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Ron Paul Support Pledge

I am not sure how many of the DP users are aware of this pledge that is going around. I found it yesterday after going to ronpaul.com to buy some gear for November when I saw a "grassroots pledge". The signed say they will show their support for Dr. Paul if he were to run as an Independent. I like the idea. After all, Paul will not be running for Congress again so there is no need for him to run as a Republican. A party label does not mean giving up principles, so it is a brilliant idea by the RP fans on ronpaul.com

The important thing to remember is that this is NOT a petition. To my knowledge, Paul has not agreed to run with a specific numbers of signatures, but he may if he sees how much support he has. The decision is ultimately up to hi though.

I hope that you will show your support for Ron Paul and the liberty movement, for this may be our last chance at getting a truly liberty minded candidate in the White House.

Hope you will sign!

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And it's moving fast!

no link


the link


Backed up somewhat by last sentence from his official site:
http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/08/28/ron-pauls-victory/ "Whether the proceedings in Tampa end with the final gavel in the hall or the first wind gusts in a vulnerable densely populated area, there will be two enduring images. One will be of Romney winning the nomination, resulting either in his assumption of presidential power or his return to irrelevance after November. The other will be of Ron Paul, rallying his young troops one last time as a candidate in his own right."