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The Time Is Now! Make The Republican Party - Our Party - Here's How!

With Romney having lost the election, now is the time to turn the entire GOP into the Revolution Party!

Just being registered Republican is not enough though, I mean it's great to be able to support liberty candidates in the primaries, but that's not how we take this ship over.

To take over we have to get involved in our county and state GOP. If you're not already, google your state GOP - like this if you're in Florida - http://rpof.org/contact-us/find-your-local-rec/ - and find out when and where your county meetings are held, and then go! It's very easy to become a PCO here in Florida and I'm sure the equivalent in your state is easy to make happen too. When you become a PCO you have voting rights on who your county GOP office holders are, and if you bring enough of your friends to these meetings and they bring enough of their friends, (it doesn't take a lot, it's amazing how few people are involved and how easy this can be) your county will be run by you and your friends when 2014 rolls around, and then we work to make the state leadership ours from there hopefully before 2016, and when we take the state parties, we take the RNC from there. We can do this, it just takes getting involved and going to a meeting once a month or so, sometimes they are even interesting and not punishment! Imagine how much better they will be when we are running the show and setting the agenda and deciding which speakers we want to invite to speak at the monthly meeting!

The Republican Liberty Caucus http://www.rlc.org/ is a great way to network with people in your area too and help each other run your local county GOP! I had great fun at the RLC events I've been to and look forward to more!

We can do this! Viva la revolution Ron Paul RepubliCANS!

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The Liberty movement must renounce the RNC!

Any takeover of the GOP must have an attainable goal: the withdrawal of state parties from the corrupt RNC. There needs to be a public education that the nomination process in the RNC and the last convention was a fraud. People need to be educated that Romney was just a patsy to loose to Obama without giving the public a real choice. The GOP nomination was fixed. It was rigged.

When there was still a chance of a brokered convention with delegates from the grass roots of the party rejecting a clear loser, the RNC politburo shut down the convention and changed the rules with a sham vote. Without reversing those rules, which permit the RNC to govern the party by diktat, there is no reason to continue to play a rigged game.

Therefore, the only reason to attempt to take control of state parties, is to withdrawal them from the control of the RNC. Otherwise, the RNC politburo will continue to run a rigged game, and we will all be foolish to continue to participate in that charade.

Hmmm Seems like we are forgetting something.

The special interest groups: BANKS, Wall Street, the military-security complex, Israel Lobby, agribusiness, energy, and many others, choose who will be president and choose a puppet who will cater to their interests.

In the end the monied elite will determine WHO gets to be nominated, and who gets to be president no matter how hard YOU work at making the GOP honest and principled. Been there. Done that.

They monied elite will FUND who they want and rig the nominations to get their person nominated, use the media to sway the masses, block any honest person who tries to get nominated or elected, and then rig the elections as well. Are you prepared for that? Been there. Done that. Can you overcome the monied elite who BUY who they want?

Same plan. Same results. The elections no longer work. It is FIXED.


The establishment and I agree on something!


Another 40 years of the wilderness!

I am!


I have been registered as a republican for over twenty years..although other than RP I have not voted for a republicon since 2000. I am not going anywhere! The fascist psychotic murdering war mongering money printing lying zionist ho's need to leave the republican party..I am not going anywhere.


And they are leaving!

And better yet, they are very low in spirits and those who have been pco's are less likely to show up for meetings for a good long while, I saw this in 2008 when McCain lost - so there will be more openings for us to take over our county parties!

I am!

They surely don't want us in the Repub party.

RP Supporters are split.

I find, a superior majority don't want to get involved in the political process. That is really it, the apathy core problem.

This is why the bad guys have governing control.

join the LP, or the GOP

Or the democratic party if u want....but just keep spreading the word of liberty wherever you are. It is very important to be involved with all of these parties, and with the public.

The "news" of course will always try to slay those who carry the message of liberty.

Stay the course, spread the word. Show videos, explain. Keep waking people up. If the average American were to see some of the corruption, they'd do what they can to fix things. Show them, show everyone.

I kind of agree with you Duane...

I just think we'll be much more effective if we work within the GOP - and help Romney lose this year:)

I am!

The Establishment doesn't want you to know there is third party

They actually want the Paul movement scattered and divided. If they rallied behind a third party then the establishment would be scared. But it appears very unlikely since the only one on the ballot in all 50 States is Gary Johnson and most are haters of Johnson.

2Co 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

And you have some super secret inside spy in the "establishment"



The reason the LP hasn't seen more success over the past 40 years is precisely because of attitudes like yours.

If the LP had the enthusiasm of people fed up with the two-headed party, rather than them trying to somehow "take over" that two-headed party, the LP would have taken over Congress and the White House long ago.

They can still do it now.

To win camapaigns it takes organization - boots on the ground.

Where the LP has this, they do well.

They still don't have enough anywhere to win something so big as a state-wide race or Congressional district.

But if there were a concerted effort by people who are just waking up, to use the LP as their vehicle to get into office - it can certainly be done.

Yes, you have uphill battles - in ANY PARTY.

The obstacles are just different with the LP.

You won't have to beat your head against a wall.

You won't have to deal with people changing the rules on you at the last minute.

You won't have people having you arrested for following the rules, breaking your bones - literally.

You'll be working with people who already think like you, and who have the same goals as you.

Your biggest first hurdle is showing up and doing something.

Then, your task is no different than if you were in the GOP.

You still have to raise money, get more volunteers, get in front of the voters.

Look - do GOP and Dem candidates initially get some sort of "pass" or "deference" by the media and the voters? Yes.

Does that mean that's all you need?

Hell no.

There are always lots of Dems and Republicans running for local and even Congressional offices in my state that are "nobodys." And they remain "nobodys."

Being in the GOP or Dem party isn't an automatic ticket to "legitimacy" in the eyes of the voters or the media.

What they see as legit is a candidate who has organization, who has a media presence, who is out in front of voters at as many events as possible, who raises campaign cash to be able to reach voters they can't personally be in front of or shake hands with, and who has boots on the ground going door-to-door for them.

Money in campaigns is needed for two main purposes - reaching voters in large districts that you can't reach personally, and maintaining a "relevant" presence that re-inforces your other campaigning.

It sucks becuase it's so expensive, but many candidates, including Paul - with our help - have proven it doesn't have to be oscenely expensive like other candidates treat it.

If LP candidates had people making their own signs, sign waving on city streets and highways for them, hitting the internet, doing our own guerrilla marketing, making as many small donations as possible, there are REAL candidates out there who could benefit and get elected.

So much energy has been wasted trying to take over a party that was never friendly to liberty, was always the party of the establishment, and that frankly doesn't want to be and obviously will not be, taken over.

It just makes more sense to many of us to use what little resources we have, and to focus our energies on actaul electioneering, than to burn them on just trying to get a seat at a table where no one wants us there.

If that's what you want to do - no one is stopping you but the GOP.

Have at it.

But to try to accuse the rest of us as being part of the "establishment" is just ABSURD.

It is an uniformed and ignorant statement.

There's nothing gained by making it.

If you don't want to walk our path - so what? We're not trying to force you. And while we disagree with your method, we know confidently, you will either learn from your experience and come over to our side eventually, or you will forever beat your head against the brick wall, remain ever frustrated, and never realize why you aren't making any progress. This will most likely make you miserable, and/or you will simply quit.

We'd rather you didn't go that route - but it's your choice.

We'd rather we had more help getting liberty candidates elected.

But there's no need to try to demonize us because we see a different way to reach the same goal you have. Unless of course, your goal really isn't to elect Liberty candidates? (see how that works?)

How did Jesse Ventura win with just 37% of the vote?

It was made possible by rejecting the 2 party system. Would you prefer the threshold for a liberty candidate win be set at 51%, or 34%?


Never would have won if he hadn't already been a likable celebrity. Got a likable celebrity to run for every 3rd party race? I don't think so.

I am!

I don't think there is a shred of

evidence for the idea expressed in the title BUT the rest of the OP is fine. rEVOLutionaries in all parties makes sense to me. Or belong to no party.


Funny how something like this will never make the Front Page

But the GJ circle jerk continues ad nauseum after not only Ron Paul rejecting GJ, but so did a lot of his supporters.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

When did that happen?

When was that? His most recent comment about GJ, after the convention, was: "I think he’s wonderful, and I think he’s doing a good job and people should look at him and every individual should make up his own mind."

Yep. Emphasis on the last eight words.

"...every individual should make up his own mind."

We seem to have some people here who just don't understand that concept.

Support the Constitution of the United States

No! The establishment wants us to Vote.

They are illegitimate without our vote.

You may Vote for change but the vote counters know what is best for you.

More government is always best. So we are stuck with three big government candidates. Government wins no matter what. We lose no matter what.

Free includes debt-free!


They just take turns deciding how to increase size of government.

This post


OP is going on the assumption that the LP will be the same as it was in the past years. He does not count on the possibility of the liberty loving Ron Paul Republicans migrating over to the LP and having a dramatic effect on politics.

Before Ron Paul, the word 'libertarian' was rarely understood, rarely spoken. Since his run in '08, the word has become a common term. People are sick of the left/right paradigm, and the LP will reach a tipping point and attract so many young and old liberty lovers that they cannot be ignored.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

When would that tipping point be? 2093 AD?

1% What a tipping point after decades. With no support or funding and the ability to pick real libertarian winners like Bob Barr and Gary "I shot myself in the foot smearing Ron Paul with racist newsletters"Johnson they will remain the pimple on the ass of politics as usual forever.

Ron Pauls plan is right. Become the GOP.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


The FEC wants to stick the fringe in a safe place and under their control.

Say the get the LP gets 5% then government will call the shots. What other contributor can compete with the governments lobbying power.

Dance with the dragon and you will get crushed.

Free includes debt-free!

That will only happen if the LP takes the matching funds.

There is huge debate in the LP over it.

It isn't forced on us.

There's a better than 50% chance the LP will turn it down when it reaches that level.

How many LP meetings have you attended this year?

I joined the LP when they had full page ads in Playboy magazine for NORML. I joined NORML too (National Organization Reforming Marijuana Laws) As the LP tried to expand on their isses, they have always been defeated because they are CONTROLLED by the GOP. The GOP has "members" within that control ot, and WHY Ron Paul left for the GOP.

People know all about the LP.

There will never be a tipping point.. You can LIE to yourself with HIGH hopes, but all you are doing is LYING to yourself.

How many LP meetings have you attended this year? I would have to drive 150 miles one way, to go. LP is NOT they way. YOU need to FIGHT WITHIN the GOP. Sorry if you don't like the truth.

Ron Paul is NOT a liar, GOP GREW because of Republican registration FOR Ron Paul. TAKE THOSE SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is absolutely not true. Maybe in your local neck of the

woods, but in my state, there are NO GOP operatives hiding in our party.

That is patently absurd with respect to my state, and anyone in the LP here would be laughing histerically at your comment.

You really need to let go of things being a "conspiracy" and consider for a moment, that what is most likely the answer to everything is simply "base human behaviour."

It's also amazing to me

I was in the LP 20 years ago, and back then, we didn't tell others what they need to do, or should do, there was this thing about not giving each other unsolicited advice. It amazes me how many LP members are telling me what to do.

Maybe in your neck of the woods you do not have members who swing back and forth beteen the GOP and the LP. We have them here.

GJ got 21 votes in the entire county.

Peace and Freedom has 32 members
LP has 65
Greens has 255
Constitution Party/ American Indy has 305

Just so you understand, where I live, your party is second from the bottom. There is no committee here.

Are you on your LP central committee?

Yes I am.

Not all local areas have a committee, some do, we're working on the rest.

I do sit on the State Central Committee.

My apologies if it seemed like I was offering you real advice - I wasn't, it was a literary device. My bad.

Look, I'm sure everyone's situation is different, that was my point. Your experience with the LP/GOP cannot be used to generalize for everyone every where.

And I also apologize

I offer my experience not as an absolute but in hopes other also share their experience. I'm not getting much in return of shared experiences, however, I am getting a lot of insults, unsoliticed advice as to what I should do, what I need to do, to leave DP, to get lost and nothing I recall being "libertarian" in principle from those who claim they are Libertarian or LP supporters (not including you).

Just because I gave up on the LP 20 years ago is not reason anyone else should. I have not told anyone what to do, and I won't.

Do what you want, and prepare to suffer the consequences.

For me, those consequences are Romney, what are they for you?

I'm not sure I follow. Romney is the nominee. Either him or

Obama is most likely to win, save something out of left field.

No matter what either of us do, that will be the result.

So I'm not sure I'm following you on what you mean by 'consequences.'