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The Revolution is Over – Long Live the Revolution!

"What struck me, in reading the Tweets of those watching the proceedings, was this: Those who today were cheering because now “Ron Paul will finally retire and we’ll be done with him”, or berating him for not falling in line and supporting Romney like a good Party Member, really don’t get it. It’s not that they don’t “get” Ron Paul, it’s not that they don’t agree with his message or don’t understand why so many people are so passionate about him. It’s not even that they don’t “get” that Romney and Obama are essentially the same. What they don’t get is that the point of the liberty movement is not simply to win elections, and it is certainly not to win elections just for the sake of winning them. The point of the liberty movement is to bring about liberty. And after witnessing the corruption and dishonesty of the 2008 election proceedings and now the 2012 elections so far, it just may be dawning on more than a few in this movement that participating in the establishment’s rigged game is not an effective way of bringing about a free society."

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Demonstrate Blowback To The GOP

Precisely why we all need to Vote Gary Johnson. We may not all agree that he's the best candidate, but that's ok. We do all agree that Ron Paul should be president, and we all agree that we need to move the Liberty Movement forward.

Our BEST opportunity for 2014 and 2016 for us will be if we all Vote Gary Johnson. If by doing so, we cause Romney to lose by a margin covered by Johnson, we successfully draw a line in the sand and demonstrate to the GOP that their corruption will not stand. Conversely, if we do not all Vote Johnson, the GOP can continue to ignore us indefinitely. Which position would you rather our movement be in?

Isn't it our time, right now, to draw a line in the sand?

Vote Johnson. Support his candidacy. Donate. Do what you did for Ron Paul. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Ron Paul. Believe it. If Johnson gets 16% of the vote, it will rock the political landscape for YEARS.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof