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It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics

It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics

Friday, 31 August 2012 02:31 Brandon Smith

In the lead up weekend to the RNC convention, Tampa, Florida was awash in political electricity. It was so prevalent you could sense it in the corridors of air terminals across the country before you ever made it to that hot humid peninsula in the south. I admit, to be caught up in it is exciting. The ideal of democratic participation, the feeling of rejuvenation and community, joining the ranks of one’s ideological brethren to charge into intellectual combat for the future of our nation. If any of it was real, I would have been truly inspired. Unfortunately, I was well aware that the Republican convention was a farce, and knew full well what the end result would be for the Ron Paul campaign.

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Finish the revolution without me.

Finish the revolution without me.


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There's only one way to take

There's only one way to take out an enemy from the bottom up...smoke'em out!

Yeah, "smoke'em out" the way we smoked ALEC out!

Yeah, "smoke'em out" the way we smoked ALEC out! (see: http://www.alecexposed.org/wiki/ALEC_Exposed)

The internet reformation is an awesome thing to behold...

Since ALEC (the organization made up of unelected major money players who have been writing much of our recent legislation) is soon to be defunct, the Romney Team has made it so that our future delegates will be chosen by those SAME unelected major money players!

So now we must smoke out the Romney Team's agenda of political malpractice in the same way that we smoked ALEC out - because if we don't, in 2016 those same unelected legislators will be picking our delegates - and ultimately our representatives for us, and then they will write legislation to the tune of those SAME unelected major money players' whims. So, let's smoke em out!

"Stand up for what you believe in. Even if you stand alone."
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"Let it not be said that we did nothing."
~ Ron Paul
"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

He is suggesting the hard work

of staying at the local level and educating people. Trying to make change from the top down is not going to work. The system is corrupt and has been taken over by elitists who are only out to increase their wealth and power.

Ron Paul worked a lifetime at the top level, made some changes, brought some issues into public and media awareness. Even the media begins to squirm a little at the corruption in government that is being revealed. But it will all be swept away as it is even now as the GOP begins to clean house of RP supporters. The plan to take over the GOP is not and will not work. It is rotten with corruption.

So that leaves the grass roots level, as Ron Paul hinted. He hoped to take over the GOP but they are sweeping house even in this moment. Only their corrupt cronies will be allowed. The revolution will go on, but perhaps not in the top political arena. The two party system is rotten to the core.

starting to clean house of RP GOP?

They NEVER wanted us, they held us to loyalty oaths an have done everything they can think of to stop us, and this is exactly why we need to keep coming at them.

It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution


It Is NOW Time For The Ron Paul Revolution.

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