seen as “extreme” or anti-establishment, even though these are the same elements that catapulted Ron Paul into the minds of average Americans.

Jesse Benton and others have been going out of their way to stiff and in some cases sabotage the event despite Ron Paul’s words of appreciation to those involved. Benton has had a long track record of venom against Ron Paul’s base supporters, which he referred to as “big fringe elements” in texts to potential speakers including Peter Schiff.

Benton has on numerous occasions kicked out alternative news journalists from Ron Paul events in a move to sterilize the press box. When the RNC deliberately buried states with large Ron Paul delegate counts in the bleachers at the back of the building where television cameras would not notice them, complaints to the GOP and the campaign abounded, and an audit of the RNC was even called for. Yet, Benton responded snidely, saying:

“I am glad so many of our delegates get to sit close together.”

That alone tells me all I need to know about Benton and anyone who praises him. Time for talk is over. Now, Ron Paul activists are forced to walk away and examine the legitimacy of the policital system and our government and look for bottom up solutions at the local level.

As Brandon Smith said: "They will have to become what I would call ‘Warrior Poets’ in the shadow of this dark age. They will have to think, and feel, but also be willing to fight, and perhaps even die for their principles. They will have to become whole men and women, rather than incomplete people."

Perhaps a kindred spirit?


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

Way to go, Jesse!

So it was Jesse who looked at the real rules, noticed that it was the delegates who did the real voting and not the masses, and brought this to Dr. Paul's attention. Way to go, Jesse!

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Ahhhh....didn't we expect this from the start? This is news?

What? you mean we stopped an International Multi Million Cross Cultural Movement for Freedom...because we were BLINDSIDED by a threat of an attack on Ron Pauls past?

Whoa...who could have seen that possibility before all this effort was put into the last 6 years?

Give me a break!

I love Doug and I love Ron... but I don't buy this for a minute. Once again I am clueless about what really happened that caused the campaign to "self" derail at the very peak of our movement.

We lost because we decided we couldn't withstand an attack of Rons past?


Yeah, even if that's true,

when did Paul become more important than the movement?

i don't know, but it was

i don't know, but it was paul's campaign

When it comes to Paul's reputation...

I am almost positive that Paul has final say. That's a no brainer.

Unfortunately, the Paul campaign decided to start a cult rather than go after Romney.

Ron Paul, who wrote YOUR newsletters? I would like to know now that YOUR campaign is no longer about freedom and policies but about you. Who wrote those newsletters? Did you? Were you upset after the low-life repubs rejected you from the senate and you thought your career was over so you vented in your letters? Did you give tacit approval to Murray/Lew or someone else to include that garbage?

There will be no Ron Paul cult, sorry Daily Paulers. Paul was a great man, but when the time came to cross the goal line, he fretted about his image. Great man though, brought the message of freedom to millions. He will be remembered. I am eternally in his debt.

Romney would lie and smear

and the entire media would endlessly parrot it, he wouldn't even have to spend any of his millions. I suspect there were other threats as well, maybe even doctored "proof" of some filthy allegation. Only the worst sorts of scumbags will stoop to such depravity to grasp at power.
God Bless Ron Paul. God have mercy on Rombamas evil rotten soul.

Best interview of 2012 from Ron Paul campaign!!!!

Thank you Doug Wead !

Positive support for Ron Paul ideas! Support from the Restoration and Liberty Movement on http://cristianpaduraru.com

I knew it .... I *knew* it!

I knew there were threats involved and were the reason why Ron Paul didn't go after Romney.

Great candid interview with Doug Wead!


Doug, for answering some questions many of us Paul supporters had. I wish there were a way to get money out of the elections...each candidate should get the same question during debates, the same amount of time to answer said question. Also, each candidate should get an equal number of televised campaign ads in every state/province... At the same time, the dissolution of parties would be nice, too!

I laughed out loud when Doug said this: "...We have people in brown shirts driving around Tampa on little golf carts to protect us, and the wonderful thing is...they're not wearing armbands! Isn't that great? No armbands! So, we're grateful for that!..."

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Good transcription of Doug

It's tough to stare tyranny in the face, and stand tall for Liberty on the streets of Tampa during the party of smaller government's convention to win hearts and minds, eh?

You can't mandate fairness, but winning enough liberty-loving people of all nations, tribes, kinsman, and races; we became united as one voice and presence; America's moral conscience for good. The elite can ONLY prevail by threat of force and arms. There is grace to help in such times as these, IF we are humble enough to receive it.

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. - Frederick Douglass

That's peculiar - We Are Change from Kansas is smearing Ron Paul

"We Are Change from Kansas" is on Carol Paul's page bashing Ron Paul and the campaign, saying he intended to fail all along.

These are the people instigating it -- these may be fake accounts claiming to be "We are Change":



Claiming to be a Ron Paul supporter and an anarchist.

This interview here is apparently from the "real" We are Change (with Luke).

Delete Post

Delete Post

Who would win a smear?

Ron Paul could smear Romney far, far more easily than Romney could smear him.

Yeah, but

It's not Ron Paul's style.

His style is to tell the truth

and that is all that he would have to do. Romney would have to lie.

Inflation and Deflation at the same time.

The state the Western world finds itself in is one of extreme overleveraging. There simply is too much debt. Debt simply cannot go up (except of course in the case of government which can always print and borrow more) therefore deleveraging puts deflationary pressure on markets in proportion to their levels of debt. Housing, commercial real-estate and the impending education bubble are prime examples. Everything else food, fuel metals etc are in an inflationary state.


I hope...

Ron Paul writes a book and addresses what really happened.

What's new here?

They have been doing this anyway. We have been already fighting the Mainstream media owned by these arrogant fucks.

In regard to this Ad that you all are so afraid of

ooh I'm cowering in my basement too!


Romney's use of this type of attack would have exposed all of the smears against Ron Paul, people have a right to make up their minds even about that stuff. What are we afraid of? All of these smears would have been sorted out eventually and the Liberty movement would march on even stronger. Nothing to be afraid of. Saying that this is too much for us to handle is like admitting that Liberty has no chance in America and we should give up. As the movement continues all of those attacks will be used eventually against any liberty candidate. The campaign should have welcomed this opportunity instead of giving up and running away.

It's not the liberty movement

It's not the liberty movement the attack ads would dishearten. I've known that for a while. I'm worried about those that are still 'asleep' in the 2-party system. Hell, things as easily dismiss-able as the newsletters have already made things a living hell for the Liberty Movement. A few dozen people I know tune out what I say cause they know me as a 'supporter of that crazy Ron Paul'.

Burning bridges, and making it impossible to build them with the 'masses' is the most effective thing they could do. We ourselves(as in the liberty movement) are practically 'untouchable' by attack ads like that. That's why I implore everyone to put themselves in a "sheep's shoes".

I guess it's easier for me seeing as how I was a 'neocon' just a few years ago. I know how easy it is to 'jump on the bandwagon', no matter how untrue it is.

How about a little humor though

I believe those smears could have been turned around and basically laughed off with a witty touch of PR. Of course they would have fooled some people but Ron Paul has been projecting integrity all of his life, a very high percentage of people trust that he means well even if they disagree with him on issues. So he spent his whole life building this reputation but the campaign was not willing to rely on it to defend against Romney who much of the country doesn't like or trust at all. I don't think the smear campaign would have been successful.