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Should we join the Republican Liberty Caucus en masse?

Is this our path to change the Republican party and replace the RNC?




A lot of people seem to think if we leave it sends a message... I think that is a message they would be happy to receive (until they lose horribly, of course).

But for right now... the message that I think would be most effective is watching the Republican Liberty Caucus swell in numbers, liberty candidates getting funding, and an army of pissed off Ron Paul Republicans battling them at every power grab. We could send that message NOW and we could send another message in November when we are still staring at them, ready to rumble, and they have just lost...and all their "friends" are looking for scapegoats.

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I recall

Reading an article in which Bill Kristol was so gleeful about running Buchanan out of the party in 2000 that I think something was dripping down his leg. Maybe we should stay in the GOP. We need not support the clown running what we need to do is win the local offices. Just imagine how happy that neocon would be about running us Ron Paul supporters out of the GOP.

RLC In Nevada

We are currently starting up an RLC chapter in Nevada, and I'd encourage all liberty-minded individuals to get involved with your own state chapter, or start one if one does not exist already. This is a great organization and it will provide us with the vehicle we need in order to keep our cause going forward.

Folks I joined the RLC in MN and see how far we have come

since 2008 when we won about 11 Delegates to now 33 Delegates.... We have done just that, we have taken over major spots in the State Party, but also the local BPOU as well. We are now influencing others about the Liberty movement and running for spots as well. One goal is for everyone to at least run for a city council position to get your feet wet. You know how corrupt your own City can be and how they
like to have influence over you, so why not get involve and least try to be on the council and then
try to run for County commissioner,etc.

Its by being involved that things change and how this time we allowed Ron Paul to speak at our State Convention compared to 2008 he had to speak out in the ally!

Folks please consider making a donation to Kurt Bills to help run some TV Ads this Fall. He would be a
great Senator to have on the floor of the US Senate.

In Liberty!




Fill as many spots as possible in the committees at every level and eventually at the national level. The new rules give much more power to the RNC and their chosen one but it is not clear to me how this will affect the precinct county and state committees. I imagine the course to follow is joining all these committees and working to takeover the State apparatus in every State as has happened in Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota and Alaska as far as I can tell.

The purpose in doing so is to prepare the people for the coming collapse of empire and the dollar. I believe that the rulers have been blinded to the consequences of their actions and so will not be ready for the collapse that will take place suddenly. At this time the people will be in need of direction and this is where the Ron Paul Republicans come in. There are also Ron Paul Democrats who can accomplish the same thing in the Democratic Party.

This is the point at which final victory may be achieved if the preparatory work has been done.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

This is great!

Yes & Yes!

After meeting with the delegates and

their supporters at Paulfest, one of things that both impressed and deeply moved me was to learn the extent to which they were taking over the GOP at their town, county, district and state levels. Remember Ron Paul won 13 states ( only 6 were certified). People are becoming empowered through jury nullification and voting in liberty minded patriots. The GOP is scared of losing control.

I say if you have to leave then leave. It's much easier to overthrow a weak system from the inside than from the outside. Most GOP members are in a blind sleep and just waiting for us to ask some relevant questions. I find that questions about kids and pot and prison, or speed traps designed to extort a weeks salary are great wake up tools which quickly lead to election fraud, ending, the war on drugs, IRS, income tax, bringing soldiers home and Ron Paul compared to Obamney. And all of a sudden the name makes sense Nd begins to have relevance.

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

thank you

We can seize this opportunity

You should start a thread w just this comment

Great post

Front page


Attention Nebraskans :

We are on the verge of doing great things! www.rlcne.org - sign up now and join the fun!

Republican liberty caucus

Happy to see this.
What a message at just the right time this would send.
Their greatest fears would come true.
Become the face of liberty.
Continue waking up the people. This is the best way I can see to do it.


Let's keep this active!


As a member of the RLC of SC, I am so glad to see this discussion happening on the Daily Paul. In our first year, we've had 6 of our endorsed candidates win their primaries. It's looking promising. We have local chapters starting in 3 locations around the state. Join today at www.RLCSC.org

Would have become the tent if there had been a few more years

time to get it done.There isn't and that path has now been closed. The strategy would have worked if the GOP had remained republican and grassroots had a voice. That is no longer the reality. The liberty movement did what it could, we exposed them and the sheep still chose to go with tyranny.



Excellent idea!!

Excellent idea!!

Well they have David Simpson

Well they have David Simpson listed under Texas so I'm sold.

Southern Agrarian

Had no idea such a thing

Had no idea such a thing existed :|

Southern Agrarian


Great way to network with people in your area too and help each other run your local county GOP!

I've been involved with the RLC in the past, will definitely check out my new local chapter now that I've moved and settled a bit. I had great fun at the RLC events I've been to! This makes much more sense to me than C4L also!

I am!


Because leaving is tempting, but I believe this would be better.


The establishment would love it if we all went back to the LP where the rules are Really stacked against any success!!!

40 years and the LP has Never been able to spread the libertarian message as widely as Ron Paul has in 2 runs for president, or had a representative in congress like Ron Paul has been all these years. Ron Paul has shown us the path to success lies within the GOP.

The fight is IN the GOP, and revolutions aren't easy! Going back to the LP would be the easy path, and would also marginalize us and keep us from interacting from those who need to be awakened!

I am!

YES to the RLC

Check and see if you've got state RLC Charters in your state--if you do, join through them to make the biggest impact. In NEBRASKA, go here: http://rlcne.org, and click the link on "Ready to Join" text on the left.

The more active RLC members there are, the more we agitate the party regulars. We've definitely seen that here in Nebraska.

From a Fellow RLC Member : We

From a Fellow RLC Member : We are having success! If we can multiply our state alone by 5-10x, we will be fun to watch. If all states did this, amazing things will happen fast!

Shouldn't we join every

Shouldn't we join every organization en masse? Expose the members of the most evil groups truth and logic and the peace and prosperity that leads to. The numbers of TPTB are so small we just have to show everyone they have no clothes.

How about taking a group of friends to talk about liberty?

The role of government and the Constitution.

We didn't win over the Tampa OWS and the protective services because we were a power to be reckoned with.

Instead of wielding power it was the movement's willingness to speak truth to power.

We can invest resources to create a collective power, or we could just spread the message. We have learned this week what works.

I agree, let us turn up the lights and shine light into the darkness.

Free includes debt-free!

Didn't realize that regular people join the RLC

Thought it was just for Congressmen. Does anyone know what they do with the money they raise?


Is the RLC affiliated with “The Liberty Committee”?

No. The Liberty Committee is a group that only includes members of Congress, organized by RLC Advisory Board member Dr. Ron Paul. The Committee is sometimes referred to (mistakenly) as the Republican Liberty Caucus. The Liberty Committee meets periodically to discuss legislation. Often the media confuses The Liberty Committee with the Republican Liberty Caucus. They are two separate groups with two very distinct purposes. There is no affiliation.

As for money, maybe we can find out from the treasurer: