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If the Ron Paul delegates can find that bus driver... They could Unthrone Romney.

The busdriver who drove the bus that kidnapped the delegates and drove in circles, preventing Blackwell from getting to the convention... Is a critical piece of evidence.

If the delegates can find him and get him on tape to ADMIT that he was PAID OFF by ROMENY... they can file FORMAL KIDNAPPING CHARGES against ROMNEY.

I'm not kidding I'm dead serious. This could change the whole thing.

With Felony charges pending, the RNC would have to RECONVENE to select a new nominee. And Ron Paul HAS the documentation to be put formally into nomination.

A long shot? Perhaps. But its a smoking gun. And one thing every detective always learns is that if you can find it... its game over.

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we need to organize around this idea of finding a smoking gun

and see if we can get an investigation started. perhaps we can get private detectives to help us gather the evidence we need.

perhaps there are some private detectives who post here regularly, who would be willing to loan their skills in the service of liberty and perhaps we can make sure that person has the resources they need to get the job done.

this isn't over yet. they played dirty and we can prove it if we try hard enough.

Truth, Justice and the American way.

This article

I think that this article might be taken a bit more seriously if the author spelled Romney's name correctly in all places and wasn't quite so liberal with using all caps.

How does one person kidnap a bus-full of people

that were not on their way to elementary school?
They had to have encountered at least some red lights. When the bus stops, hit the doors open. Pull the red EMERGENCY bar and crawl out the damn window if you have to!
This just doesn't make a bit of sense ... how do grown men get “kidnapped” by a bus-driver?


My Thoughts

exactly. Especially after I saw the clip of Sununu shaking hands with Morton Blackwell the rules expert!

Oh yeah it was another Blackwell in Ohio who gave Bush the vote from that state in 04 .........correct. Those Blackwells are all over the place.....in all sizes, shapes and colors! lol

No slouch .....Leonardo......


In the eyes of the law, the victim does not have to even know he or she is being transported in a manner not consented to for it to be considered kidnapping. If someone locks the door to a room to keep you from leaving and you don't know it, that person is still guilty of false imprisonment. There should not be an onus on the person being transported illegally.

Not quite.

Your statement contradicts itself.
Let's ignore for the moment the scenario where a kidnapper renders his/her victim unconscious, and therefore unaware of any transport occurring.
The abductee would have to know that they were being “transported in a manner not consented to”, because how else would they know that they do not consent to it?
To use a familiar example, say a person arrives in an unfamiliar city and takes a taxi from point A to point B. B can be reached from A via three, equidistant routes: λ, μ, and ν. The person, wishes to travel only through the upscale neighborhoods which form the scenery of the routes μ and ν. However, they do not inform the cabbie of this preference. The cabbie chooses to travel route λ, a picturesquely unpleasant vision of apocalyptic urban squalor.
Our unfortunate traveler, who upon arrival at their point B destination, is by now wholly cognizant of the route taken, cannot lay claim to the allegation of having been kidnapped, by saying that they did not “consent” to be transported via the lambda route. Why not?
For an answer, let's look at the state of California's kidnapping law:

CA Penal Code 207, 208, 209 and 209.5 PC
The crime of Kidnapping occurs when you:
  1. move another person
  2. a substantial distance
  3. without that person's consent
  4. by using force or fear.
    • “Force or fear” means that you actually inflict physical force upon the alleged victim, or
    • that you threaten to inflict imminent physical harm.


Even if this happened

You would have to prove the elements of the crime or at least establish probable cause that the elements existed in order to have the bus driver arrested. I am actually worried about the rights of this bus driver - he is innocent until proven guilty and I can't see that a crime has been established - this man, very likely innocent just doing his job is now the target of people who would ruin his life without shedding a tear or worrying for a second that he might be innocent - all because their cause is more important than anyone's rights - I think the apple has fallen pretty far now from what Ron Paul envisioned. The rights of individual citizens are always more important than a political campaign - or at least it should be to true libertarians.

Seeing as how the bus-driver didn't keep them

On the bus using either force or the threat of force, there really is no crime here.
MLJ, some of our fellow DP’ers are just grasping at straws for a way to continue the fight (which is an admirable trait, though at times wanting in logic).

To succeed, it takes all kinds, and all roles (the thinkers, doers, strategists, planners, fighters, the cautious, the mindless, the generals, the foot-soldiers, those who build up, those who tear down, et cetera, etc….)


Got a point there.

I was not a delegate. I rented a car and had a lot of AAA maps of the Tampa area.

Didn't anybody on the bus realize something was wrong and take some action?

I think Elvis was driving the bus

Don't think you will ever find him and if you did - what is the plan? - to take him in a room and waterboard him until he screams out "Mitt made me do it"

Well, that's one way.

Another way might be to bring him up on kidnapping charges and then follow the money, beginning with who posted his bail, unless he sings like a canary. Either way might not work but, what's to lose?

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
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Basic Law

You can't bring anyone up on criminal charges - that is the matter for local law enforcement and certainly you need some proof to get their interest - a little thing called probable cause - probable cause will be a lot more than just statements that the bus got to the convention late and drove you around too long.

Ron Paul speaks eloquently about individual rights and freedoms - and here you want to run all over the rights of this bus driver with no proof at all - this is more like a nazi or communist tactic than a libertarian one.

If anyone snapped a picture of the guy we could post it

and run an id down within a day. Otherwise the bus company must have a log of driver photos and credentials available for viewing by someone with a criminal complaint. Kidnapping is a high bar. He could say he was lost/confused. Unless people were telling him "Stop. Open door. This is now against our will."

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There's a little bit of footage already

Not sure if we can bust the guy or not, though. He may also just blame the passengers.


Okay, Shazad.

Ya got me on that one! +1 LOL

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I hope that something like this can be done--

but I'm afraid Romney and his camp are so corrupt they can't be caught--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Haven't you learned by now?

Romney may be a POS but he's not a dumb man. He doesn't put his name to anything and leaves no paper trails. Even if you found this guy and he said he was paid off you would never be able to track it back to Romney.

Just like the Mafia, you may get one of the grunts but you won't touch the boss.

well we already know the RNC HIRED the guy


and how many times did we hear that Romney - the Utah Olympics savior - runs the show.

Many legal battles are on the way..

Giving up has never been an option.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

What I don't understand is why they let it happen

After the first time he circled the building and wouldn't let them out, they had to realize what was going on. I don't understand why they didn't rush the guy, take the wheel, hit the break and exit the bus.

If I had been on the bus I'd have decked the guy, and gladly went to jail while the rest of the delegates made their way to the floor to take care of business.

Non aggression is all well and good, but kidnapping is a form of aggression that justifies self-defense.

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03

We all get it, RP...

was screwed big time in the primaries and at the convention. The question I have is why didn't Ron Paul himself speak out against all the fraud and cheating? Why hasn't he made a statement about the teleprompter scripted rule change vote? For a campaign that called itself a Revolution, I'd say it didn't live up to its name. I wanted to see RP go all the way until the end this time and I thought he would because he was not seeking another congressional term and never ruled out an Independent or third party run. Doug Wead said it himself in that we are change interview that the GOP is now a top down power structure so how in the hell do you suppose we are going to get into those tightly controlled neocon positions? If Ron Paul doesn't shock me and everyone else with some sort of alternate run in the near future then I will remember him as a man with a perfect message at the perfect time who started a great enthusiastic movement and then failed to follow through.

Maybe Just Maybe

Ron Paul doesn't want to be remembered as a crazed conspiracy nut. Words are cheap and easy from anonymity of the internet - easy to say crazy and anger-related statements when no one knows who you are - much harder and much less advisable to do so when you are in the open and someone of substance.


because Ron Paul has demonstrated in his 30 something years in the political system, that he is not a firecracker, but a methodical thinker and a stayer, that takes his victories where he can, by staying in the game, and adhering to his personal principles.
In other words, it's not his way.
He showed us the way..the ball is now in our court.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

If they were indeed

If they were indeed kidnapped, I would hope they called the police when it occurred.

I don't see why the guy would implicate Romney, but something certainly should be (should have been) done about this incident.

I hope they don't find the driver...

...face down in a ditch somewhere.

Seriously, if there's the possibility of the bus driver saying something that will blow this wide open, I fear for his safety. We need to find him ASAP.

In a just world you'd have a

In a just world you'd have a point. It wasn't Romney that made him do it though, it was some underling and of course Romney would claim he had nothing to do with it and some loser would fall on his sword for Mitt. Slap on the wrist would then come, and that's it!

Rumor has it

the busdriver is on several people's iPhones!

Cyril's picture

Obviously. Difficult to see


Difficult to see this sort of thing as being not premeditated.

Unless they are that much champions of improvisation. Then good luck with convincing even your average judge.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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You can probably

Find the driver mowing romneys lawn.