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I Love Rand! He Poked Romney in the Eye by Speaking at Dad's Rally

He even made a joke about "if you talk about the Ron Paul Revolution you can get a free colonoscopy." A not-so-subtle way of saying the GOP is screwing us. Then he sashays across the street and gets his five minutes on their podium anyway. Ya gotta love it!

If Ron is okay with Rand endorsing Romney, then who am I? That's there bidness, I've got my own problems.

I don't have to worry about some of Rand's stated positions that cause disagreement here, because, frankly, he is not my senator. But to say to the GOP thugs, "there is no way I am not going to speak at my dad's rally, he's my dad" shows the chip off the old block. So please no more Rand-bashing. Or if you are going to, take it directly to Rand and keep it private. The world is still watching us all right now.