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The RP Revolution is over: What are you going to do about it?


The Daily Pauls user numbers are dropping, RomneyCare VS, The Revolution WON (a man who didn't even show up a Ames Iowa straw poll)
The establishment, and Mitt Romneys banker backed campaign cash whipped us, The media black-out was a success (less a few) Judge Nap was cancelled, Jesse Benton bought a mansion with our MoneyBomb cash, Rand wasn't given VP, Rules for the RNC were changed so any 2016 bid won't happen, Beloved "grassroots" for profit money making projects like "The Super Broschure Project" made their millions, and were ghosts during the RNC...

Is there a "Revolution", or a "Republi-CAN"?, where are we now, what have you learned, and where to go from here??

Ron Paul 2012.... The saying we've been supporting the past 18 months is now officially dead... Now what?

Will you vote Mitt to stop Obama? Will you vote Obama to double punish the Romneys campaigns evil tactics, and start working on 2016? Will you vote GJ, sharpie in Ron Paul, or not even show up on voting day?

What now guys? To we fracture off, do we unite? What are your thoughts, and are we on the same page, if we have one?

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All is see below is....

1) appeals to authority
2) expressions of opinion
3) desire to quit
4) searches for a Messiah
5) old fashioned rich/fat, white-boy whining

What I do not see are COMMITMENTS TO ACTION.

Action is not talking. Action is not typing out opinions. Actions are not expressions of opinion.


I don't see that anywhere.

We will lose until we learn this simple political truth which the bad guys have down pat. It doesn't mean you have to be a bad guy to beat a bad guy, but if you ignore this, then you are just arguing for a flat earth, which pretty much makes you an ignorant moron.

Shave, buy a tie, and start walking and gathering your political power right now.

I'm sending letters to people I'd like to see as candidates

for 2016. Romney won't win unless people hate Obama so much that the PTB need to replace him with Romney to look like something has made a change.. Ya know.. so we little folk can hold onto hope.

We may and I say MAY have a chance in 2016 if we're real careful about who we put up. I don't hold out much hope for people choosing the right guy again, unfortunately though. We've seen some real potential in real Patriots this cycle.

If 2016 doesn't happen.. We might as well get the party started if it's inevitable. I'd rather it be on my terms than theirs.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Do you know why daily paul numbers are dropping?

Its because of depressing post titles like this one. They are littered all over the forums. I've been tempted to leave this site myself.

Here's the truth:

Many in our movement put all their hopes and dreams into one man. Boy, that sounds pretty familiar... Oh yeah thats the same thing hundreds of thousands did in 2008 with Obama. Look where that got us.

No, look to yourselves and your own actions. Look to your own ability to organize with others and create change in this world. The presidency is only a single small avenue to create change. You be the change that you want to see in this world. After all isn't that what individual liberty is all about?

Your voice is your greatest weapon. You can use it to either build people up or to tear people down. Instead of posting that "The Revolution is Dead." Why not post something like "Boy this has been a tough battle and we took a hell of a beating, but we will NEVER GIVE UP. WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER. WE WILL WIN THIS WAR!".

Remember, this is a war of the mind, not a war of the presidency. That is always what Ron Paul has said.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

This will always be the Ron Paul Movement.

"Ron Paul!" will always be a rallying cry.

I discussed with a meetup organizer from Rochester, NY to change the name of her meetup to Rochester Ron Paul Movement, and keep that.

This should be done in all major cities so people will know where to turn to and get their questions answered.

The Ron Paul Movement is the heart and power of freedom and revolution.

The Revolution has only begun...

The next step is to get involved at your local level, in 2 years run for positions, time to take it over completely. We need to own the local level fully, without them, the elitists have nothing.

They have shot themselves in the foot by eliminating grassroots support.

If you dont understand what i mean, watch the doug wead video.



Don't wait two years.

As you are working the general election poll in your precinct THIS YEAR, you are writing down names of people who might be aligned with you.

You are gathering emails of your neighbors RIGHT NOW OVER 4 YEARS IN ADVANCE, so you can write a (VERY WHITEBREAD) weekly political update email to them, to fetter out who is with you and who isn't.

You are making YOUR OWN LISTS right now. Today. Not in two frickin years.

You are attending your GOP meetings RIGHT NOW. You are volunteering for political action whcih does not offend you (like opposing a bond or tax increase proposition on the ballot) RIGHT NOW, not in two years. You are building bridges, using the socratic method instead of the Saul Alinsky method and gathering votes FOR YOURSELF - RIGHT NOW.

This is what you are doing RIGHT NOW if you ever want to have a hope to win - EVER.

Why? BECAUSE IT'S LIKE A LAW OF PHYSICS. THIS IS HOW POLITICS WORKS. Don't learn your lesson the hard way again.

I'm going to confound them at

I'm going to confound them at every turn till they are exhausted and relent.

Southern Agrarian


It is impossible to find another Ron Paul.At least for now.I have difficultiess voting for Johnson or Goode.I do know this Ron Paul Revolution is about the message,and thats not dead.As long as I can talk,I'll keep spreading the message.

Let's Take It ...

... Outside.

Visualize: Outside Their tent ... pissing in.