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The Lame Duck Coalition of 2012.

The Lame Duck Coalition of 2012.

Voting for the Lame Duck Coalition of 2012, is the only defensive move left ,for those who claim to be Conservative, Libertarian, Constitutionalists or other wise for small, limited Federal Government. The strategy is simple and straight forward. It does however, require an eighth grade understanding of how the US Federal Government works.

The problem is, that there is very little, if any, difference in policy or action between the two corporate parties. While the Republican Party gives lip service to small, limited and restrained Federal Government, their actions seldom reflect their rhetoric. From Medicare Part D, (the largest expansion of the Nanny State since the Medicare Act of 1965), No Child Left Behind (The largest expansion of the Federal Government into State run Public Schools since the Dept. of Education was created in 1979), The Patriot Act, every extension of and then permanent installation of (the unconstitutional revocation of the 4th Amendment), The Nationalization of Banking, Auto and Insurance Industries under T.A.R.P. (Signed by G.W. Bush passed by a G.O.P. led House), The T.S.A. (Nationalizing of private, State and Municipal Airport Security) , the N.D.A.A. (which strikes the right of habeas corpus and the Constitutional right of due process for American citizens) and the list goes on and on.The Democratic Party is a little more honest about their love for Big Government solutions for problems caused by Big Government.
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