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Watch Out! Maine GOP About To Declare Our Entire State Convention Void?

Rumors abound throughout Maine that the progressive/NWO/Rockefeller elements in the Maine GOP (led by former Senator and DEMOCRATIC Secretary of Invasion, Bill Cohen, and his lapdog Sen. Susan Collins, and CFR Sen. Olympia Snowe and her boy toy, State Party Chairman, Charlie Webster) are about to commit the ultimate treason and declare our entire PROPERLY OPERATED Maine State Convention thrown out.

What happened in Tampa is apparently JUST THE BEGINNING of the raping of Maine voters.

This would mean restoring all of our gains in the Maine State Republican Committee with the RINOs they defeated, unseating our new Republican National Committeeman (Mark Willis) and Republican National Committewoman (Ashleigh Ryan) with the RINOs Rick Bennett and Jan Staples.

A special session of the MSRC was DULY CALLED for tomorrow (Saturday, 9-1-12) in Waterville by plenty of sitting MSRC members who petitioned as required in Maine GOP rules and Bylaws. It is also rumored--that despite the fact that Webster did in fact call the meeting and even sent out the agenda--that the attendees will be met with police force and locked out of the meeting site!

This would mean WAR in Maine.

REMEMBER MAINE!! Things could begin getting real ugly nationally based on what happens here.

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
Over The Constitutional Radio Network
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A patriot activist who is close to many of our real delegates called Charlie Webster yesterday and was told that:

1. He has the power ALONE to control the decision about whether to throw out the convention.
2. That the RNC has no authority at all in this matter.
3. That Charlie will not do it because he believes that the repercussions of it would seal the election against (RINO) Republicans on the ballot for the Maine House and Senate this fall.
4. He says the RNC is embarrassed by all the negative national media produced by all patriot delegates in Tampa, and does not want to work with Maine (whatever that means) in the future.

Some don't fully trust the source, but a lot of this does ring true.

Further note: The source has been a paid P/T staffer for "Maine People Before Politics" which has some questionable ties to some Maine RINOs, and also to partially-conflicted Governor, Paul LePage.

Make of this what you will. Just passing on what I am hearing...

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Very good advice too, IF....

...the Sheriff was a Constitutionalist, which he isn't.

The Kennebec County Sheriff is more likely to take orders from anybody with a badge outside his department, than from the people. Charlie Summers (the corrupt Snowe-clone former Snowe staffer and her handpicked successor AND BOGUS VOTE-FRAUD SELECTED SENATE CANDIDATE WHO COUNTED THE VOTES IN HIS OWN PRIMARY) is our Secretary of State, and that is who would likely get the call from the Kennebc County Sheriff's Dept. for an explanation as to who to believe/trust/arrest/support in this dispute.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

"...that the attendees will

"...that the attendees will be met with police force and locked out of the meeting site!" As time goes by there is more proof that the police are not for protection, but for brute force to be used against whatever threatens tyranny.

If they void the convention...

If they void the convention results, does that remove all republican candidates from the ballot?

peace + liberty = prosperity



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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The new guard can deny Twitt the ballot line...

and Maine's presidential electoral votes. They could declare the results of the RNC invalid and place Ron Paul's name on the Maine ballot.

They are scared sh1tless of this. So they have to do something to invalidate the results of the state convention.

Denying Mitt the Twitt the ballot line and the presidential electors is the ultimate penalty for running a rigged presidential contest and convention. I hope that Paul supporters in other states take this kind of action.

Call the militia and sheriff (if he's on your side)



We have ONE Constitutional Sheriff and one fence sitter...

...among 16 counties. Not enough to get anything done. And Kennebec County is the place where this meeting is to be held, and we don't have one there.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


which Sheriffs are you speaking of?

Ron Paul is My President

Hi, Sunny...

Sheriff Donnie Smith from Washington County is completely with us. He attended the first Sheriffs' Constitutional Convention with Sheriff Mack, et al., in Vegas last year.

I also hear there is a pretty good sheriff down on the coast....Knox County maybe?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Just an idea...

...since you know of one Sheriff you feel you can trust, what about calling him and telling him the situation and asking for his advice on the matter?

Also, document EVERYTHING. I know most people have those phones that do everything these days (I don't use them). If I was going into a 'difficult' situation, I would make sure to have an extra phone to take with me that is wiped clean of ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION AND CONTACTS. If no extra phone is available, then wipe everything off whatever phone you carry. I think this as a precaution in case it is confiscated.

Other than that, I would hope you have, or at least know of a lawyer or two who will go with you and help you stand up to these people. Most lawyers are pretty good at throwing chapter and verse around.

PLEASE keep us posted here. If you need help of any kind I'm sure a post here will bring it right away.

God bless...

All good advice

We may have a lawyer, but I am not a proxy today, and won't be going personally. I will bump your thought on that and ask folks in Maine to work on getting one there. (I have to leave for another commitment today very shortly and won't be back until after it's all long over.)

VERY, VERY IMPORTANT that someone goes with a camera who is not going in as a voting member of the MSRC to record anything unusual outside. My co-host is working on that aspect.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Cool and good for him!

And I'm wondering who the sheriff is in our neck of the woods.

I'll look into it.


Ron Paul is My President


I'd like to be reminded of that too. Is there a female sheriff down there somewhere? Something makes me think it might have been a woman I heard about...?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Let the revolution begin!

Be prepared. Seems the first shot heard around the world fell on deaf ears and a second one is about to go off.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

what's that old saying?

"As Maine goes, so goes the nation"

These crooks and morons

will not allow RP supporters to take over the GOP or make it their own tent. They are on to the plan and are cleaning house of RP supporters.

At this point if it all comes

At this point if it all comes down to where all local parties and state parties of the GOP have to resort to vote flipping, purging, breaking rules and all out corruption and closing all the entry ways in, then I'll go Libertarian, that scheme can work if we can wake up enough people and keep the fat cats from hijacking it. Especially if we wake up the people to quit watching TV and shake them out of the right and left rep vs dem illusion then we can get some place.


The worse it gets, the better the outcome.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


What do these criminals want now? They got Romney as the nominee, Ron Paul lost the election. We get treated like garbage at the conventions. What is the matter with these sickos?!

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if something BIG goes down up there. I'm pretty sure Ron Paul people and various well to do republicans including moderates will see through the Maine's GOP scheme.

Remember the Maine!

Understanding The Mind of The Tyrant..

Understanding The Mind of The Tyrant..

They just don't want to beat you, they want to crush the opposition with their jack-boots..