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Paul Craig Roberts - The hypocrisy of the West, is nauseating. It makes one ashamed.

NOTE: After watching what happened at the RNC and knowing all we know about the unconstitutional executive orders and signing statements by Obama, I'm amazed to see that the majority of Amerikans still don't seem to notice or care. I honestly beleive that the president could come on TV and address the nation and tell Amerikans that yes, he and the rest of the politically well connected are stealing trillions from the pubic purse, and yes, he and NATO are sending young Amerikans off to die not in defense of freedom but to secure resources for multi-national corporations and oh, by the way, 9/11 is not exactly what we have been told....The president could say all that and Amerikans STILL wouldn't do anything different. The Amerikan population has been so brainwashed it has stockholm syndrome. I'm stunned that people either know about the FED and don't care or they just refuse to believe the FED is a criminal banking cartel stealing from our children and the unborn. I'm stunned that the RNC has publicly shown that it is NOT about free choice but an authoritarian process that only allows participants IT FINDS acceptable...and nobody notices....nobody cares. I'm stunned that Amerika continues killing innocent peoeple through aggressive wars and nobody notices....nobody cares. (end of my rant)



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Many of us are feeling weary of the battle.

But it comes down to this. If we the few do not continue in the battle for truth and freedom, then the world is lost in a tide of fascism that will not be recognized by the masses until almost every freedom is lost. And then, when the masses awaken, there will be a very bloody revolution as happened in the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution.

Ron Paul believed we could turn this around, restore the constitution and freedom. I will never forget his example, and that gives me the courage and strength to keep trying.

It is TRUE----but it takes 1/4 mile to turn a ship,

once the rudder has been turned!

What is MORE INTRIGUIGING is why is it that WE, the minority, have opened our eyes, when we started listening to Ron Paul? Perhaps, we had more eager minds. I don't know. But, why haven't more of the masses woken up? How can they still be duped by the ploy of voting for the lesser of two evils, when they KNOW they are both not good?

We have intelligent relatives who, in spite of our talking to them, STILL are bent on voting for Romney, regardless of any doubts they have.


It is our #1 Enemy! And, the utterly evil elitist people have used it entirely to their advantage, by using the mantra, i.e., "Better than Obama"--BTO.

I am starting to talk to relatives about turning off Cable TV. I am starting to talk about why we shouldn't believe anything the TV says, and especially any of the pundits, when the powerful money interests are totally behind all that is said on the TV. In fact, I am saying it's downright idiotic!

WATCH THE SPORTS.......BUT NOT THE NEWS........is my new Mantra. And, there is evidence it has started working. How? Because of the very negative opinions that there is "NO difference between the parties" opinion, is becoming pervasive across the country. So, why do many still think voting for the lesser of two evils is their only choice?

For the same reason it takes a ship a 1/4 mile to make a turn, once the rudder has been turned. In other words, it takes time. But, it will happen within 4 years, imho. This celebration will end that the elites have rigged....sooner than later for the masses, as they are starting, beginning to realize what is happening...

Amerika is born


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul