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Bradley Manning: "Apathy Is Its Own 3rd Dimension"

"The dismaying aspect of the story, Madar insists, is that no one leaked sooner: American service personnel and government officials in their tens of thousands had access to the war logs and diplomatic cables. In a brave chapter on ‘Whistleblowers and Their Public’, Madar squares up to the historical evidence that disclosures do not stop a juggernaut in its tracks or even slow it down. ‘The litany is long of colossal game-changing bombshells that made inaudible thuds on impact,’ from Henri Alleg’s La Question (1958), about his torture by the Paras in Algiers, through Ellsberg to Karl Eikenberry’s leaked cable from Kabul (2010), where he was serving as ambassador. Eikenberry, a retired lieutenant general, advised in the strongest possible terms against troop escalations and called for a review of the US counter-insurgency programme. ‘Despite Eikenberry’s impeccable credentials, and despite swiftly tanking public support for the war, the cable halted neither Obama’s Afghan surge nor the intensified drone strikes.’ Manning had a notion about the real-time sluggishness of politics, warfare, life and death. ‘Apathy,’ he confided to his fairweather friend on instant messaging, ‘is its own 3rd dimension.’"

This dismaying quote is from a review of a new book, The Passion Of Bradley Manning. Here's the full text:

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