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A Post for Tea Parties

Hey everyone,
I have just posted this on my local Tea Party Facebook page. If you wish, please copy and spread this.

To My Fellow Tea Party Members:

Approximately 40% of the people in this country consider themselves INDEPENDENT voters, not affiliated with political parties. I will not criticize the Democrats, because any 6 year old with an internet connection and 10 minutes' time can see that the Democrat party is a joke and incredibly corrupt. My comment is on the Republicans.

This entire primary season has been a fraud. The RNC has engaged in fraud that has been documented ON CAMERA in practically every state in this country during the primaries. They have arrested and physically assaulted DULY ELECTED officials because they support Ron Paul. They have stripped DULY ELECTED delegates voted BY THE PEOPLE in state after state because of their political beliefs. They have committed fraud on a national level. They broke their OWN RULES to prevent WE THE PEOPLE from engaging legally in the Political System to get involved in the party. They have engaged in criminal political acts that we learn about in textbooks when reading about "those awful countries" and their "awful political system." They wouldn't even allow Ron Paul to speak at the RNC, when it is a well known fact that he attracts the very demographic that the Republicans have been trying to attract for decades. Even Michael Steele acknowledged this. The way I see it, voting for Romney is an endorsement of illegal actions. Voting for Obama is an endorsement of illegal wars, and illegal legislation, and equally illegal actions.

If we in the Tea Party want to be taken seriously by ANYONE in this country, and even prove to the world that we truly want to change the direction of this country back to its Constitutional limits, and one that respects Individual Liberty and a monetary policy not based on fraud, we need to reject the 2-party system, as they are equally disgusting, and engage equally in illegal activities. They both endorse the NDAA and the Patriot Act. They both endorse illegal wars. They both engage in Corporate Welfare. They both supported TARP. They both are fully financed by Goldman Sachs.

More importantly, they both represent the Political Establishment that fights over who gets to controls our lives. Republicans and Democrats go to DC to fight over who gets to rule us---they do not represent us, and this past primary season shows that they will literally beat us up and break our bones to prevent us from legally and peacefully getting politically active.

It is for this reason that I am voting for Gary Johnson this election. He is on the ballot in every single state, and is gaining recognition as the clear alternative to what is obviously a choice between two tyrants from opposing parties.

It is clear that Obama (and those financing him) will bring us towards a Soviet-style America. Romney and his financiers will give us the scenic route to the same destination, as he does not differ on any major policy as the current administration. I can not in good conscious support either political party within the Duopoly, nor can I, in a logical fashion, support either political party and expect different results. Voting for the lesser of two evils still results in evil, and I will not endorse Evil.

Please join me and literally hundreds of thousands (if not, millions), of Liberty-Loving Americans and at least look into Gary Johnson. When you do, I can guarantee you that you will see someone who represents you more than either candidate from the Republicans or Democrats.

Take care.


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