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Are there legal grounds for a new Republican (Liberty) Party?

I am not a legal scholar, but based on what the Republican Party is supposed to represent according to the constitution (see below), it would seem that the RNC rule changes have very profound legal implications. I'm I missing something here? Would their actions make the existing party null under the constitution? Does it provide legal grounds for the creation of a new Republican Party?

from: http://www.1215.org/lawnotes/lawnotes/repvsdem.htm

The distinction between our Republic and a democracy is not an idle one. It has great legal significance.

The Constitution guarantees to every state a Republican form of government (Art. 4, Sec. 4). No state may join the United States unless it is a Republic. Our Republic is one dedicated to "liberty and justice for all." Minority individual rights are the priority. The people have natural rights instead of civil rights. The people are protected by the Bill of Rights from the majority. One vote in a jury can stop all of the majority from depriving any one of the people of his rights; this would not be so if the United States were a democracy. (see People's rights vs Citizens' rights)

In a pure democracy 51 beats 49[%]. In a democracy there is no such thing as a significant minority: there are no minority rights except civil rights (privileges) granted by a condescending majority. Only five of the U.S. Constitution's first ten amendments apply to Citizens of the United States. Simply stated, a democracy is a dictatorship of the majority. Socrates was executed by a democracy: though he harmed no one, the majority found him intolerable.

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As Doug Wead Stated

He will go wherever the movement goes. So will I.

We don't necessarily need to worry about what to call it. If a couple/few new parties are initiated, let's see where they go. Let them each mature and grow so that focus is not directed on one. When the time is right, we [r3VOLution] will know it because in the end we will most likely agree with and support a Liberty-minded, Constitutionally grounded candidate and join forces.

It's just a thought. But as I stated earlier, I don't give a rats a$$ what the party is called, when there is a candidate that I like, I will join forces to support that candidate.

Josie The Outlaw http://www.josietheoutlaw.com/

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

A New Party with New Energy

I have been thinking the same thing. It is going to be a difficult task to weed out the vermin at the top levels of the RNC. Yes, I know we all got into the Republican Party to support Ron Paul and now it is "we will change the Republican Party over time".

But time is not on our side. The Insiders of the RNC control the RNC. Look what they did to Ron Paul and us. Do you really think they will allow a movement to happen over the years to oust them? We all have good intentions at the local levels and can make some gains, but they know that and surely won't let it get to far.

I am sickened by everything that has happened. I became a PCP in my Oregon District, and witnessed first hand the Oregon RP doing their dirty work at the District Conventions.

Why put all of our energy into even trying to deal with the RNC? Let all those dishonest people in the RNC rot in their own decaying filth. I don't want to be associated with dinosaurs and the way they think. It is all polluted, and there are many long time Republicans who also want to get free of the pollution.

I am all for a new Party. Lets start fresh, a tribute to Ron Paul, and a haven for all those like minded. There are millions of us out there, we can do it, we have to do it. Lets start today!

Tempus Fugit....time flies. People, we don't have much time left. Ron Paul knows this and told us so, our Liberty & Freedom are in grave danger.

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WASTE OF TIME. We need the GOP.

The GOP and Dems have rigged ballot access laws to such an extent that it's virtually impossible for an established third party to get on the ballot, much less a new one. And the Presidential Debates Commission is 50% Dem and 50% GOP. Third parties are not allowed.

Our only hope is to BECOME THE GOP by showing up and filling up the seats instead of the RINOs and neocons.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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But we can take our ball and go home.

That means refusing Mitt the Twitt ballot lines and presidential electors in states controlled by Liberty GOPs, voting against GOP neocons, or voting third party, while still attempting to take over state GOPs. (See below.)

Understand that these Romney RNC people prefer to lose this election to retain their grip on power. We need to make them lose as much as possible. Paybacks are a b1tch!

The Liberty movement could bolt from the RNC!

The uncorrupted pro-Paul states could announce that the process has been so corrupt that they cannot recognize Mitt the Twitt as their nominee and place Ron Paul on their state ballot line and that their presidential electors will vote for Paul in the electoral college for president. That will make headlines.

It would only take a few state GOPs to deny Mitt the Twitt the ballot line and presidential electors to demonstrate that he cannot win the electoral vote. That would mean an election decided in the U.S. House of Representatives, if Obama also fails to get an electoral majority. The new House would elect the President and the new Senate would elect the VP. It also gives people an incentive to elect Liberty candidates, who need not be GOPers but could be Libertarians, Constitution Party, or some other party, to Congress.

Denying Mitt the Twitt the ballot line and the presidential electors is the ultimate penalty for running a rigged presidential contest and convention. I hope that Paul supporters in other states take this kind of action. It has been 100 years since Teddy Roosevelt bolted a similar corrupt GOP convention and came in second in the popular and electoral vote. Maybe the time for reform has come again?

Or maybe a whole new convention

If its determined that there was election fraud and the Republican Convention is found to be in violation.