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So, who will the elite pick?

Are they going to go with Obama again or romney? im just thinking about the bush vs kerry race and obviously there was voter fraud assuring bush the nomination, but this choice for the elite will be a difficult one.. just puttin my thought out there, yours?

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I thought it was going to be ohmamma. But, I see how Mittens has gone over and wailed at the wall and has been hanging with Bibi and the boys. It makes me wonder if they had some sort of problem with BHO carrying out plans to attack Iran, and now they are going to replace him.

BHO seems to have been carrying out the PNAC plan to the letter except when it comes to Iran.

I don't know at this point. Hell, I thought Perry and Palin were going to be the chosen ones, until Perry opened his mouth. My guess is as good (or bad) as anyone else's.

The Greater

of two evils.

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Looks like Romney

I'm amazed at how confident the DP community is that Romney can't win. That's total nonsense. I hope they are right but it will be a major kick in the gut to the liberty movement if that douchebag wins. We know Obama is horrible but at least he pisses off sheeple republicans and they will be more likely to examine the ideals of the liberty movement instead of just going back to sleep under Romney.