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Watch Out! Maine GOP About To Declare Our Entire State Convention Void?

Rumors abound throughout Maine that the progressive/NWO/Rockefeller elements in the Maine GOP (led by former Senator and DEMOCRATIC Secretary of Invasion, Bill Cohen, and his lapdog Sen. Susan Collins, and CFR Sen. Olympia Snowe and her boy toy, State Party Chairman, Charlie Webster) are about to commit the ultimate treason and declare our entire PROPERLY OPERATED Maine State Convention thrown out.

What happened in Tampa is apparently JUST THE BEGINNING of the raping of Maine voters.

This would mean restoring all of our gains in the Maine State Republican Committee with the RINOs they defeated, unseating our new Republican National Committeeman (Mark Willis) and Republican National Committewoman (Ashleigh Ryan) with the RINOs Rick Bennett and Jan Staples.

A special session of the MSRC was DULY CALLED for tomorrow (Saturday, 9-1-12) in Waterville by plenty of sitting MSRC members who petitioned as required in Maine GOP rules and Bylaws. It is also rumored--that despite the fact that Webster did in fact call the meeting and even sent out the agenda--that the attendees will be met with police force and locked out of the meeting site!

This would mean WAR in Maine.

REMEMBER MAINE!! Things could begin getting real ugly nationally based on what happens here.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
Over The Constitutional Radio Network
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.


A patriot activist who is close to many of our real delegates called Charlie Webster yesterday and was told that:

1. He has the power ALONE to control the decision about whether to throw out the convention.
2. That the RNC has no authority at all in this matter.
3. That Charlie will not do it because he believes that the repercussions of it would seal the election against (RINO) Republicans on the ballot for the Maine House and Senate this fall.
4. He says the RNC is embarrassed by all the negative national media produced by all patriot delegates in Tampa, and does not want to work with Maine (whatever that means) in the future.

Some don't fully trust the source, but a lot of this does ring true.

Further note: The source has been a paid P/T staffer for "Maine People Before Politics" which has some questionable ties to some Maine RINOs, and also to partially-conflicted Governor, Paul LePage.

Make of this what you will. Just passing on what I am hearing...

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Cohen - yup, the finns are at it again!




"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Finn? Pitchfork? The Russionans are coming?

Pitchfork Ponderings ~ Russian Music?

When I first began analyzing Pitchfork, I realized it did seem like sort of a stretch in qualifying as an online magazine. The site is very much about music criticism, but as I continued reading it I found more and more examples of solid writing and good reporting. Sure, the reviews and opinion pieces are snarky and laden with an elitist attitude, but that’s what readers look for in Pitchfork’s writing.

In a recent article titled, Beg, Steal, or Borrow: New Beats From Moscow, the website documents a new trend in Russian music. It discusses an underground electronic movement blending dubstep, electronic, hip hop and many other electronic inspired genres. The author, Finn Cohen, clearly did extensive research in creating this....

Post script, unscripted: Surely, I am lost on the prior comment on the Finns are coming. None the less, I will have the table set for our guests. I will have a Russian translator on call, should more interpretation be required. It is not clear from the message if these Finns are kin to Huckleberry. Perhaps only distant cousins. William "Bill" Cohen was a US House Rep & Senator, plus Secretary of War. Perhaps it is some of his his business associates. Perhaps it is Finn Cohen of Pitchfork fame.

I will put out my stainless flatware. Other robbers have yet to return my silverware. Sorry I could not be a better host to whomever it is that is coming.

Thank you for the notice. Was it a warning?

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I would think that the people of Maine who voted

for people to be delegates - from precinct level on up... would be interested in filing a class action suit.


I agree.

These people who brought the challenge (Ciancette and Staples) and the people who supported them (like Webster and the RNC thugs, etc.) and the scabs who went and replaced our elected delegates should ALL be punished, not just by removal from party positions of influence, but by criminal election fraud remedies.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

they want you embroiled in conflict

... when if you applied all that good activist energy outside of the GOP you might just kick their asses

henry9's picture

I'm hoping this will not get too nasty.

I wish I had known to be there.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

So the meeting was this

So the meeting was this morning...what happened?

Everything was peaceful!

Thanks for the prayers. Our producer, who is also a member of the MSRC, just called to tell us that we passed four of our five resolutions with majorities in the range of 40-20, but that the 5th resolution (to remove Jan Staples from her position as Republican National Committeewoman for her role in challenging our delegation in Tampa, and getting half of them thrown out) was ruled out-of-order by Webster, as her term has already expired.

There was no violence, nor even a hint of that, so all is good. Webster made no mention of any plan to over-rule the rest of our convention results.

Much ado about nothing, I suppose, but it is good to see we have a majority for future efforts when all our folks show up.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
Over The Constitutional Radio Network
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."



"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Maine delegates - just

Maine delegates - just remember one basic rule....THEY WORK FOR US! You tell them whats what.

Sounds like the state party

Sounds like the state party chairman has too much power. How is it that one person has the power to unseat an entire delegation and 'throw out a convention?'

Sounds like Joe Stalin.

What else can we call it?

There expecting Maine Ron Paul Republicans

There expecting Maine Ron Paul Republicans not to get involved in the GOP in the weeks, months, years to come. You know what to do Maine. Someone from Maine Please make a list of all the Ron Paul Republicans in Maine running for office for us to MoneyBomb. thanks

Webster Will Be Sacrificed, Fed To Lions To Protect The RNC

Eventually, I believe Charlie Webster will be convicted and prosecuted by a hurt and outraged group of Maines's delegates for election fraud. The RNC and GOP will focus the blame solely on him. They will say that Webster screwed things up so bad, the RNC was forced to do what they did because of his shenanigans. He will be hung out to be sun bleached on the cross of political justice to ensure that the RNC isn't looked upon as the bad guy..

Of course we know that the RNC and the GOP are in complete control of most state and local chairmen..They have the last word on how difficult situations are handled..

Chuckie Webster

Then we will see him interviewed on the Daily Show repentant about how he was threatened and used by the corrupted GOP.

does anyone know the location

does anyone know the location of the meeting?


REM in Waterville. 93 Main Street, Suite 3.

Our delegates to the Maine State Republican Committee COULD even be in danger this morning. It is widely known that Webster has called in police and told the press to "expect trouble."

There was a conference call last night, and our delegates WOULD NOT BE THE ONES CAUSING TROUBLE. Agent provocateurs might have been called out...

PLEAS PRAY FOR THE SAFETY of our liberty folks in Maine.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

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Waiting On News From Maine?????

Where are you Steve? - What's happening?

Hope you are well, and not in jail.

We care about all of you!!

Please let us know something, when you can.

Thanks, Linda!

I posted just before you did. Thanks for the support.

I actually did not go this time. I often go as a proxy, but was not needed today, and so coached our junior high football scrimmage instead, as previously scheduled. (We won 54-7...so it's ALL good, today!)

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

First to all Maine delegates

we stand with you for you are true patriots for freedom and liberty.

If you can videotape or audiotape.

Also let Ben Swann know whats going on.

Webster - How about all those precincts reporting -0-?

Election fraud is a felony. You are really pushing your luck buddy. Hope to see you in an orange suit.

Good luck

It must be hard up there with all the RINOS in Maine. Fight back Maine!

Push back, Maine!

We are with you. I like the idea of a moneybomb to finance the legal costs...any liberty -loving lawyers wanting to sign on pro bono for the cause of freedom?

Wow, from all the flak we are

Wow, from all the flak we are taking, we must be on the target like a hen on an egg! The people that thought we were just in an ideological fight, wake up, we are in a struggle for our country!

Just say the word and we will

Just say the word and we will start a money bomb for lawyers, guns, and money! Because since the RNC, the sh#t has hit the fan. Hey!

credit to Warren Zevon RIP

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.


Jonathan Pfaff, the young Liberty/Ron Paul delegate from Portland who called the special meeting for tomorrow, is riding BACK FROM TAMPA (and is 9 hours out right now) with the one Ron Paul delegate (Stavros Mendros) who reportedly endorsed Romney there and refused to walk out with our displaced delegation.

I know, because I was just on the phone with Jonathan while he was talking with someone occasionally in the background on the phone. After about ten minutes into the conversation, I asked who he was conferring with while we were talking, and he told me it was Mendros.

This Rand-Paul, Stavros-Mendros strategy of go-along-to get-"ahead" and hope to make the rotten apple in the barrel pure again without spoiling our good apples, is going to KILL this movement, IMHO...

Jonathan is a good young man with a good heart. Stavros?...Don't know him, but I do know he was real tight with Ken Lindell four years ago, and I do know a lot of his fellow delegates that I DO KNOW AND TRUST are now FORMER Stavros fans...

EDIT TO ADD: Jonathan has called me back twice since this first posting about the Mendros ride home, and has urged me to understand the pressure that all Ron Paul folks with ANY position in the party structure in Maine are under. They can be thrown out of those positions if they criticize the nominee (Romney) and are really walking a tough tight rope. I see his position, and I feel Jonathan could be an important bridge in the gap between the two strategies in our liberty camp, especially in Maine. We'll have to see...

The bottom line is that we will quite possibly be (for better or worse) FORCED together on strategy for Maine, at least, based on what happens tomorrow morning.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Good for him

Good for Stavros Mendros. Proud of him. He did what he thought was right, even if it meant standing "alone". I may not agree with him, but that is irrelevant. It is his right to make up his own mind, that's what we're all about.

We accept diversity, I am glad he was a Ron Paul supporter and appreciate all the effort him and all the other delegates and supporters made. I have no right to criticize him now.

We are not George Bush Jr., it's not either your with us or against us. We should be proud of Stavros, standing up for Ron Paul....then standing up to the Ron Paul people. You know this guy is one of us.

I do know, we all know, that once that light has gone off in your head and you've heard the call of Liberty you will never give up.

Ron Paul gave us a road to march down, and now that road is ending. So until we find a new road to victory, to each his own path without judgement.

"Standing alone" for Romney is a good/brave thing?

LOL...How is that a badge of honor?? The place was FULL of numbskulls supporting Romney, because they think he is somehow better than Obama.


The brave delegates from Maine who walked out fit that description of good/brave far better!

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

I think you misunderstand the gentleman's point

for the numbskulls to support Romney is not standing alone for one's personal conviction against the majority. however, to be a supporter of Ron Paul and to stay while the rest left because of personal conviction is the ESSENCE of Libertarianism. Ron Paul will never tell anyone what to do and it's offensive to principles of Liberty to categorize this man as a numbskull because he did not make a decision based on your thinking and intuition. he has his own and he followed it and likely it was a tough call because he wanted to support his fellows — unlike the Romney supporters who likely have handed their personal power of choice over to others for connivence sake, not from principled reason, but from seduction of false promises.