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It's Lose-Lose for the GOP Faithful.

Assuming that the RNC continues on the course it's set without any upsets, the situation seems to have cleared up in my mind. Two outcomes:

1. Romney loses the general election, the GOP is out for another 4 years, and they'll try to blame the Liberty Movement. When have they NOT? Someone here could probably remind me of who it was who said "You lost, deal with it." to the Ron Paul supporters recently, I can't remember who it was, but 'back at ya'. Whether the MSM will jump on that bandwagon or report the real reason why the GOP lost is an unknown, but the GOP Faithful lose the big prize they lust after.

2. Romney wins the general election. The only winners here are those that stand to benefit financially, shareholders in the Military Industrial Complex. The rest, the average GOP Faithful sheep, have just become accomplices to the most stunning example of open corruption I've ever seen.. and implicit in what will follow, the decline of the US. I'm sure they'll try to justify their support of Romney any number of ways, but ignorance is hardly a defense.

Either way, I think on a moral level, every Ron Paul supporter, every member of the Liberty movement, wins. The MSM has never been a friend of ours, neither has the GOP - so any attempt to scapegoat us is nothing they haven't already tried before. At least we all stood up and tried to make a difference before it was too late. Those who didn't will be remembered much the same as those German citizens who allowed Hitler to come to power.

I know where I'd rather be.

Thank you for all your hard work over the last few days, weeks, months and years, DP'ers.

New Zealand.

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