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Matlarson10: Ron Paul To Have Special Announcement On The Jay Leno Show - 3rd Party Run?!

A New Mat Larson Video: *Rumor* has it that Ron Paul will have a special Announcement On The Jay Leno Show - 3rd Party Run?! Endorsement?

Related: (Visualize) Ron Paul on Jay Leno Announcing He Will Be Running for POTUS as a 3rd Party Candidate!

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Johnson would have to

Johnson would have to publicly offer to step aside again now after the RNC to even forward the idea of this it would seem to me...

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My bet

My bet it is announcing some type of PAC or foundation "to support Liberty" to be run by Jesse Benton.



am sure we would all love to see him announce a third party run, but i don't see it happening, I would be totally shocked and beyond happy.

TV, radio or internet show

i would be shocked if he endorsed anyone and i would have a heart attack if he announced a third party run!

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He'll get in some gentle

He'll get in some gentle shots at Romney, he'll talk about his career, and talk about his future plans as an elder statesman. He has no interest in running 3rd party.

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Just stop it! You guys are driving me crazy. He's probably just going to say thank you.
(Although I will jump up and down with happiness if he does announce a 3rd party run.)

Haven't we all been

Haven't we all been disappointed so many times that we've become nearly immune to one more? LoL

Gary Johnson endorsement?


How the tides could be turned...

Staying in congress? (I wish)

I'd love to see him say he is deciding to stay in congress. He's earned his retirement but him leaving congress upsets me more than anything.

Wouldn't GOP bring suit

over ballot access saying he doesn't qualify?

I wonder if

Ron Paul can announce that he is challenging Obama on the democratic ticket?
What if Ron Paul has secret delegates at the dnc and accruals takes the re nomination away from Obama?
Then Ron Paul will Ron against Romney in the general election.

++1 in case people were just misinterpreting the comment,

where in actuality, you were simply exercising your really twisted sense of humor.



How could he possibly have a bunch of delegates at the DNC? It was hard enough for him to be awarded his legally-elected delegates at the RNC! I wish it were true, but it's not realistic.

I don't play, I commission the league.

I'll have what yer smokin'...

that scenario happens only in movies and fiction.

It's a speaking tour

He likes going to the campuses and speaking. This is what he will likely be doing after he retires from Congress.

Ok he's not goingviewers leno

To announce he going on a book tour give me a break.
He will not announce his retirement because he already said he is retiring.
He will not endorse Johnson because he would do something like that on a normal news show.
This is late night everyone is home biggest ratings show in America for that time slot.
This is jay Leno and this is a big deal.
Someone who is going out would not e making a major pitch of some sort to the whole world for them to see.
The more and more I think about it.... Something huge is getting ready to go down.
Jay Leno "So congressman Paul we all saw how u got cheated out of being nominated from the floor"
Paul " yes yes that sort of thing is to be expected and we knew they would try something like this"
Jay Leno " your not going to just lay down and let them win are u"
Paul "no we are not a bunch of chumps and don't appreciate being pushed around"
Jay Leno " so.. We here u have a major announcement to give us live in front of millions of our viewers"
Paul " yes yes I do haha "
Jay leno " well dr Paul ..."
Paul " I like to announce that I have just accepted the nominatation for president of the libertarian party"
Jay leno ... "wow.. And we also have a suppose guest"
For governed gary Johnson"
Johnson "I am happy to announce that I have agreed to be Pauls vp"
Paul " yeah we had this planned the whole time we new we had the numbers but we had to make sure the support was real"
Crowd goes wild

Then Leno says, "Show me the money."

You can fill in the rest.

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No way Paul is running 3rd

No way Paul is running 3rd party or libertarian. That is just a pipe dream. Mark my words, even if you vote this down.

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How about Jill Stein-Ron Paul?

The Green Party would steal Obama's disaffected, anti-war, anti-NDAA progressives, Ron Paul brings the conservative base which felt like throwing up watching Mitt Romney bat his eyelashes and drip with insincerity.

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Jill Stein

Is pretty much a socialist.

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He will probably endorse someone.

If he DOES run, it is too late to win because of the sour grapes rules in several states, but it WILL make a big enough difference to make Romney lose.

Sore loser laws..

apply to candidates who are defeated...
Ron Paul wasn't defeated,
he was cheated and defrauded.

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