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The Ethical Voting Stance

A Free-Market Vote
---Does not seek to circumvent other choices (per individual vote)

Ballot-Box Vote
---Seeks to circumvent the consumptive-choices of the "other side"

All Physical Wars (wars of metal, blood, resource theft)
---Seeks to circumvent the consumptive-choices of other side

Ideological Wars
---Seek to "convert" the consumptive-choices of the other side
---Does not use force of guns uses the power of words

Voting is (at first) an ideological war -- however, the down-line result of voting is to empower the politician to vote or write bills that circumvent the consumptive-choices of certain sectors of the society (directly and indirectly "inflationary effect")

Physical Wars (wars of metal, blood, resource theft) grow gov't and never result in smaller gov't. Increases budgets and spending and never decreases it -- according to all human history.

If Politicians vote for war (make the decision to go) then what does the ballot box vote do, if it puts the politician into place to make those decisions?

A war of ideology does not hurt anyone, but as soon as use-of-force enters into the equation two things occur: 1) An Abdication of Consumer-Rule via the POS (daily dollar vote) and 2) In 20 to 50 years there will be a war (of metal and blood) to follow.

The latter is true for all human history -- at least all American History.

So -- War of Ideology leads to War of the Ballot Box which leads to Physical Wars (of metal and blood and theft).

Voting is Abdication and the Pre-Cursor to War

Notice I DID NOT SAY "who you vote for" -- It does not matter!!!

By refusing to rule via the POS (point of sale) you eventually beget physical war.

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If starving and you are presented two roots

If starving and you are presented two roots in a forest that are known to cause death, do you choose one of them?

Thousands of citizens casted their votes to appoint duly elected delegates who have worked months and years. Their voices were muted in a matter of minutes.

In November, which root do you choose, knowing that third options will also be silenced, as is being witnessed now.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

To vote and lobby is to abdicate and bribe.

This is a quite literal fact -- it is 100% Truth!!!.

Voting is an abdication to rule via consumer-sovereignty
---Down-stream the winning side limits the consumptive choices of it's rivals and vice versa.

Lobbying is plain-and-simple bribery.
---You bribe the elected to vote or write in a specific manner

If you think you can gain "liberty" via a corporatist tool (ballot box) then you have never once read Mises (RP's mentor).

If you have not read Mises then you are fighting for a society (a free-society) but have no idea what it will look like.

I would chose to NOT eat either roots.

A free-person never starves for the earth is abundant.

Abundant it is.

We will survive, OctoBox. One way or the other :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


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Deny them the legitimacy

of their sham elections and 'they' lose power over you.


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.