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Tom Woods: Wead on Benton, Romney, etc

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Doug Wead on Benton, Romney, and the Liberty Movement

Doug Wead is without a doubt the smoothest and most articulate of the campaign people. A few comments of my own to introduce this video. (1) See what you think about his answer to the question regarding Jesse Benton’s description of the decent Paul Festival people, whom Ron Paul himself likes and admires, as a “fringe element.” (2) I am not sure “genius” is the word I would use to describe Jesse Benton. (3) Who are the unnamed members of the liberty movement who are in it just for the (alleged) money and to sell books? (4) “We also need some people where this isn’t about just making money,” he says — this reference, by contrast, is to Jesse the Ascetic and the campaign people. (5) He suggests the decision not to go after Romney — which is now evidently being admitted to, after various denials — was taken relatively late in the game, to avoid a massive anti-Ron ad campaign by Romney. On the other hand, a senior official tells us otherwise.

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yes, Wead is 'smooth'--

I think Dr. Paul is/was tired. I think that there was some kind of threat--

I think that is often happens that someone with 'nothing to hide' is made to appear bad by propaganda--

I don't think Dr. Paul wanted to 'go out' that way--

I think he was thinking of the 'liberty movement' when he decided to slow down and back off--

but I don't doubt Romney made some sort of threat--

not directly, but his people did, towards Paul's people--

I find that very easy to believe--

Has anyone on here had a 'friend' who did something dishonest and brutal towards him/her . . . even in the midst of civil exchange--

I have, and it's horrific. For someone to appear 'friendly' while launching an attack is the most successful way to do it--

I think Dr. Paul wants to like people (some call it a weakness; maybe it is; it's certainly not politically beneficial), and he saw/sees Romney as a 'nice family man with clean habits'--

Dr. Paul also (another weak spot IMO) admires businessmen, in principle at least--and there was Romney looking good on that account--

I think Dr. Paul reached out his hand in friendship towards someone he thought was 'good'--

and while reaching the hand out, the sword came out of the sleeve--

(Romney's sleeve)--

and Paul decided he didn't want to fight anymore--

I don't blame him; I admire him for it--

he's done . . .

and he's done enough--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

My feelings too!


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