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Will We Weep, Or Will We Keep?

A Foreward:
I originally intended to title this 'Libertarians, Venn Diagrams, and the Two Party Paradigm,' based on concepts I've been thinking on. Plus, it seemed like a great title! However, after getting started, I found myself leaning towards what a lot of people have been thinking about lately, and it became rather lengthy. I hope it helps anyone feeling down!

As I'm sure most of us have been, I've been thinking a lot about where we're going after this, not only as a movement, but also as a country. Not only have we endured many injustices throughout the delegation process, we've had our faces spat upon at the Republican National Convention.

And for what?

I understand that many of us are left feeling slightly disheartened after the RNC, myself included. There has been an increasingly uphill battle fought within the past year, and it's not going to get any easier from this point forward. I constantly ask myself how it is that the people from all Republican viewpoints can ignore the writing on the wall. 'We the people' are the future, not only of America, but of the world.

Does that seem like a lofty estimate?

I don't think so. As much as I dislike cliches, people who use cliches, and the lack of thought needed to use a cliche, I'm going to go ahead and use one to illustrate: "If you aim for the stars, it's much easier to hit the sky." The idea of freedom is absolutely contagious. This contagion of freedom isn't just the reason people emigrated from their home countries, to immigrate to ours. Freedom is also why we've fought so hard, and for so long. Sure, we may have lost this single battle, but to use another cliche, the war is far from over.

People worldwide are growing restless, and I can truly say that I'm incredibly happy to be along for the ride. Actually, I have to thank everyone for being a part of this movement, no matter the size of the donation, or the length of time spent wet in the rain, waving a sign.

Without people like yourselves, there would have been no movement.

Can you imagine? What if there was only Ron Paul, as a statistical outlier, and not one single person in this country thought what he was saying was reasonable? What if every citizen believed that being a patriot was defined by something other than the Constitution, something that purported more security through the lesser freedoms?

I can't even begin to comprehend how Ron has had the temerity to carry the torch for so long. He's endured many, many long years of being a lone voice in the wilderness, without having what he has today. Thinking this thought causes me to respect Ron an incredible amount more, but also serves to increase how bittersweet this week, cycle, year, and campaign has been.

Thinking about the figure that Ron has become, not only for me, but for all of us, makes this harder to type.

It almost brings tears to my eyes to realize that this is the end.

The end of a political career, spanning from 1976 to today, one that many in the oppositions' ranks claim has been for naught.

The end of a volatile campaign, that if anything, has kept me on the edge of my seat for a long, exciting time.

The end of a number of members' daily cyber-trek to the DailyPaul, and the end of checking the home page for major news.

After thinking about the fight that Ron has fought for so many years, it makes me wonder how he even began to have the will to do what he has done. A great number of people constantly give up in the face of minor opposition, no matter what they're doing. How could one single man possibly do this? It absolutely, wholeheartedly is beyond me to possess the kind of strength that was required to fight this battle for so long, to seemingly little avail. Before the "Tea Party," how many people knew who Ron was? I sincerely doubt that number is high, actually, I would be inclined to bet that it was incredibly low.

Just this year, 2012 AD, thirty six years after he began his career, Ron is just starting to be able to see the beginning of an explosion. An inferno of a lust for freedom, and a yearning to resolve the problems our country faces.

I'm certain that a number of people reading this presently have a garden, has kept a garden in the past, or is at least familiar with the concept. Imagine, just for a second...
First, you choose a plot on your property. Walking around the house, you find a decent spot. The sun is shining, and the most faint whisper of sweat is cooling your brow. This said plot appears to be perfect. The luscious, emerald grass cushioning your bare feet obviously is indicating an incredible amount of fertility. "There's life in this dirt," you think to yourself.
Then, you finally get to the real work. Tearing out the beautiful grass was difficult, as it grew to have a healthy root system. Oh well, it's not that big of a deal. You get the job done.
It's been a week since you started this project, and it's time to start tilling the thick, nearly black dirt. As you walk behind the walk-behind rototiller, you notice a high volume of smooth, round stones. You laugh to yourself that it's too bad you don't have a pond, because they're the type of stones that you could spend an afternoon skipping across a lake. The smile vanishes when you realize that you need to pick up all of these rocks. Picking them up, your hands are filthy. You're slightly disgruntled, because you'd much rather be harvesting the crimson-red tomatoes, rather than stones. However, that's also what keeps you going.
After a few more weeks of this hard work, harder work than was actually expected, it's finally time to plant! Surviving all of the bumps, bruises, and bee stings is finally going to begin the process of paying off...
Days pass, and not a thing is awry. A week turns into two, and one starts to wonder what happened, where are the sprouts? From there, time flies. One month, two months, three months, four. There haven't been any results. Maybe gardening simply isn't for you, you ponder.

Now, with that being said, imagine doing this for thirty something years, and only in the thirty first year do you see any results. Would any of us make it that long without results, only to begin to see small gains towards the latter end of your life? I can only speak for myself, but I can say that there's no way I would make it past two years of failure, maybe three.

Somehow, that's how I look at what Ron has done for all of us. Though influenced heavily by Ayn Rand, his career has been about everyone but himself, almost to a point of being selfless. Considering that helps me to realize how incredible Dr. No has been. Thirty years of little change, and now there is a fire burning. Not a small fire, either, a fire of great magnitude, energy, and importance. The winds of change are blowing, and it's simply becoming more and more a matter of time before the intellectual revolution becomes too large to ignore. One might say that it's too large to ignore right now, but I won't consider that done until we have people in power willing to solve the problems major problems we face as a country today.

By no means am I a religious man, but if I can say anything, it's that I've been given something to believe in. To consistently maintain a principled philosophy, and to act accordingly for so long, is surprising in life, much less in politics. I consider Ron to be a lot like Jesus, in a way. He has brought me to the light, and has shaken my foundation thoroughly. Only now, after years and years of hard work and personal sacrifice, freedom is starting to become popular again!

Prior to learning about Paul, I knew nothing. I didn't know a thing, save what I learned in my high school government class. I don't even know what to say about that, other than that I should be embarrassed that it was not a great deal, to say the least. Congressman Ron Paul has served his country, in more than one way, and I love him for it. If it wasn't for him, I would still passively be watching politics on the news, eating up every tidbit that the media throws my way.

Mr. Paul, I doubt that you'll read this at any point, but I'd like to thank you for changing my life. You paid everything forward, and now it's time for us to do the same. You were one person, who started the fire that is millions strong now, what can the millions do?

After everything is said and done, I think we're going to look back on these tumultuous times, and be proud that we didn't give up, even after our man has retired. We at least owe that much. This movement will carry on, with the volume of liberty candidates always increasing, the concept of liberty becoming popular, and we only have one direction to move:
Onwards, towards liberty!

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