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FB - Pro Ron Paul account hacked? for Romney?

So, I found this posted on my Mom's facebook wall. Which is really weird, because she is not a Mitt Romney supporter and is fervently Ron Paul. Has anyone else noticed weird pro Romney messages from Ron Paul supporters on FB?

Because, I KNOW! My mom did not write this. This is not her writing style. Are Ron Paul people's accounts getting hacked?

"I watched the 2012 RNC for 3 days. I have real HOPE in America again. We are in the Great Depression. All we have heard is NEGATIVE stuff that have put Americans in fear for the last 4 years. We need someone who knows what they are doing and get busy, who will work with the Congress and the Senate. We don't need another 4 years of a president acting like he's on the campaign trail, taking off to golf all the time, throwing money at every problem and acting like he is god. We don't need a president that disses the military and takes pay away from our men and women in the service. He did that last month people. We don't need him to redistribute the wealth. We are not communists, or socialists - we are AMERICANS. We have allowed trillions to be dumped on our kids and grandchildren. For what?

Even tho I am a libertarian and love Ron Paul, we need someone to restore the USA. Who will be able to work well with others. We don't need MORE GOVERNMENT we need LESS!

I am finally convinced that Romney/Ryan is the ticket to vote for. We need real CHANGE. It was good to hear POSITIVE for once. I've been smiling the last three days. The Republicans have a lot of new young representatives and fresh blood. They sound like they will really work hard for what they believe and to get this country back up again.

I have officially flipped.

I like Mitt Romney's and Paul Ryan's character, strength, hard work, and beliefs. They want to work with others and stop the divisiveness. Dig into their backgrounds. Find out what you need to know about these guys. They are not hiding their past from us unlike the current sitting president.

I sure hope the mud slinging stops because it is not helping any us. I have never experienced such anger, racism and fighting in the country before. As soon as Obama took office it seemed as if the verbal fighting was at an all time high, and all principles and the country's values turned upside down along with the housing market. We have become a socialist country. This is evil. This country was founded on Christian principles and dreams to build better futures. We need to get back to what worked and get away from what has hurt the country. It's not to late.

Clint Eastwood was a riot. You gotta watch his comments.

Just saying FB peeps, I want to be proud of America once again."

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Sounds like a good reason for

Sounds like a good reason for everyone here to be on guard and increase the strength of their passwords for all websites.

Batten down the hatches guys...INCOMING!

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.



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