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Unwanted, Unneeded

It seems like the GOP has made themselves perfectly clear. The liberty movement is not only unwanted, but they feel that we are not needed, except as a convenient scapegoat. They continually push us and our message away, but before the media say that they welcome us. The liberty movement is only a hinderance in their battle against Obama.

Fine. Go ahead. It is clear to me that you feel you do not need us to win. The Romney campaign took the crown through treachery and guile. They are liars and cheats with mountains of money and underground influence and machines going up against liars and cheats with mountains of money and underground influence and machines.

They may go ahead and try to take the presidency the same way they took the nomination. They did not win the nomination honestly, and they will not win honestly against Obama, either. Neither would Obama win honestly, for that matter. Both sides have their machines to flip votes, both sides have the money and the media influence, and both sides are equally ruthless and adapt at guile. What do they need rat-racing, conscience-bound people for?

Good. I don't want to get caught up in that anyway. I will simply continue to educate my fellow Republicans about what sound money really is, what real freedom is, what a humane foreign policy really is, and why all of it is good. I will continue to point out how the current actions of those in power do not match up with the kind of government we actually, really want. I will continue to open eyes and touch hearts. I will continue to support good, honest and wise people. I will continue to influence my fellow citizens so that when the system collapses, we'll have a nation of well-educated, charitable, responsible people who can put things back together the way it should be. If the system doesn't collapse sooner, than later. It makes no difference to me. The future is bright before us, because we hold fast to the truths we've found. I look forward to a day of freedom for myself, my family, and my children, for my neighbors, and for friends and strangers and enemies alike.

So go ahead, Romney. Maybe it takes a fraud to combat a fraud. Maybe it's true that by the wicked are the wicked destroyed. You may strive for the presidency without my support. You don't need it, nor do I want you to have it.