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Just In Case: State of Alaska to Stockpile (but should pay attention)

Just In Case: State of Alaska to Stockpile Mass Amounts of Food and Supplies in Giant Warehouses
by Mac Slavo - SHTFPlan
Published : August 30th, 2012


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only for 40 000 people - not enough

It's a prudent plan of action and as such should be applauded, but to have emergency rations and supplies on hand for 40,000 residents when it's in consideration of potentially state-wide disruption seems low.

The mindset here is...

Is probably that stockpiling for only a portion of the population allows an opportunity for aide to arrive. Alaskans are probably the best-prepared people of any state, because they realize how dangerous the world outside their doorsteps can be. Most Alaskans should already be very prepared for emergency situations, since it's up to them and their neighbors to survive.