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RonPaul.com asks shall he run as Independent

Glaring at the top of the home page: I'll be Back!
EDIT: [A Fan Site] is asking if you will support him if he runs as an Independent.

http://www.ronpaul.com/ Has link to sign that you will:

Currently there are over 8,500 signatures to back him, with at least 1,000 from just today.

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I signed it

I don't comment much, but I do support Ron Paul 100% and I refuse to use my vote to support any other candidate running for president....I will write in Ron Paul and I will never again vote for the lesser of 2 evils....

I signed it.

I signed it, even though my state has sore loser laws and my vote won't count.

VERY Misleading on their page

They try to make it look like he is saying, "I'll Be Back".
And they show the "RNC 2012 Sham" video. That's all it is. Ron Paul is not saying anything of that sort. Now I remember why I never visit that site.

fan site

This is a fan site.

You're right. But Hunter hints the same

Guess I'm over here too much. I thought the 2nd site was the official site, but I see there's a .net/.com difference.

However, on the official site, official blogger PauliticalTicker with Jack Hunter, just posted "Ron Paul's Victory" with one encouraging sentence:
"Whether the proceedings in Tampa end with the final gavel in the hall or the first wind gusts in a vulnerable densely populated area, there will be two enduring images. One will be of Romney winning the nomination, resulting either in his assumption of presidential power or his return to irrelevance after November. The other will be of Ron Paul, rallying his young troops one last time as a candidate in his own right."

I have also emailed the official site asking if he is considering running as an Independent. Phones lines are not for policy questions etc.