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The Ron Paul Write-In Campaign Is Underway - And We Need Your Help ASAP

The Ron Paul Write-In Campaign Is Underway -
And We Need Your Help ASAP

A small group of Liberty activists have decided that as a matter of conscience they cannot vote for either Mitt Romney (R), Barack Obama (D) or Gary Johnson (L).

We believe that after the GOP Convention, a vote for a registered party candidate is a vote supporting the Two-Party Matrix. The Libertarian Party (and the other Minor Parties as well) are intentionally engineered by our electoral system to provide a false hope for dissenting Americans, who think they could actually undermine the Duopoly in power.

We are asking people in EVERY State to draft Ron Paul's name as a write-in candidate or to contact us to help us set up a PLACEHOLDER on behalf of Ron Paul by written agreement. We are also recommending you vote with an Absentee Ballot and to submit it certified mail with return receipt to the proper elections office, and make a copy for your records.

Ron Paul has lost (being cheated out of) the GOP Nomination, but we still want a truly principled and independent candidate who is committed to Peace, Liberty and Free Local Markets.

Ron Paul is truly the first "Internet Candidate" separate from the corrupt Democratic and Republican Parties, and the permanently marginalized Minor Parties.

Let the Electors in the Electoral College and your fellow Americans know we don't vote for any of the Registered Party candidates in this presidential election cycle.

The Liberty Coalition (along with other groups and hundreds of thousands of Americans) is officially endorsing Ron Paul as our Nominee. We will do whatever it takes to list Ron Paul as a "write in" candidate in each State, and where possible (like Montana and Louisiana in 2008) to get his name on the ballot.

We call on all Americans from any party or affiliation to unite with us on the race in the next few weeks to take a stand and make a difference for Liberty in America!

A vote for Libertarian Party Nominee Gary Johnson is an exercise in futility and a vote in favor of the Two Party System which owns the LP.

Aside from Johnson's troubling statements on drones and Middle East Involvement and the "Fair Tax", there is a serious question about his abandonment of the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) in favor of what works.

"The Libertarian Party has never garnered more than about 1% of the vote in a presidential election. Its chief benefit has always been that it nominated candidates that libertarians could actually believe in, even if they weren’t going to win. This was true as late as 2004, when the party nominated Michael Badnarik. However, it badly damaged itself by nominating Bob Barr in 2008. If it nominates Gary Johnson for president in 2012, it will completely lose all relevance, even among libertarians." - Tom Mullen, 4/12/12

Since 1971, the Libertarian Party has failed to ever garner more than 1% of the vote. Even Ron Paul understood the tragic fate of this marginalized group after his failed 1988 bid for U.S. President.

Every year, the LP partisans promise that it's going to be their lucky year. They tout that they are the country's largest third party, which is like blind man arguing he can see better than other blind men. They boast that they have overcome the most ballot access hurdles, yet they spend so much money on ballot access, most Americans still say, "Libertarian Party, who?"

Let's work together to vote for Liberty, to vote our conscience, to vote against the Two-Party System, and to vote for Ron Paul.

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more information

I am interested. Please contact me with more information.


phone 585.271.0381

We Have Another Option to Get Ron Elected - See Post "It's Still

Possible - regarding him running on the Libertarian Ticket as President - time is running out and he could announce it on Leno Show this coming Tuesday if we can let Ron know we support him


I'm all about it

I was going to write him in anyway:)

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-Thomas Paine

Please post website when

Please post website when avail for non-facebook users.

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