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Ron Paul could make huge difference in ballot access for Libertarians in 2016

The Libertarian Party has always had to fight or litigate its way onto ballots across the nation which has used up limited resources - human and financial. Due to several factors, Libertarian Party presidential candidates have been fortunate if they reach 1% of the popular vote totals.

This year, since the Republican Party's dissing of Ron Paul, his supporters could bring an avalanche of general election votes to bring Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson above 5% of the popular vote which in most states would tee up much easier and nearly automatic placement on the 2016 general election ballot for the Libertarian Party's nominee at that time. In some states the Libertarian Party would no longer be considered a 'minor party' and would then elevate to 'major party' status.


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I think

this is the most important thing we can do and why those who have vowed to write in Rons name should really reconsider. If we want to break the two party system this is easily one of the first and best steps we can take(not counting all previous steps to wake people up).

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