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Quantify the Movement: The Case for Gary Johnson

Quantify the Movement: The Case for Gary Johnson
Written by a Massachusetts Delegate

The Liberty Movement has a tremendous amount of momentum, and with the convention behind us we must set our sights on November and the next four years. We have made great strides in winning offices at the grass-roots level and must continue to do so if we are to affect change, but there is one thing we have not yet been able to accomplish, and that is to show the world exactly how big our movement can be in a general election. We all know there are droves of Ron Paul and Liberty-minded supporters who did not cast votes in primaries either because they are Democrats, Independents, or only interested in participating in a general election. By all casting votes for Gary Johnson we can in the course of just one day show the world how strong we truly are. I call this "Quantifying the Movement" and venture to list several rationales for a Johnson vote below.

The Case for the Republican Party: Often times, out of love, children must be disciplined to help shape them into better people. So is the case with political parties. It is no secret the Republican Party has gone out of their way, even breaking their own rules, to kick the sand in the face of the Liberty Movement. It is true we must transform the party from within in order to change this, but we must also show in no uncertain terms that the Republican Party needs to want and accept this change if it is to maintain and grow the support of such a critical wing of the party. The two agendas are mutually beneficial, not mutually exclusive.

The Case for Rand Paul: If Mitt Romney loses the election "because of Gary Johnson," how powerful would it be for Rand Paul to be able to approach the Republican Party with a quantifiable number of how many voters he could potentially bring back to the party if he were to become the next nominee? Some would argue that Liberty supporters voting against the party would hurt Rand Paul's chances – in truth it only makes them stronger.

The Case of Conscience: For too long have people been subscribing to the notion they must vote for the lesser of two evils. We are at a point in American history where 40% of the population does not identify as either a Democrat or a Republican. This presents an incredible opportunity to show the two parties that the system must evolve in order to survive.

The Case for the Message: A large voter turnout for Gary Johnson and Libertarian beliefs will force the general public to at the very lease ask why, and asking this important question is the first step towards discovering what the Liberty Message actually is.

In the following sections, I would like to offer several alternatives to the Johnson vote and why they are not as supportive of the Liberty Movement.

The No-Vote: Not voting is the weakest form of protest vote an individual can ever perform, simply because it is a protest that will never be heard. Staying home and not voting is quite possibly the worst thing a supporter of the Liberty Movement can do on Election Day.

The Write-In: The unfortunate truth of the matter is that write-ins simply are not counted. The candidate has to make themselves eligible as a write-in in most states and therefore a write-in is the practical equivalent of a no-vote. Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states, guaranteeing that those votes for the Liberty Movement have the highest likelihood of being counted.

The Other Third Parties: The other third parties will most likely not be on the ballot in all 50 states. Therefore, not all of the Liberty Movement will be able to cast a unified vote at the national level.

The Romney Vote: The proper way to affect change within the Republican Party is to get and stay organized at the local and grass-roots level. Members of the Liberty Movement must get themselves elected into positions from school boards and town committees all the way up to the Senate. However, thinking change will come by voting for a man who has repeatedly shunned the Liberty Movement is unrealistic and effectively gives permission to the Republican Party to continue business as usual.

The Obama Vote: Many Liberty supporters were once Obama supporters, but it is clear that he has failed in his promise to end wars and promote Liberty. In fact, he has done the exact opposite by creating more wars and passing legislation that erodes personal liberties. The Liberty Movement cannot endorse this and still call itself a Liberty Movement.

Finally, those who take issue with Gary Johnson’s position on abortion must keep in mind that although Ron Paul and Gary Johnson’s personal opinions on abortion differ, their actual policy opinions are not all that different. Both believe that legislation should happen at the state level and not in the courts.

Whatever you do in November, do it at the polls and feel good about the vote you place in the box. We are in a unique position as a movement to parlay great momentum into a very loud and clear message to the Republican Party and the Nation as a whole that the Liberty Movement is alive, well, and indeed the future. Let's show the world what the Liberty Movement means numerically in a General Election so that we may grow in strength and continue to right the path of These United States.

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Are you certain that is the wisest strategic use of your


"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

If you have a better choice....

then by all means, tell us who and why.

Just asking questions or saying you won't vote for Johnson does nothing to organize our vote to send a strong clear message to the Republican Party that made a huge mistake alienating us.

Liberty Movement supporters voting for Johnson is not about electing Johnson. It's about showing organized mass numbers that cost Republicans an election.

We are no longer a block without Paul

We are divided into three camps. Those who will vote Virgil Goode, those who will write Ron Paul onto their ballot and those who will vote Gary Johnson. We have to allow those in all three camps to vote their conscience out of respect of liberty, pro-choice and pro-life and I see no consensus at the time without turning into another two camp spin cycle. It is best we try to get people not to vote Romney OR Obama and increase the numbers in the other camps.I need help too because when people start campaigning for Johnson I start talking about Virgil Goode.


I don't think Goode is on the ballot in a lot of states, am I wrong?

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

I am not sure

Some states have difficult processes. I think Johnson and Goode have been blocked by the RNC in Pennsylvania. It doesn't matter to me. I don't think there is a chance for any of our options to win at this point. I have thought since 2011 if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination we would have 4 more years of Obama. That has not changed.


Not about electing Johnson
Voting Johnson is just simply the only protest vote.
Romney can suck it, HE. IS. NEVER. GETTING. MY. VOTE. Period....; he's no better than Obama.

"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." -- James Madison

The discussion is still in it's early stage

What is best for the movement is what is best movement.

Not sure yet but no rush-particularly when nerves are still raw and emotions are high.

"You are a den of vipers and thieves."

I mean to rout you out!

-Just because you are among us, does not make you with us

-The door is wide open, anything can slither in

Gary Johnson Nor Anyone Else Is The Right Approach To Liberty

The answer lies first in education. No one man can solve our messy problems. Our problems can be blamed on the dumbing down of americans due to the educational system. At this time, it is probably too late to properly accomplish the heavy burden of re-education, mostly because the tryanny is spreading too fast, and the window of opportunity is closing..

Most of the people I work with are unintelligent, politically ignorant, totally distracted with their own private pleasures and personal problems. They all are very opinionated, speaking as ignorant fools, pissing, complaining and moaning about this and that but doing very little or nothing to change their plight.This is a direct result of a poor educational experience, bad parenting, etc..

Presidently, americans are far too guilible, naive and ignorant. They must be re-educated or they will die as slaves in some golag or concetration camp. The schools have neglected to teach the very thing that could free them our heritage: the history and value of our constitution..

Gary Johnson in and himself will do little to change the powers that be anymore than Ron Paul himself alone could. You would have to have a consenses in the house and senate as well. Without this consenseses you have political grid lock, which isn't all that bad, but not nearly what we need to reverse the damge already done.

Further, it would be far too easy for some lone nut or the powers that be to bring an end to whatever allusion of freedom you thought you were going to get..

Not engaging in political action is not a viable option

until we have support of a HUNDRED percent of the populace. Then we can have our stateless society libertopia. Until then we're stuck with this crap and we need to be supporting people like Gary Johnson as an important part of the battle.


I agree that education will be key in changing the country because of people's current ignorance. Sending a message by voting Johnson in such huge numbers is merely a piece of that educational process.

For the love of God.....

Offer a better solution on who we should vote for in mass organized numbers to send a message to the Republican Party that they should not have alienated us.

How does your reply help in sending a message to the Republicans?

It's not about electing Johnson, it's about sending a strong message for future leverage to change the Republican Party. I believe you're gullible if you can't grasp that.

I will never understand

I will never understand the hate some have for Gary Johnson, cause he is "not like Ron Paul". I love Ron Paul, and I wanted nothing more than for him to be president, but this attitude that everyone else sucks but Ron Paul has got to stop. This attitude contradicts everything Ron Paul has been speaking about, it goes against the whole idea of the liberty movement. For everyone that worships Ron Paul as a god, even he said that it is about a movement of ideas, a movement of liberty, not about him, and only him. Gary Johnson is a honest person, and every interview, every time I have heard him talk, he is honest and straight forward about his beliefs. He does believe in liberty for the individual, and allowing us to make our own choices. You may only agree with 98% of what he says, but does that mean that you won't vote for him cause "he isn't Ron Paul"? He is a piece of the larger puzzle of getting our liberties back. He isn't perfect, he isn't Ron Paul, but he also isn't Romney and Obama, and he is on all ballets in all 50 states. Make your choice, but don't burn bridges by being harsh or calling other liberty candidates like him, who aren't Ron Paul, names. Gary Johnson is a step forward, other candidates (who aren't Ron Paul) are a step back.

The Libertarian Party is a Tool of & a Distraction

At least we know exactly where we stand in the GoP and are making progress.

In the Libertarian Party you have...

Exhibit A.

- Bob Barr, 2008 Libertarian Presidential Candidate:

Pretended to be Ron Paul's friend and back-stabbed him. The fiasco started when he publicly demanding Ron Paul become his VP AFTER Ron let him speak and endorsed a group of 3rd Parties.

None of the libertarians seemed to care he was a neocon in the House and worked at the CIA.

Exhibit B.

- John Huntsman, Former Governor of Utah:

Rumors he funded fake Paul supporters. Went the extra mile and put out a fake Paul supporter with racists rants. Served Romney to divide and take votes from Paul through vote fraud.

Exhibit C.

- Gary Johnson, 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, former Governor of New Mexico:

Spearheaded a move to ride Ron Paul's coattails with no let up--including floating the idea that the RP had dropped out over 8 months ago. Philosophically opposed to many of Paul's core beliefs he will not receive an endorsement. Like Bob Barr he is currently serving his purpose to divide the Liberty movement and diminish it's effectiveness on the GOP.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

Your Reply Offers NOTHING...

on how to send an organized mass vote message to the Republicans that they screwed up.

Try again, how do we that? It's not about electing Johnson, it's about the best way to send a message to the Republican establishment.

The idea offered to do that is by voting for Johnson. If you have a better, please share.

Johnson is not Barr.



I agree with most of this post, however i don't understand why Rand is being pushed as the standard bearer of this movement. I Fully understand that the point of the rEVOLution was to light the fire within everyone of us to ensure liberty endures.. but we still need a face for the movement and everyone assumes it is Rand or no one. Why hasn't anyone proposed Justin Amash of Michigan. Yes, I will be voting for Gary Johnson when i get my ballot, but the future of this movement is not Rand Paul; It lies with a someone who walks the walk as well as talks the talk. Justin Amash.

Not About Rand

My mention of Rand Paul was merely in the capacity that IF you feel Rand is the future leader of the movement, then you shouldn't be afraid to vote Gary Johnson. Notice my choice of words when I said Rand Paul could show the Republican party how many votes he could "potentially" win back. He of course would still need to convince us.

My suggestion would be to

My suggestion would be to find a bunch of new candidates through a "search for a liberty idol" style contest on YouTube. Each participant can upload a 2-5 minute speech, including their positions on policies. The top few wouldn't "win" anything persay, but they would get a lot of attention and hopefully we can push them into a political career (if they aren't already) or have donation drives if they are.

This is a movement

not a case of one man or another.

Both Rand, Amash and thousands of other liberty candidates are going to win this with the help of every one of us.

The "one guy" idea is so establishment and last century.

It's not about one guy. But there clearly is a leader

Which everyone is rallying around ( or at least 99% of the liberty movement). Why should we abandon him at the height of his momentum and glory?

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.

As much as it is a movement

As much as it is a movement of the people, we still need leaders and figureheads. Someway to concentrate the voice of the movement for new people to listen to.

Without Ron the very real

Without Ron the very real danger of this movement turning in Occupy is a threat. People going in all directions having no impact... Hopefully we can find a way to not end up like the tea party... TAKEN OVER by the establishment.

Brilliant arguments

I fully conquer.

Now all we need is for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson to sit down and come to some agreement.





INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY require us to make up our OWN minds and take RESPONSIBILITY for OURSELVES! Not wait around for Ron to tell us what to do or who to vote for! Being and INDIVIDUAL means we are all DIFFERENT.

I agree but....

we will have accept the fact we will never be able to change the status quo voting individually for several individuals rather than as a majority.

WE MUST vote as a majority for one candidate that is going to best represent our ideal of individual freedom. One that has a shot at winning.

Of the choices we have, Romney, Obama or Johnson, which one represents individual freedom most?

Caution Against Waiting

I would love to see Ron Paul come out and endorse Gary Johnson, but that being said I don't think it benefits us to sit around waiting. Most of us are pretty intelligent people and more educated about the condition of our nation than the average citizen. We can make up our own minds in Paul's silence.

Makes perfect sense to me....

Makes perfect sense to me.... It would be great if Ron stepped into the Johnson ticket... For everyone talking of writing in Ron Paul it is just as effective to stay home. Nobody but yourself and anyone you tell will ever know.

Another thread on the Daily Paul has mention Gary has offered to step down if Ron wants the libertarian ticket. That would be sweet!

Paul and Johnson

I honestly don't see Gary Johnson stepping down and Ron Paul taking over his candidacy. I think if Gary Johnson actually did get elected he would probably offer a cabinet position to Ron Paul, but of course the most realistic outcome of the Gary Johnson vote is that we send a huge message to the world and continue to open people's minds to the Liberty Movement.

Gary doesn't have a chance

Gary doesn't have a chance and he knows it. Ron would put the Libertarian party on the map for the first time in it's existence. I can't imagine Ron not getting 25% and maybe even a win!