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It's Still Possible - Call Ron Paul And Tell Him That You Would Support A Libertarian Run! Serious Post - Not Hype

So we all know Ron is making a special announcement on Jay Leno on September 4th. I know many of us are hoping it's that Ron is running Indy or third party. Some are hoping he will endorse Johnson.

I just got off the phone with someone very close to Ron and want to tell everyone that a third party run is possible. At this point that is not what the announcement is going to be. It's also not a Johnson or Romney endorsement, so says my well placed source. Again, take it worth a grain of salt, but I trust that this person is close enough to Ron to know.

Up until know I have believed that there was ZERO chance Ron would run third party. However, after my phone call I believe there is a glimmer of hope. It's too late for Ron to get on the ballot as an Indy, however Johnson has said in the past that he would step aside for Ron.

Now for the bad news..Ron does not think the grassroots would fully back him because of all of the Rand and Benton bashing that has taken place, but RON would LOVE to make a last major push for Liberty in the presidential debates.

WE HAVE TO TELL RON BEFORE SEPTEMBER 4th THAT WE WILL SUPPORT HIM AND FUND HIM AND BACK HIM. If he knows that, there is still a chance he could change his mind, and if Gary really will step aside for Ron, Ron may take one final shot as a Libertarian. There is no chance Johnson will be anywhere near 15% and therefore no chance Gary is going to be in any debates. However, if Ron is the LP nominee and Gary as VEEP (as much as I dislike Gary, I could accept that) Gary would be debating Biden.

It's a long shot, but apparently still simmering in the back of Ron's mind. We need to ask Gary to step aside and make sure Ron knows we will be with him all the way! When you to Gary's site it loads an automatic video that is all about RON PAUL. So Ron Paul might as well be the candidate.

To Quote Paul Ryan: LET'S GET IT DONE! Let's get to work guys and gals and make this happen. Make sure you tell your liberty friendly email lists and any other liberty boards you post on as well.


Gary Johnson Contact Info: (801) 303-7922


Again, from what I have been told he may be able to be swayed, Let's sway him! Email and fax too if you have time!

Ron Paul Contact Info:
Washington DC: (202) 225-2831
Lake Jackson, Texas: (979) 285-0231
Victoria, Texas: (361) 576-1231

2012 Presidential Campaign Office: 1-703-563-6620

UPDATE: Saturday, 09/01/2012 - 9pm PST


If this is true, someone spoke with Dr. Paul today. Here is what that person has to say. This is taken directly from the facebook link above...."I spoke with Dr. Paul this afternoon about continuing the fight by running on a third party ticket. I want to share what he said to me and let you know what needs to be done to make this happen. It can happen, but it's going to take some work. If you are willing to support this effort, please share this event and call in:

Conference Dial-in Number: (530) 881-1000
Participant Access Code: 890562#.........."

This specific event is being discussed here on DP...

I have no idea if this is real or not. It could be a scam to sign us all up for Amway or for Gary Johnson...However, if its true, things are getting very interesting. KEEP CALLING AND EMAILING.
The main mail box at the Johnson campaign is full, but you can still leave a message by pressing 0. The number is 801 303-7922

Also, Ron's DC office VM is full, but the 2012 campaign number is still taking messages- 703-563-6620

Don't forget to email also. And pass the word along to everyone.
See also: Call The Libertarian Party And Tell Them You Want Ron Paul!

Energized Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up - 09/10/08


GBAmerica: This video was done in 2008. Now really think about this, 60% of Americans were NOT happy at all with either candidate (in 2008). Now? I would not doubt it that it is higher today. If we can get all four parties backing one! It's all about the message! Our liberties! (Green Party, Lib Party, Constitution Party, and you know some of the Republican Party will follow … Sarah Palin supporters … and Democrats that cannot stand Obama! We all know this!

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FRONT PAGE PLEASE Michael or Mods!!

We need everyone to know that Ron Paul might run 3rd party if we contact him and Gary Johnson. Thanks!


Probably what he has had in mind since the campaign did an

about face and why he had Rand distance himself from his campaign. Which numbers are the fax numbers?


Dr. Paul's always got my

Dr. Paul's always got my vote. IF he doesn’t run however I'm hoping GJ will make him sec of the treasury.

Running Out of Time-Perfect if Ron Paul Could Announce on Leno

Show he is running 3rd party. Now is the time for everyone of us to forgive and forget. We can't afford infighting in our movement. That is just what the trolls want and they probably caused a lot of it. What is really sad is Dr Paul thinks he has lost support because of it. We can win because 70% of Americans do not want war. The other two candidates will continue the wars and I think we can get a lot of voters deciding that Ron is the only one whom will end the wars and bring them home tomorrow.


He has to run. He has nothing

He has to run. He has nothing to lose. To hell with the 2 party monopoly!

You idiots had to bash Rand up and down

Thats letting your emotions take over and not using your reason. you discouraged our great leader.


And I sure as hell dont want to see Obama and Romney talk about anything.

GOP/ROMNEY NIGHTMARE - 3rd Party Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

( : Its not over till its over. We liberty lovers still have a chance at getting Ron Paul elected. Lets do it!



that really would put them all in a fuss.

GOP/ROMNEY NIGHTMARE - 3rd Party Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

( :


Let's Make it Happen Ron

I'm with you all the way!

The idea's time has come.

Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up

Ron Paul - 3rd Party Can Win If We Wake Up

This video was done in 2008.Now really think about this,60% of Americans are NOT happy at all with either candidate.(In 2008)Now?I would not doubt it that it is higher today.If we can get all 4 parties backing one!Its all about the message!Our liberties!(Green Party,Lib Party,Constitution Party,and you know some of the Republican Party will follow(Sarah Palin supporters),and Democrats that can not stand Obama!We all know this!

Im in. Paul/Johnson 2012!

Im in. Paul/Johnson 2012!


support and donate for this 100%!!!!

This would cause sooooo much trouble for Romney and Obama then they ever imagined. It would ignite new momunentum that I don't think they could easily dismiss.

But is it possible for him to be allowed on the Libertarian ticket even as a VP?

You know...

those sore loser laws may prevent ballot access. But if he was VP that's a different office all together and I can see it working.

It would have to be VP to get on the ballot I'm thinking.

We Have a Chance to Get Ron Paul Elected as President! Please

help get the word out about the above post. Just think of all the people who would vote for him from all of the other parties. People are tired of the two party system which is just more of the same. People will see him debate against Obama and Romney. Millions of people will watch the debates now since the election is only a couple months away.


To me

he must continue on until the end to solidify his legacy because we all know this is the most crucial time in American history. He said we are all leaders in the liberty movement, we decide the course, so he should listen to his supporters who want him to continue on and gave him the money they didn't have for the sole purpose of making him president and not just to educate. If Dr. Paul and maybe even his son have been intimidated then for Gods sake announce it to the world! We will protect you.

If he did, I'd support him, but...

... I live in a state with sore loser laws. Even if Gary stepped aside for Ron to run, I don't believe he would be on the ballot in states with sore loser laws.

Paul/Johnson 2012 Ron first

Paul/Johnson 2012

Ron first ran on the LP ticket back in 1988. Things have changed just a bit since then.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Paul & Ventura 2012

... no disrespect intended towards GJ and supporters. I propose no ticket is more powerrrrrrrful than this ... and thus propose a strong cabinet or other position GJ prefers ... as a fair trade for the POTUS / Veep
... and why not include Rand ?


This could work.Think about it for a minute,pulling 15%,Romney just took a huge POWER GRAB in GOP,delegates of his base are furious about the rule change.Then you have Occupy Wallstreet that really wants a third party.HMMMMMM??

I think you are on to something.Ron Paul has had the exposure,Gary hasn't,not alot of people have any clue who Gary is.We could pull alot of Republicans this way also due to what has happened!I say go for it!I would definitely give to Ron Paul.It's all about the message and getting our liberties back!I will stand with Ron all the way!


President PAUL

I would endorse and vote for you if you ran again. But hurry cause we have less than 70 days till election, thats alot of fundraising.

Just do it, who cares about the GOP anymore? Rand will be fine not like he will loose his seat in the senate. Just do it for us we need you more than ever.....

President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL President PAUL !!!!!

EVERYONE PLEASE COMMENT, Ron Paul Run for 3rd Party!!!

( : We need to let Ron know that we would support a 3rd party run as per post above.


I'd support Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul.

In terms of Ron Paul running on the Libertarian ticket, I don't know what our opinion of Rand one way or another has to do with it. (And Rand did openly say RP was his #1 choice. I'm assuming if he ran as a Libertarian Rand would support him.) But it's a valid question as to who'd be involved running the campaign. I couldn't bear to get so psyched again only to have someone WITHIN the campaign attempt to dampen my enthusiasm. Benton lost my trust.

In any event, and don't shoot me here, but as Johnson is currently the presidential candidate, I'd be fine if Ron Paul came on as Vice President - Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul. I could argue it both ways. Either way the platform would be the same - reflecting Ron Paul's intellect and wisdom, especially where economics & money policy is concerned, what he feels is at the root of so much of our current problems.

Johnson comes with two advantages when it comes to Obama. The convention, topped off nicely by Clint Eastwood, has made the case that OBAMA HAS FAILED. And it was pointed out numerous times, he'd never run anything before taking office, not even a "lemonade stand." As a former governor, Johnson comes with a track record of running A STATE.

Second, what's on the mind of so many now is JOBS. Obama's record is poor. While Johnson was in office, thousands of jobs were created in his state.

Third, and while I don't mean to denigrate physicians here, it's not thought of as a "business" in the traditional sense of the word (as neither is Bain Capital!). Before Johnson was in office, he created a construction company with over 1,000 employees. I don't mean to denigrate Johnson's intellect here, but to me, that's Ron Paul's biggest strength - those tapes of his warnings to Congress, his predicting SO MUCH is incredible! Johnson's more recognizable background is in stark contrast to Obama's and Romney's both and would perhaps help him to draw blue collar workers. Ron Paul would make mincemeat out of our current vice president in a debate.

I'm just thinking out loud here. Ron Paul said we should check out Johnson as a viable candidate, and today I looked more closely at what is on his website. Namely, with him in mind as a presidential candidate vs. Obama and Romney. And it works! Ron Paul and Gary Johnson do have much in common (even down to their nicknames, Dr. No and Governor Veto). Either way - Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul - together, their collective intelligence, wisdom, backgrounds, and track records would make for a FORMIDABLE TEAM against both Obama/Biden and Romney/Ryan.

I'll support Ron Paul however he might choose to make himself available.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

"Mr. Scam Man"

Here's what I was talking about. This video apparently going viral was just forwarded to me by an "anybody but Obama" friend. Do you think these people know that Mitt Romney won't be decreasing the national debt, either, but only decreasing the rate of increase? There are a lot of people out there like this. Listening to the rest of the lyrics, which is the most winning combination to draw people like this?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Well, of course we would support him.

But if you're going to try a different party, why not try a different campaign manager? Like, one that doesn't think the grassroots are a looney fringe element?

Ron Paul Has My Support to Run as Libertarian!! God Bless Gary

Johnson for saying he would let him run as President on the Libertarian ticket. Liberty lovers, let's make this happen. Let Paul and Gary know you support Ron running third party. Ron would be allowed in the presidential debates for millions to see. We can still win this. We can still be in this to win it. Let's not stop now, we only have a couple months to get our message out and get Ron elected.


At least you haven't stooped to E-mailing his wife yet

Get back to us after you've read one of Ron's books and actually understand his plan.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


I have been supporting Ron since 1988. I have read EVERY one his books.

Should he decide he has the support to do so, making a strategic move to be included in the debates (watched by 80 million people) fits very nicely into his plan.

He should only do it if HE WANTS to. However, since someone very close to him says he was unsure of his support because of all the Rand and Benton Bashing, its certainly worth letting him know we will support him if he decides to do it.

It's just that simple.

Ron Paul 2012 - It's Almost Here!

RP doesn't want to run 3rd Party, it's pointless & goes against

Taking over the GOP.

I don't care how long you claim to have followed RP. If he runs 3rd Party HE KNOWS it will cause a massive amount of re-registers and that the average person is lazy and won't change back.

They will just continue with the shallow charade that is 3rd Parties.

3rd Pary is for up-and-comers to get exposure and desperate politicians, that's it.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

You don't need be registered

You don't need be registered for a 3rd party to vote for a 3rd party candidate in the general election.