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If You Were Ron Paul And You Were Considering Whether Or Not To Run 3rd Party What Would Your Barriers/Hesitations Be?

1-- Money
Bo and MR both have almost 1 billion in cash(each) to fight for the nomination, Even though RP has shown that he can raise money, He would not have the resources that the big 2 corporate candidates would have .

2-- BALLOT ACCESS -- Is it even possible to get ballot access now? IF so, how?

3-- GETTING IN THE DEBATES-- While RP is definitely polling over 15% does that guarantee he will be in the debates? not necessarily (they could "change the requirement to say... 40%, then 45%, etc)


When is the last time in American Politics where a person was getting crowds of 5-10,0000 w/in 24-48 hours notice and was running 3rd party? (has it ever happened?) Since this has not happened in any time in recent memory/history, the fact is he would be waking people up enmasse!! (this face alone could possibly help him over come his Cash imbalance compared to the 2 Fed Res. candidates.) The PTB may get very uncomfortable, and decide to threaten him or "send him a message". Rand could (perhaps) even be put in danger. IS that danger worth the risk? Should he just decide to make a run of it, knowing what the potential consequences could be?

Are there other barriers? Perhaps...

Feel free to add any others below. (or to comment on the ones I have listed.)

I imagine He (Ron Paul) may see this post, so keep that in mind.

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I have to fault the good doctor on his comments on 3rd parties

on Jay Leno.

Not a big fault, but he said that 3rd parties don't get any attention in American politics.

That was the past.

I think that the times have changed, and people aren't merely open to the idea of 3rd parties, they are starving for them.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Go ahead give them something to talk about!

My Liberty loving son will be out campaigning against me. lol


I hate politics and Washington.

#6. I am 77. I want to hang out with my lovely wife and cool family.

Yep - that pretty much sums it up.

It is too late to do this.

It would have been an uphill battle anyway. Trying to do it now is simply not possible.

Can he still get on ballots?

If he can't, why would he express an interest in it? If he can, I'm all in. I signed the petition to let him know I'd support him if he decided to run 3rd Party. http://www.ronpaul2012.net/

If he managed to get in some debates, he could continue to educate so many people!

Too late.

Save maybe 5 states or so.

romney has hundreds of

romney has hundreds of millions to spend on attack ads to assassinate Ron Paul's character with lies. Ron Paul has a couple million and the media blackout would continue. He probably would not be allowed in the debates.It would be like a man who charges into a train to try and derail it. He will probably just end up with his body cut into pieces. Dr. Paul does not need this stuff at 77 years old. He has done his part for the liberty movement. The rest is up to us.

The convention should have made it crystal clear to all

that such an effort was either a failure, or was effectively rendered moot.

5 -- Ever might wonder if

5 -- Ever might wonder if he's just tired of politics?

Or that maybe...

...he just figured things would go this way. He has seen the inside for so many years and had to have at least had the idea that they would do these things. In reality, he was clever enough to bring himself this far. And with our help as well, he made it to the national debates with millions watching. He spoke a truth that, either now or later, they will remember. Even if he did have any idea it would come to such a place, every penny I gave would be worth the amount of people who heard what he said. None of this could have been accomplished without everyone behind him. Also, look how many people were motivated to run for office. I say, he accomplished putting a camel through an eye of a needle...almost...we have to pull the rest through!

The "sore loser law" I've

The "sore loser law" I've heard Doug Wead mention before. Several states won't allow your name on the ballot in the same election cycle if you've sought the nomination in another party but not won it.

Does not apply to Presidential races, but that doesn't mean

it won't be litigated anyway to drain campaign funds.

That'll be Gary Johnson. Does it mean I can't vote for him in CT

That'll be Gary Johnson. Does it mean I can't vote for him in CT? I'd like a chance to do so THIS time; in 2008, I was denied the LP candidate, and voted for Nader.

Better the honest socialist than the maniacal war criminal and coward John Maverick Mad Dog McCain, or the great Hawaiian hope, Barack Hussein "mom was a CIA trick" Obama.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

They submitted over 12,000

They submitted over 12,000 signatures to be on the ballot in CT. They are being validated.

I think he dropped out early enough that it wouldn't really apply to him. Different states have different rules so you would know better than me there. But they think they will be on the ballot so far.

Too Late

The final state's ballot access deadlines (KY and AL) are next week. If he was going to run 3rd party, as a practical matter, he had to start in April or early May at the latest. He would need over 1 million signatures in CA alone.

With all due respect, I wish people would drop this topic. It's not going to happen.


They changed/made their rules, let's make our own.

Is there enough presence in enough states to do this?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

You can't make your own laws. What planet are you on?

You MISSED the deadlines.

There were several DP threads warning of this back in the spring.

But no, you guys were too stuck in "reforming the GOP" to bother.

Now you don't have the GOP nomination and it's too late to get on the ballot BY LAW.

So you don't get to vote for Ron Paul.

Who's fault is that now?

You had the opportunity to plan a contingency. You blew it. (that is a collective "you" to everyone of this mindset)

Nice first post to me.

At my age, it is a shame and an embarrassment that I have only gotten involved in politics this past January. I didn't know the difference between a delegate and a ballot sheet.

I am an over-achiever and I learn fast. When I set out to do something, rest assured IT WILL BE DONE. You have NO idea what I have accomplished between then and now. Whether you are one of us, or really one of them, look out bro, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Good to hear. Sorry you got the brunt of that.

I tried to make sure it wasn't directed "only" at you but I didn't want to water down the message.

I'm sorry, but you've stumbled into yet another thread where there is nothing but water cooler repetition and no one seems to be doing anything but wishful thinking.

Now you know - next time, if you want the option after the convention - you can't have it.

The decision has to be made no later than the LP convention which is usually early May. This is because that is when the first deadlines start to pass.

BUT, if you don't want to push a candidate to run LP, and instead, run Independent or some new party, then you have to start petitioning WAY earlier.

The time to get the ducks in a row for 2016, started already. There's work to be done.


"The time to get the ducks in a row for 2016, started already. There's work to be done."

This is already in progress. Yes, there is MUCH work to be done.

I justed noticed in your profile that your are in Louisiana. We had some support there for the delegate project, maybe you would be interested in future endeavors? Now that convention is over, I am focusing on local/state, but part of my time will be devoted to 2016. We got F&ck3D this time, next time will be more difficult for sure.

Throw me an email sometime...the bigger the base, the greater the power.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Will do.

Right now, I'm focused on State and Local as well.

I don't know "where" I'll be in 3-4 years, but I'm sure I'll still be fighting the good fight.

Death from exhaustion.

not sure about ron paul, but as a supporter my concern would be

an established money interest and circles of people who have been in that third party for a long time and consider themselves leaders on issues and will resist any attempt to change their platforms, resorting to venom and insults if necessary. we will spend half of every dollar bidding against that establishment to try to pull that movement to our side to agree more with us on our issues, having to pay writers and organizers more than we otherwise need to because there is a competing bidder. it is not efficient use of our resource, and should we fail we risk destruction ourselves. you all know which 3rd party i am talking about, that already has 'established interests' not quite on grassroots' side. heck, their circle of higher-ups can't even agree among themselves without a lawsuit among an established group that has known each other for years.

If I was Ron Paul, my barrier to the 3RD Party run

If I was Ron Paul, my barrier to a third party run would be the fact that I refused to run third party when those who had worked with Ralph Nader for three elections had offered to work with me on open debates and ballot access since many had experience in multible states, knew the officials, knew the dirty tricks, knew the state laws, knew the numbers and loop holes.

I would think about how I insisted they join the GOP, become delegates, knowing there were open committee seats and if these people would stop listening to MSM and go to a meeting, they would see what I'm saying, that we don't have to start from scratch, we CAN take the GOP.

I would realize that though it was difficult for them, many of them joined the GOP, and took committee seats and became national delegates, so I would think it rather hypocritical now that these people have done what I asked, and have two year commitments in their communities, to dump them, to do what they asked me to do four years ago, to now form that third party that they wanted, for those who didn't do what I asked everyone to do, join the GOP.

I would think I would hurt my greatest supporters to please the least of my supporters, and what I would accomplish is dividing the rEVOLution, because if those who followed me had my integrity, like me, they would not leave an elected seat in the GOP for a third party. After all, those seats being elected, the community knows them, and it would make it very difficult for them to explain how I dumped them. They would look like fools, and they are not fools, but very brave people who I respect and appreciate.

So that would be my greatest barrier, setting people up to knock them down is not my style.

Nader was never in the debates.

Why work with him on that subject?


Nader was NEVER in the debates and we worked hard to OPEN debates so guys like GJ could participate. For three elections we filed law suits, protested, rallied, got arrested.. all to NO avail.

It's a SHAME!

So, back to my question - why work with Nader on the debates

if Nader was never successful with it?

After Ross Perot debates were closed

So we tried to re-open them. We want open debates. We lost.

Yes, I get that already. That doesn't answer my question.

If Nader was unsuccessful, what good would it do for Paul to work with him on it? What is Nader going to show Paul that Nader couldn't manage to do himself?