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Morton Blackwell, Sarah Palin, and Richard Mourdock

(R — candidate for US Sen. from Indiana), are all 3 interviewed on Mark Levin's show on Tues, Aug 29th.

I decided at that time not to post the interviews, and Levin's 15 min opening rant against the RNC because, well, it's Mark Levin. Even tho the entire show should play well to any grass-roots group, still, it's Mark Levin...disingenuous hard-nosed Neocon. Hypocrite. IMO.

So why did I go ahead and post it after all? Because today when I checked his site to see what he talked about on his show yesterday, I couldn't help but noticed he deleted the show from the 29th. And I'm not surprised.

Let me just say that, after listening to the show twice now (it is still in the audio section, plus I had downloaded it), I think his guest have moved on from Levin's books and are all now RP fans. This may or may not be a giant leap of faith, but all three made sure they didn't mention the name Ron Paul on Mark's show, but they sure talked the talk!

A few brief notes:

—First 17:33 min, Mark rants against the RNC, the incumbent President, and Christie and others. And, oddly enough, he's talking to our choir, tho he NEVER admit it. In fact he said he called up to the MSM to complain about what the RNC is doing to the grass-roots, letting them know "it ain't just the Ron Paul Kooks!"

—@18:00 min. he introduced fellow Virginian, friend, and RNC Committeeman, Blackwell. who never once mentions his merry-go-round around the Convention center 3 times.

—@ 55 min. he introduces Sarah Palin who he pretty much lets talks at will. She did a good job. But I have to say, she sure sounded a lot more RP the neocon.

—@ 1:32:27 min— Last, but not least, Richard Mourdock from Indiana talks the Liberty Movement talk. Corruption, Oath to Office...sounded good to me.

Not the usual Neocon Levin fare. It's exactly the stuff that attracted me to Levin years ago, till I learned what a Neocon was thanks to Dr. Paul. And you know what they say: Gotta keep you friends close, but your enemies closer. I'm still curious as to why this show was deleted from his "Notes from the show" list, which I admit, I still look at once every so weeks to see what he's talking about. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!


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Palin may have asked him to

FOX canceled her commentary the other night. She had been speaking out against the RNC rule change and was fighting along with others like Michelle Malkin, all the Freedomworks people and even Rush. She posted on her facebook about her cancellation and the media got hold of it. Sarah made nice with FOX because she has a million dollar contract with them. I'm sure they told her to tow the line or else. Sarah is playing good girl, but maybe getting her soldiers to do the fighting for her.

That's interesting info, I didn't know.

I could tell her words were measured, like Blackwell's, but I could see too where RP has had an impact on the dialog. He's really changed it.

I jotted down a quote from Palin here: "The country should move on from insolvency to bankuptcy"...and, "The party is not united."

Had to come from Dr. Paul!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

Palin has

a strong libertarian streak in her; only problem is that she is a neoconon defense. She was also shoddily treated by the RNC...no speaking request? That's pretty weird, but then she is associated with the teaparty movement and that is obviously a no-no to the RNC. I hope she does go openly libertarian.

I have to agree with you.

I don't think Sarah is persuaded by the establishment. I think she's very much persuaded by the grass-roots people, whatever they are, label wise. She's true to them. And loves their attention, their passion. Ha! That's OK, too.

Maybe she does have the right stuff. Time will tell.

It's still a little bizarre watching a politician's true ideology being formed right in front of your eyes, watching their growing pains. Ugh.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina