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It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics

This very interesting article by Brandon Smith is on alt-market.com but I am putting the infowars link up because it's more bleary-eyed friendly. lol
Exerpt from this piece: It has become clear that Benton and others have been “handling” Ron Paul for a considerable portion of his campaign and attempting to divorce him from the elements of the movement which are seen as “extreme” or anti-establishment, even though these are the same elements that catapulted Ron Paul into the minds of average Americans. My impression is that they have been targeted for surgical removal because they are impossible to co-opt for the purposes of diplomacy (submission) with the Neo-Con elites running the GOP carnival. Rand Paul’s recent endorsement of Mitt Romney is not surprising given the parasitic nature of particular campaign organizers who buzz about him, including Benton. The bottom line is that some people in the movement are not in it to fight for freedom, or to ensure a brighter and more Constitutional Republic. Some are in the movement to further their political careers and ambitions, and are perfectly willing to use the energy of popular candidates to carry them to success.

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some here are the dailypaul are attempting to "handle"

the movement.

"vote for Romney, here is why"
"vote for Obama"
"I am voting for Gary Johnson"

What the hell happened to principal and why we support President Paul in the first place?

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Here's how I am handling it:

I do not vote lessers of evil. Nor do I support other candidates whose views are not in line with mine.

Ron Paul WILL be on my ballot. By write-in, if neccessary.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I'm with you

Dr. Paul gets my vote. It will be a write in and even if it doesn't show up in the tally due to rules, they still have to take the time to look at it. I know this from working the polls. Write-ins do count for local offices (including committee posts *hint*) and if a machine shows a write in, they must look at it. I'm in a heavy republican area so it will be fun hearing the bitc-ing going on about all the 'nuts' who wrote in Dr. Paul. lol

It is written in my heart.

They will know me by my fruits.

I don't care if the government knows. Talking to a parasite and asking it not to be a parasite is a fool's task. But this fool has other plans.

Free includes debt-free!