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It's Still Possible - Call Ron Paul And Tell Him That You Would Support A Libertarian Run! Serious Post - Not Hype

So we all know Ron is making a special announcement on Jay Leno on September 4th. I know many of us are hoping it's that Ron is running Indy or third party. Some are hoping he will endorse Johnson.

I just got off the phone with someone very close to Ron and want to tell everyone that a third party run is possible. At this point that is not what the announcement is going to be. It's also not a Johnson or Romney endorsement, so says my well placed source. Again, take it worth a grain of salt, but I trust that this person is close enough to Ron to know.

Up until know I have believed that there was ZERO chance Ron would run third party. However, after my phone call I believe there is a glimmer of hope. It's too late for Ron to get on the ballot as an Indy, however Johnson has said in the past that he would step aside for Ron.

Now for the bad news..Ron does not think the grassroots would fully back him because of all of the Rand and Benton bashing that has taken place, but RON would LOVE to make a last major push for Liberty in the presidential debates.

WE HAVE TO TELL RON BEFORE SEPTEMBER 4th THAT WE WILL SUPPORT HIM AND FUND HIM AND BACK HIM. If he knows that, there is still a chance he could change his mind, and if Gary really will step aside for Ron, Ron may take one final shot as a Libertarian. There is no chance Johnson will be anywhere near 15% and therefore no chance Gary is going to be in any debates. However, if Ron is the LP nominee and Gary as VEEP (as much as I dislike Gary, I could accept that) Gary would be debating Biden.

It's a long shot, but apparently still simmering in the back of Ron's mind. We need to ask Gary to step aside and make sure Ron knows we will be with him all the way! When you to Gary's site it loads an automatic video that is all about RON PAUL. So Ron Paul might as well be the candidate.

To Quote Paul Ryan: LET'S GET IT DONE! Let's get to work guys and gals and make this happen. Make sure you tell your liberty friendly email lists and any other liberty boards you post on as well.


Gary Johnson Contact Info: (801) 303-7922


Again, from what I have been told he may be able to be swayed, Let's sway him! Email and fax too if you have time!

Ron Paul Contact Info:
Washington DC: (202) 225-2831
Lake Jackson, Texas: (979) 285-0231
Victoria, Texas: (361) 576-1231

2012 Presidential Campaign Office: 1-703-563-6620

UPDATE: Saturday, 09/01/2012 - 9pm PST


If this is true, someone spoke with Dr. Paul today. Here is what that person has to say. This is taken directly from the facebook link above...."I spoke with Dr. Paul this afternoon about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1000
Participant Access Code: 890562#.........."

This specific event is being discussed here on DP...

I have no idea if this is real or not. It could be a scam to sign us all up for Amway or for Gary Johnson...However, if its true, things are getting very interesting. KEEP CALLING AND EMAILING.
The main mail box at the Johnson campaign is full, but you can still leave a message by pressing 0. The number is 801 303-7922

Also, Ron's DC office VM is full, but the 2012 campaign number is still taking messages- 703-563-6620

Don't forget to email also. And pass the word along to everyone.
See also: Call The Libertarian Party And Tell Them You Want Ron Paul!

Energized Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up - 09/10/08


GBAmerica: This video was done in 2008. Now really think about this, 60% of Americans were NOT happy at all with either candidate (in 2008). Now? I would not doubt it that it is higher today. If we can get all four parties backing one! It's all about the message! Our liberties! (Green Party, Lib Party, Constitution Party, and you know some of the Republican Party will follow … Sarah Palin supporters … and Democrats that cannot stand Obama! We all know this!

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Even if Ron were to accept,

WE would need to organize a massive campaign targeting the networks, to such a degree that makes their knees buckle. They need to fear US more then their controllers. In order to accomplish such a feat WE have to put their credibility on the line and get it out to the masses.

The thing is the collective intelligence among the Ron Paul supporters is off the charts and if we were to commit to finding the right campaign, we could move mountains. I know right now many of us feel victimized but honestly they are scared to death of what WE can accomplish if we believe in ourselves.

It's time to liberate!

Ron Paul 2012

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front page with close to 400 votes now. Do you think you can please put this post on front page at the VERY TOP. I thought the purpose of this site is to get Ron Paul elected. Why isn't this front page at top?


The Doug Wead stuff needs to be front page

People need to take a breath and listen to / read it.

If anything else needs to be front page it is this:

Bump for Ron Paul.....

Bump for Ron Paul.....

I love it!

Even if he did not win, if he could at least even get in the National debates that would wake up SO many more people. That is how he woke me up, this year in the debates:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

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Ron Paul is retiring, let him

Ron Paul is retiring, let him go in peace! He has carried the liberty torch in the face of tyranny for 30 years, he has built an army, it's time WE stood up and took over for this great man and let him rest. It's up to us now.

He Will Never Retire - He & We have an obligation to

continue to get his message out. He was still in the race as of Tuesday. He just needs to know that we will support him if he were to run on the Libertarian ticket. We are only talking about a little over 2 months to go before this election in November. He would love nothing more than to get up there on stage with Romney and Obama and debate them while educating millions of people in America and the world. Imagine how HAPPY Mitt/RNC will love it when they hear that we are still in it to win it! Just when they thought they got rid of Ron and his supporters, ha!


what do you think he has been

what do you think he has been doing this last year? He wasn't going to retire if he won!

It's all about spreading his

It's all about spreading his message.... A few more months sure isn't going to hurt him and could do more for this message than his entire career. Presidential debates... Common!

Please oh Please Front Page This! It Needs to go Viral.....

This needs front page exposure in order for it to go viral. This will help build support and show Ron that we are serious in backing him all the way! We need the front page though to expedite the process. Time is short!

Put this on the front page,

Put this on the front page, please.

I think it is hard to find someone in the grassroots who wouldn't support it.

But the libertarian platform should change its stance on the consumption tax, shouldn't dictate the states how to deal with abortion and get the government out of the marriage business.

A bit of Ron Paul education surely wouldn't hurt them...

I used to think it is a good idea to change the Republican Party, but after this convention I have to admit that I can't see any future there in the next years. Maybe the best way is to do it both from the inside and the outside of the Republican Party.

Run Dr. Paul, we are fully behind you and we love you.

What is Deadline to Switch Candidates? Sample Ballots, etc have

to be printed and the deadline has to be very close. All the more reason to get the word out that we support Ron Paul in this 3rd party Libertarian Presidential race.


Spoke directly to the Libertarian Party headquarters

....several months ago, and they made it definitely clear they wanted Ron Paul to be on their ticket.

If he wants todo this, I bet GJ would relinquish his spot....

We know we can't win this way, due to ex-V.P. Goldman Sachs operatives purchasing the presidential vote tabulating software, but at least Dr. Paul would be on ballot in ALL states....and really screw Romney!

BTW, everybody I've talked to does NOT like Romney for their choice!

Wow, great you have confirmed that they Want Ron Paul. Now, we

just need to hear from Gary and Ron if they are in agreement. This could be a win win situation for everyone except Romoney and Obama! Wouldn't it be great if he was in the middle when they debated. But of course, we know we can count on him to be in his regular position, at the end.


MODS & Michael - This is # 1 Post - We Need for this to be front

page, especially since it is no longer in the top recent posts. This will help you site thrive if we can get the word out for everyone to support Ron Paul as the Libertarian Presidential candidate.


As much as I think this is

As much as I think this is probably a pipe dream, I would totally support this. What have we got to lose? Even if in the end he doesn't win, just getting RP into the national debates would be incredible.

Dr. Paul, if you decide to do this you have my full support.

This May Be Possible

Or maybe it is not.

If this is possible, I would imagine that the work would fall upon us, as Ron Paul has always taught. Other than to speak and make appearances, his involvement would be minimal, much like after Texas Convention. We the People should be taking the reins.

If this is possible, I am 100% on board and will do whatever I can to help.

With the support that RP currently has, plus the support of others if he makes it to ballot, I see a huge potential to at least cause disruption among the 2 [I mean 1] party system, if not for a win. Win.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

What about the sore loser laws in many states

That prevent a candidate who lost a primary contest to run on another ticket in the general election?

I would love for RP to run 3rd party, but until we get rid of the voting machines, exclusive debates, and the two party stranglehold on ballot access, I don't see much chance for real success.

Sore loser doesn't matter as

Sore loser doesn't matter as long as he can get into the debates...

It is not sore loser.

It is cheated and stole.

Plus what Denise said below my post.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Denise B's picture

As stated below...

These sore losers laws are in reference to "write-in" candidates only...which is not what we are talking about here...


Thanks for the info.


The person that emails with Carol - ausscyn? could let them know the grassroots are behind him?


for indy or lib!

Ron Paul is NOT Ross Perot...

...Ron Paul is not out to "swing an election" to ANY of the two candidates - both those parties suck, and their leadership/values are wholly corrupt and self-serving/sold out; Ron loves this country, our founding moral principles, cares about his nation's posterity, and KNOWS "We The People" have had enough of the oligarchy and political games that have given us a horrible reputation the world over, and mathmatically insurmoutable DEBT here at home that cannot ever be "worked off" even in half a dozen generations!

This also would nix the game that the Neo-Con's hope to play(and perhaps provoke a civil war over in middle class America to start their REAL police state); "Obama won because the Ron Paul people sat out this election, instead of voting against him"

I say GO FOR IT, Ron!!! We WON'T sit out if his happens! They'll still play their electoral games in November; but - the WORLD will see the moneybombs, the support, the REVOLUTION post-RNC cheating!!!

Go ahead and TRY to put us down AGAIN with the whole world WATCHING!

We support Liberty; the REAL American MORAL Ideal that our founders wanted us to have, that made us the MOST prosperous nation ever, and the envy of the world(before we fell asleep and the crooks took over)!

I think the chances for a 3rd

I think the chances for a 3rd party to win this election have never been as good as now. Many Democrats are sick of Obama and there are a lot of real Conservatives who aren't happy with Romney either.

I don't say it's likely to win this, but it's the best opportunity ever. And some competition is always good, especially if it has the name of Ron Paul.

plus Ron Paul has nothing to

plus Ron Paul has nothing to lose, and more opportunity to educate the masses who have yet to hear him.