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It's Still Possible - Call Ron Paul And Tell Him That You Would Support A Libertarian Run! Serious Post - Not Hype

So we all know Ron is making a special announcement on Jay Leno on September 4th. I know many of us are hoping it's that Ron is running Indy or third party. Some are hoping he will endorse Johnson.

I just got off the phone with someone very close to Ron and want to tell everyone that a third party run is possible. At this point that is not what the announcement is going to be. It's also not a Johnson or Romney endorsement, so says my well placed source. Again, take it worth a grain of salt, but I trust that this person is close enough to Ron to know.

Up until know I have believed that there was ZERO chance Ron would run third party. However, after my phone call I believe there is a glimmer of hope. It's too late for Ron to get on the ballot as an Indy, however Johnson has said in the past that he would step aside for Ron.

Now for the bad news..Ron does not think the grassroots would fully back him because of all of the Rand and Benton bashing that has taken place, but RON would LOVE to make a last major push for Liberty in the presidential debates.

WE HAVE TO TELL RON BEFORE SEPTEMBER 4th THAT WE WILL SUPPORT HIM AND FUND HIM AND BACK HIM. If he knows that, there is still a chance he could change his mind, and if Gary really will step aside for Ron, Ron may take one final shot as a Libertarian. There is no chance Johnson will be anywhere near 15% and therefore no chance Gary is going to be in any debates. However, if Ron is the LP nominee and Gary as VEEP (as much as I dislike Gary, I could accept that) Gary would be debating Biden.

It's a long shot, but apparently still simmering in the back of Ron's mind. We need to ask Gary to step aside and make sure Ron knows we will be with him all the way! When you to Gary's site it loads an automatic video that is all about RON PAUL. So Ron Paul might as well be the candidate.

To Quote Paul Ryan: LET'S GET IT DONE! Let's get to work guys and gals and make this happen. Make sure you tell your liberty friendly email lists and any other liberty boards you post on as well.


Gary Johnson Contact Info: (801) 303-7922


Again, from what I have been told he may be able to be swayed, Let's sway him! Email and fax too if you have time!

Ron Paul Contact Info:
Washington DC: (202) 225-2831
Lake Jackson, Texas: (979) 285-0231
Victoria, Texas: (361) 576-1231

2012 Presidential Campaign Office: 1-703-563-6620

UPDATE: Saturday, 09/01/2012 - 9pm PST


If this is true, someone spoke with Dr. Paul today. Here is what that person has to say. This is taken directly from the facebook link above...."I spoke with Dr. Paul this afternoon about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1000
Participant Access Code: 890562#.........."

This specific event is being discussed here on DP...

I have no idea if this is real or not. It could be a scam to sign us all up for Amway or for Gary Johnson...However, if its true, things are getting very interesting. KEEP CALLING AND EMAILING.
The main mail box at the Johnson campaign is full, but you can still leave a message by pressing 0. The number is 801 303-7922

Also, Ron's DC office VM is full, but the 2012 campaign number is still taking messages- 703-563-6620

Don't forget to email also. And pass the word along to everyone.
See also: Call The Libertarian Party And Tell Them You Want Ron Paul!

Energized Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up - 09/10/08


GBAmerica: This video was done in 2008. Now really think about this, 60% of Americans were NOT happy at all with either candidate (in 2008). Now? I would not doubt it that it is higher today. If we can get all four parties backing one! It's all about the message! Our liberties! (Green Party, Lib Party, Constitution Party, and you know some of the Republican Party will follow … Sarah Palin supporters … and Democrats that cannot stand Obama! We all know this!

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Besides, After the Way Sly Mitt Cheated Ron Out of Being on the

Ballot at the Convention, I would love nothing more than to see Ron on the stage debating Romney. I have a feeling that Ron would be a lot more aggressive this time in the debates.




How selfish and self-centered are we going to continue to be?

Ron Paul is 77 years old. He has just completed and exhaustive campaign! Let him retire in peace! As stated that clip is over 4 years old!

One of the things Ron Pauls stresses is personal responsibility. We are not to look for a leader to "rescue" us from this corrupt system. We have to do it. It is the whole system that needs changing. Do your really think that the president has that kind of power.....

We need to consentrate on the system ........not on an individual to change it for us. For that to happen it will take all of us working loally.

How about the CFR.....can we infiltrate them and change it from within also?

Those are some of the things I feel we need to consentrate on.

So you are saying Ron Paul

So you are saying Ron Paul point in running was to only win the GOP nomination and that's it? I don't understand your logic. I thought it was the presidnecy he was running for.

What do you think Ron has

What do you think Ron has spent better than the last year doing? Trying to win the oval office.... I have to assume if he would have won in Tampa he wouldn't have retired...

Ron Has Not Retired Yet, As of Tuesday, He Was Still in the Race

Now, if Gary will still agree to step aside and let Ron run on the Libertarian Ticket as President, he has a chance to still become President of the United States!!!


LOL now we KNOW we are on the right track! The GOP trolls

who joined this site en masse at right about Jan./Feb. this year are gibbering like crazy! Here is the sign we were looking for! This terrifies them! Can someone show this to Dr. Paul?

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

Don't let the weekend stop

Don't let the weekend stop us. Even though his office is closed we can still email his office and the presidential campaign. We can also get the word out to other RP sites so the phone calls start first thing Monday morning. This is real guys. Ron might do this, if for nothing else, to make our case in the debates.

Ron deserves to know that if he wants to do it that we are with him. Let's not let the Rand/Benton bashers destroy our one and only change to get a third candidate on the debate platform.

Don't let this thread die. Keep it up.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

Dr. Paul if you do go LP can Doug Wead be your campaign Mngr.

and can you bring aboard those who want to see you win like Tom Woods?


I wonder if it has anything to do with the big emergency grassroots gathering and work shop event announced Wednesday by Glenn Beck with Matt Kibbe [FreedomWorks], Sarah Palin, etc.? I think it's next weekend maybe. Anyone else here heard anything about it?

This Would Be Great if They Are Meeting to Get Ron Paul to Run

3rd party. Does anyone else have anymore details?


Is anyone savy enough to get

Is anyone savy enough to get a tweet bomb rolling?

Unfortunately, according to

Unfortunately, according to this website, my state of Missouri has a sore loser law. http://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/writein.asp. This sucks.

Denise B's picture

This looks like it is for

someone who is applying to be a "write-in" candidate only - he would not be applying to be a "write-in" candidate - he would have the nomination of the Libertarian Party, which I believe already has access in all 50 states...it would only require G. Johnson to step aside (maybe to VP position?)

Good News Denise B - Glad You Checked into it!!

( :




Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

If this is real then

also contacting anyone who has a direct line to RP such as Wead, etc., would increase the impact. Any of them who are known to read their facebook/twitter/email. *Flood* them with positive responses from RP supporters who would love to vote for Ron Paul on *any* ticket, and they can report the level of response to Ron Paul himself.

I'll believe it when I see it, but I hope that the outrageous behavior of this week (on top of outrageous behavior throughout the primaries) is sufficient motivation. Working within the system makes sense if the ptb will at least be *mostly* honest and fair, so that working within the system can have an effect. Continuing to play go along to get along when it's clear that they are not even going to *pretend* to be fair is foolish.

Dr Paul, I dont want to

Dr Paul,

I dont want to bother you with a call, but I do want you to know I fully support a third party run. You will have the support of everyone on this site and who has come out to attend your rallies. The media cannot afford to ignore such an event. You will be able to spread the message of liberty on a scale never seen before. Please, good sir, run!

You can call his offices

You can call his offices without bothering him. When calls are coming in large volume staff just keep a tally and let him know. For Example, Dr. Paul 8,000 people called today to ask you to run for president.

Call, email, and fax. If it's true that there is at least a glimmer of hope let's let him know we are with him!

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

If you do run, hold. Othing

If you do run, hold. Othing back. Let the fire of liberty burn in your belly and let the truth blaze from your mouth. The strategy is truth.

If Ron can man up, take it

If Ron can man up, take it seriously, and actually talk himself as opposed to having Benton speaking for him, then i truly do believe all supporters of his WILL unite behind him. The things that threw everyone off course, happened in May to June. All this crazy stuff was happening, and yet Ron wasn't personally straight up with us. Maybe it was advice he was getting from Benton or others, who knows. But the ONLY thing that matters now is, to take this one last giant leap for Freedom and Liberty, and make as big of a splash as we can while doing it. We HAVE to make a HUGE splash, a tidal wave of sorts, because this is Ron's last chance at either extending his legacy or ending his legacy on a good note as opposed to the whole RNC charade.

I've always believed that the 3rd party option would be a last resort and it looks like we can use this resort now. If Gary will step aside and hand Ron the spotlight, Gary can be VP or he can help to choose a VP... I REALLY hope Ron Paul can do this, i wish he was able to read and hear things for himself instead of having people relay things to him. If he truly knew what all went down, not only would he be heartbroken, but he would be MAD AS HELL and he won't take it anymore! lol, seriously though, Ron needs to be assertive, he needs to get out there and tell it like it is. I realize he's a very nice and gentle man, and being assertive isn't really his thing, neither is it mine... But at least when i know i'm being used or screwed, i stand up for myself and i am only 22 years old. Ron is 77 years old, he knows he's gotta be tough, gotta be hard, gotta stand up for what's right, and there IS a nice way to do it, but not when you are up against bastardized scum...

So there's my opinion, take it for what you will.

I agree. Hopefully, running a

I agree. Hopefully, running on a different ticket will leave Benton chained to a rusty bumper of junked car. Ron, regardless of my LOW opinion of Benton, you continue to have my FULL support for the principles on which you firmly stand. If asked by Gary Johnson to lead the Libertarian ticket in 2012, I'll fully support your acceptance and combined effort with Gary in offering Americans ANOTHER chance to do the CORRECT thing for the USA. Most members of the DP will.


Wish Dr. Paul

Would have decided to run a longtime ago with kuccinech showing that unity is what this country needs, despite party affiliations we are all americans..

For some reason

I would love Paul/Col. Douglas Macgregor or Paul/Judge Nap.

Col. Douglas Macgregor - Vote Ron Paul for Military Security


Judge Napolitano Endorses Ron Paul; Slaughters Romney and Santorum - Fox Business

Ron's votes won't transfer to Gary Johnson if he endorses him

People don't know enough about the straight Libertarian platform nor trust it. They still say they just want to abolish the income tax.

Those crowds at UCLA and other campuses don't want a Libertarian. They want Ron Paul. They love him because they see he pays a price for them the truth, over and over. They trust him.

Endorsements are notorious in politics for not transferring votes. Anyone who is going to vote for Johnson with Ron's endorsement was probably going to vote for him anyway.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali

This Is About Ron Paul Running as President on the Libertarian

ticket. Gary said he would let Ron run as president. Ron and Gary just need to hear from us to let them know that we support this idea.


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Front Page!

!!!(pretty please?)

Denise B's picture

Front Page!


Denise B's picture

Front Page!!

If there is even a glimmer of hope that this can happen, let's all get on the phone and give it our best shot!! Just getting Ron Paul in the debates with tweedle dee and tweedle dum would be priceless!! And who knows, with all the discontent with both parties, who knows what could happen....

Pres. Paul 2012

I am commander and chief of 14 votes for Ron Paul
they WILL this one time do as I say-or-consequence will be hell

All one has to do is look at the incredibly enthusiastic crowds

who gathered to see him at the universities and it becomes clear the momentum of his message is growing rapidly. It would make sense at this point for him to continue with further educating the American people on the Federal Reserve since it has become apparent the majority of Americans DO want it audited and as has been mentioned, they also want an end to the wars. More people are now starting to realize they're being screwed by both parties. Nothing would surprise me, he may just decide to carry on with his lead as Champion of the Constitution and decide to go ahead with a Libertarian run, there is nobody better for the job.