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Iowa Judge to rule on Libertarian ballot case Tuesday

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A district court judge says he plans to rule Tuesday whether to block Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson's listing on the Iowa ballot in November.

Attorneys for two voters who challenged Johnson's listing on the ballot filed documents Thursday in Polk County District Court in Des Moines asking Judge Arthur Gamble to review the decision of a panel of three state officials that allowed Johnson on the ballot.

Libertarians say they held a caucus at the Iowa State Fair to get Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico, onto Iowa's ballot.

Johnson's candidacy was challenged last week by two Iowa voters, Gloria Mazza, of Clive, and Dean Montgomery, of Urbandale, who said Libertarians didn't hold a real convention. Instead, the challenge says Libertarians had volunteers persuade fairgoers to sign a document that said they were delegates for Johnson.

A panel of three state officials voted unanimously to allow Johnson on the ballot. Secretary of State Matt Schultz, Attorney General Tom Miller and Warren Jenkins, the chief deputy for Auditor David Vaudt concluded Iowa's law isn't clear in its definitions of a convention or caucus and that when in doubt open ballot access should prevail.

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This is happening else where too.

Similar attempts are being made by the romney camp against Gary Johnson and The Libertarian Party in MI & PA right now and I think it's safe to say it will be happening else where too before long. What he did to Ron Paul he wants to do to Gary Johnson.

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not cool

not cool

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I expect a lot of this around

I expect a lot of this around the country before the election in an attempt to stem the blowback on Romney with a valid Johnson vote. Although I will be writing in Paul I will support getting (and keeping) Johnson on the ballot in all 50! I am sure many more will here as well.

BTW somebody should investigate these "voters" and who is funding their complaint. expose expose expose

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???? "Libertarians didn't hold a real convention."!!!

Oh, I get it, A REAL convention... like that REAL 1 just held in Tampa. What a joke

was gonna write..

the exact same thing, but i suppose its on everyones

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